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USER XCIX FLOOD RELIEF PASSES QUOTA Baldwin County Goes Over Top in Drive for Flood Relief. Total Passes $400. Mark Early in The Week fUN DS STILL NEEDED IN FLA. Plans Being Made for. Annual Roll Call. Organization Meeting Ee Held at Early Date Roll Call Nov. 11th Italdwil >unty went over the top eek in their drive for funds for the Red Cross Flood Relief r the storm stricken area of Florida. A total of $424.50 has been raised, th.' sum passing the quota mark by seventy-five dollars. The response to the call that was made by the local chapter last week was given a splendid response stated Mr. L. C. Hall, Treasurer. The peo ple have given readily and we have had not trouble making our part iu this splendid charity. The young ladies of the Georgia State College for Women mude a contribution of $107.00 to the cause Monday morning. A box was placed at the entrance to the auditorium Saturday night and the young ladies gave their donations aw they filed into the auditorium to attend a pic ture show. Copt. J. H. Ennis made a donation of $5.00 to the cause. This fact is called to. the attention of the public due to a mistake in the list of con tributors ftnblTAhed last week in which. Capt. Ennis was credited with fifty cent*: This shovli* been T. H. Ennis: Wm • Plans are bviqjf .pcrfectelmor the annual roll calt t^rat vfcill begin Nov. l^th. An organization meeting will be held with# the poxt few days. . /The *W> have hjade donations during th'- ■week, • jjv : v* « 1. A .< htunbers, $lio> a'S ‘.C. \V. SlOTrOO: Amanda- Johnson, $5.00; Homer llivins, $5.00; Miss Jnnic Bin ford, $2.00; J. H. Harding. $1.00? G ■ w t -$r.oo-; -J. H. Ennis,* FURMAN SHOALS CHANGESOWNERS New Company Purchases Water Power, and The Oconee Electric Light and Power Co., is Dissolved Judge J. B. Park was in the city Monday and held a special session of Superior Court. The court was held for the pur pose of hearing the petition of the Oconee Electric Light and Pbwer Co., to surrender its charter and be dissolved as a corporation. Judge Park granted the petition. The Oconee Electric Light and Power Co., was organized a number of years ago, and purchased Fur man Shoals, the water rights there with, and n number of acres of land adjacent thereto. The Company has recently sold the above property and the title thereto to the Apalactian Development C.o. This Company in now having a sur vey made of the shoals and the lands it will be necessary for them to pur chase should the power be developed. A SPECIAL TRAIN MAY RUN TO AUGUSTA OCTOBER 20 Large Crowd May Go from City to Witness Football Game Between G. M. C. and Richmond Mr. W. W. Snow, district Passeng er Agent of hte Georgia Railroad was in the city Tuesday. The object of Mr. Snow’s visit was j to make arrangements to run a special train from this city to Augus ta On tuv 20th of October, when G. M .C. and Richmond Academy will meet in a football game. The train will be prdvided if one hundred'tickfty are ‘sold: The game between G. M. C. and Rirhmoml Academy will be one of the •hardest fougfit of the season, as both teams will be intfee fight to win. Those of . our citizens who wish to go to Augusta on thatdatc njight confer with Coach Rentz. 1 Rohe . •$!-( C. T. -b. J. Lurnnr, G. S. C. W. LYCEUM SEASON OPENS NEXT WEEK OCT. J'lTH Fir.t Show Scheduled for Thursday Night. New Broom* Tit'e of Pl*y for Opening Performance will officially open the Lyceum «a- -'•n at the Georgia State College for Women on next Thursday night, Oc*.. the 11th. An attractive season of shows; lec tures and musical numbers hns been arranged for the college this year. The season will include twelve or "•ore performances with a number "f moving pictures of prom?-«• nee. The first show is a clever comedy that is packed with laughs. It had 8 long run in both New York and Hiicago and on the Lyceum circuit r -as met with popular apprbval. A block of season tickets for the m Milledgeville are now on ‘•t!'-. Thesq tickets are being sold attractive prices and will admit '-h<- l older to all performances. COTTON SELLING AT 18 3-8 CTS. '• estimated thnt the number of i cotton that will be marketed dgcville this year will fall ? " r h rt of last year. T' re «have been received to date ven hundred balesi. Cotton lling today middling 18 3-8 cts. Gridiron Season Opens Friday P. M. Cochran A. & M. Form Opposition for First Came. Johnny Broadnax Hopes for Victory. Game Promises Thrilling Session With one of the largest opening day crowds in many years expected, G. M. C. will prize the lid off the 1928 football season Friday after noon, having the Cochran Aggies, one of the strongest teams in the South ern part of the state as the opposi tion. Cochran having played their open ing game last Friday defeating the Lanier High team, loom up as danger ous foes for the cadet eleven in their baptism for this year. They come to Milledgeville rated as the best in South Georgia. They come classed as the strongeyt contenders for the state title that South Georgia has to •offer. They come a powerful eleven of seasoned men, fast and furious to continue their march to a champion ship and they don’t mean for the red and black eleven to put a black mark across it. Coach Broadnax, Rentz, et al.. have wasted no time in developing the nia. terial they have. Daily scrimmages have been the order of things all thi.y week,and it has been no res! the squad on Davenport field. Injuries have been a big handicap to the Coaches thus far. Sore clcs, and twisted joints have caused mentors a bit of worry and it is with sleepless nights that they face the opening game. All varsity are expected to start in the opening game however and Milledgeville fans can rest assured they will see a flashy team in the field. A wealth of backs are at the disposal of the coaches and probably all of them will have the oppor:unity to show their stuff. Rich, Wynne, Gunnells aud Kanupp will probabiy be used to start with, Roberson. Wilson. Guill, Forse and a few more held for the second round. Capt. Fat Smith will lead the team on the field, playing tackle with Minor, Roberts, Prince, Crunibley, Beck and Huigdon making up the rest of the line. The game begins at 3:30 and the admission is seventy-five cents. The new athletic field will be opened to the public for the first time and it is supposed it will be filled. Comfort able seatsi are at least an thnt hasn' On Account of Lack of Money Exhibits Best in Yean. AU from Highway Department I Departments Filled. Ladies’ Building Macon Road Department EspeciaDy Stopped Attractive The work of building the Macon- G. S. C. W. GIRLS RUSH FAIR Grey highway will be discontinued | Saturday. This action was decided upon Tues day by the Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday, after an executive session lasting for some time. The diwontinance of the work was made necessary because the Commissioners who are building the road could not i fact i by. inducement years gone DELEGATES OFF TO STATE CONVENTION IN MACON ► Be Nominated Ma. Frida; ERANTLY MILLS DIED SUDDENLY MONDAY He Had Served : H6 for Forty-Eight Yei Brnntly Mills, or county’s best know suddenly at his honi night, Octohe ourt Ho of Baldwin negroes, died early Monday • 1st. His death was n heart attack, which n without warning, he was called by every •ed as janitor at the for forty-eight years, •mployed by Judge P. B. Sanford. Ordinary, before the present court house was erected. He was faithful in the discharge of his duties, and courteous to every one. He was known by more people than any negro in Baldwin county. The members of the local bar, and county officers attended the funeral services, which were held at Flaggs Chapel Monday afternon, in a body. They ah sent floral offerings. IPTEMBER RAINFALL r-iinfnll during the month of uibor was 5.06 inches. This is an average. The rainfall dur- month of August wsa an ex- FOURTH QUARTERLY CONFER ENCES NEAR AT HAND Dr. Elam F. Dempsey. Presiding Elder of the Oxford District, will soon pay the Methodist churches of Milledgeville and Baldwin county his last official visit of the Conference year. He has announced that the fourth quarterly conference of the Milledge ville Circuit will be held at Hope- well church Saturday October 13th. The Conferences of the Milledge ville charge will be held the after noon of Sunday. October 14th, and of *he Midway charge in the evening of that day. The dat*9 of these conferences is The Baldwin coup*« delejraMon to the.-State Democratic «jonvention for tho-:nomination of. Governor Hard man and ’State house officers, will leave-this city early tomorrow for the first se.ssio’i’of the convention. Tbq delegation include?- Mr. W. L. RfUchie. Dr/-IjL D. Allen. Jr., Mrs. C. A. GUe* R. L- Garland, Walter Hemphill;' Jlart Wilson, Mrs. E. A. Tigncr and M7-E. Webb. It ifc under stood the- enlird delegation will be •present at' the convention. ’ Baldwin county went to Governor Hardman by a large majority and the delegation to represent the county at the convention will be among an en thusiastic crowd to notify the Gover nor of the choice of his party. GETS IVEY A jury in the Hancock Superior Court returned a verdict Inst Thurs day night .iving John Gilbert, negro, held for the murder of Clinton Ivey, only one yenr. Mr. Ivey who rerided in Milledgeville, was traveling along the highway between here and Mil ledgeville on Saturday night several months ago and had a head-on colli.y. ion with the Gilbert negro. Both were driving Ford touring cars and according to the evidence the negro was on the wrong «de of the road and driving at a reckless speed. Mr. Ivey was fatally injured and died in the Milledgeville Hospital the next day. Other members of his family in the car were seriously injured al so. hut have recovered. The negroey escaped with minor injuries. The grand jury found a true hill against Gilbert Tor murder but the jury gave him the lightest possible sentence for involuntary manslaughter. The ne gro claimed the steering wheel locked and caused the accident, but this was never subytantiated. Both cars were demolished.—Spnrta Ishmaelite. EASTERN STAR CHAPTER TO BE ORGANIZED HERE Preminary Meetiug to Be Held at Masonic Club Next Thur.day Night. Mason Wive* Invited A pieniinury organization of the Ol der of the Eastern Star is planned for next Thursday night when a num- .hereof women will meet .with .mem ber* of the Masonic Fraternity. • The Order is a- sisttff organization to'the Mason<‘*nnd fhe membership will be confined to wives ql Masons. It is understood a large number of women will he present to outline pinny for the organization here. Mrs. J. T. McMullen and Mrs. John Riley are lending in the organ ization and they have requested all women interested to attend the meet, ing Thursday. FORMER MILLEDGEVILLE MEN PR0MIENT IN NEW ORLEANS Exhibit, Judged Wednesday. Baldwin School Children Take in Fair All Day Tnetday Close, Saturday The Middle Georgia Fuir being held here this week is proving to Iks the get the money agreed upon by the j m0 st yuccessful Fair ever held in state Highway Department. The I^c*-' Baldwin or any adjoining county, partment is due the Commissioners Thf? ex hibits are very good in spite a large sum of money. Approximat- OI bad business conditions generally, ing thirty thousand dollars. The I and the exhibjt baIIs arc crow ded Commissioner* have not received any t to capaci ty. Exhibits were entered money from the Department in aov- fr0 „, c „ ch „ f lh „ „ djol „ ins countie, eral months, and the last payment m wel| ns „ |lmK nunlbcr of exhibits execedinply small one. The ] from Bnl<lwin Cmlnty . Monday was opening day. All ex- I hibits were in place by noon Monday 1 the Carnival was on the ground isioncrs adopted possible. The failure complete the highway t ounty line only of .great disappointment to the county authorities. The highway has been built to where it enters the former road abou: half mile beyond the home of Mr. F. E. Watson. The discontinuance of this highwny will reduce the payroll for labor about $900.00 per month. THE CITY COUNCIL WAS IN SESSION MONDAY nd Order Pa.inf Bond. In ceptfon'of Alddrrfmn L. M.” Andrews. The regular routine business was transacted: an ordiunce was passed authorizing the *litying of *scwer*Hne on* Eust Montgomery* street’to Cbn- neet with the line on Elborl street. Paving bonds Were ordered issued In the following zontx: 18, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 35, 43, 45 aiftl 46. Ah adjourned meeting of the Council will be held next- Monday evening. Make. ar Wilde. JUDGE DAVISON DIED TUESDAY and open for business Monday after noon. Tuesday was schooj day, and the grounds thronged with school chil dren admitted free from this section. Wednesday was Judges Day when all exhibits were judged. Mbs Katherine Lanier, Home Demonstration Ap?nt in Georgia, of Savannah, Georgia, territory was in charge of the judging of the Women’s Department and The Home Econo mics Department of both the white and colored ilepartmenls. MS*® Lanier was high in her praise of the manner in which the Women’s De partment was conducted. She stated that not only did the Women’# De partment of the Milledgeville Fair comprfre favorably with> the larger Fair®,'but that the ex&ibits were ar ranged more- orderly apd displayed ’ The Oit^'Council met in regular monthly session Monday afternoon. • ‘ TKc* Mayor and the full Board of Aldettflen were*firesent Vlth’the *x- bitter than any Ciir.wlrte she hod No. NURSES WILL MEET SATURDAY The annual meeting of the Third District Georgia State Nursed As sociation will be held Saturday, Oc tober 6th, 3 P. M. at Brantley Hall, against him State Sanitarium. together Officers will be elected at this onth ^before the Nor.h Georgia mce ting. REV. J. H. FARR T . H. Farr preached at the ' church Sunday evening, ■ dieted prayer meeting Wed- • ning. Mr. Farr is servnig "f the Milledgeville Circuit o 'nsecutive year, and ha® influence felt <or good. Conference convenes in Atlanta and the churches will have the business of the year well in hand. The officials will he named for the ensuing year. SCHOOL TRUSTEES ELECTED H. G. Posey and W. E. HodgeB A full attendance is urged. The County Commissioners of Baldwin County will on next-Mon- day at 10 o’clock receive bids to sal- age and rebuild the bridge At a recent meeting of the Orleans, La., Rotary Club. Mr. El-| bert Bivins was introduced » the j civic organization by another former rintive of this city, Mr. Oscar Wilden. | Both these men are active in the, civic and social life of New Orleans Chairman of the State Prison Com- and hnve many friends here who arej mission, died at the Blackburn Sani- interested in them. j ‘ariu min Atlanta Tuesday afternon In introducing Mr. Bivins. Mr. with his third term on the prlnm Whilden had the following to say: board drawing to a close. Judge “Your Honor President Adam, and HaVison was overwhelmingly nomi- Fellows—Another great pleasure be-1 -™ted in the primary of September falls my lot, *tis not the pleasu and honor of having you all play i sour jokes and poking fun t the esteemed privilege of ing to you our new membc-, Bivin-, (ttund up, Elbert!), whom of the Pri,on Commlwoln since 1911,11 you now h -hold. Look him over and an ‘i greatly Improved the penal, population of Baldwin and adjoining iudge for yourselves. system of the State of which he wa-- counties. Elbert is 37 years old. and is as fully familiar. | Thursday afternoon was given over fine a Georgia Cracker as ever de- Judge Davison in performance of to the young ladies of the Georgia scended from the Red Hills of that his duties frequently visited the State College for Women and the State. He is a worthy addition to State Prison Farm, and was well grounds were crowded with them, our membership and Rotary needs known in this city and county. All riding devices and several ‘hows The news of his death was hear<! were thrown open to them, and the with keen regret by Judge Dunaway young ladies had tho time of their and other officials at the farm, and lives. by the people of Milledgeville gen-, Friday afternon the Old Fiddlers crally. contest will be staged and the col- The fun ral sendees will be hel l ored Harmonica Players will have a at Woodvilie this (Thursduy) after- contest, noon, and will be attended by Judg<-' County Farm Agent. E. ! Cairman of Prison Commission Passes Away Funeral This Afternoon Judge Robert Emmett Da’ 2th for anothrr term. Judge Davison’s home was at but Woodvilie, where he had lived all roduc- °t liis life. He was boro October ■r Elbert 1 14th, 1854. He has been a member judged. Mrs. F. W. Hendrickr -son. Superintendent of the Women’s Department, and assistant Mrs. R. E. Lawnence, together with'. several ladies who asristed them, worked un tiringly to get the Women’s Depart ment organized and handled effeci- ently thi* year; and the Judges were high in their praise of results ac complished. Dr. J. M. Sutton,' Slate Veterinari an. and Dr. C .C. Von Gremp, A.-aist- ant Veterinarian of the State. Judg ed the Livestock Department. While the Livestock Department was not or u par with tl • other Departments, yet the :-xhibi\s were much greater in number than last yenr. The Judges were very much pleased with the showing made. , Mr. Jones Purcell, Agricultural Atlanta.. | Department, and Professor J. H. Wood of the State College of Agricul ture, the Poultry Department. Both of these Departments made an excell ent showing. One of the best Departments of the fair thie year was the colored Department in charge of Colored County Farm Agent, W. W. Hatcher. All of the Judges were unanimous in their praise of this Department and it ranked along with the best De partments of the Fair. Hatcher demonstrated by the iarge number of community exhibits from adjoin ing counties the value of the work that he is doing among the colored is with the classification of Phono- rruph Company. Not only can he speak for himself but his records do ipeak for themselves. “The only thing that can be said hat he and I grew up e good old State of Georgia at Milledgeville, and we have* Dunaway, Capt. Burke, .Capt. Smith smith, is in charge of the 01<1 Fiddlers known each other all of hi* 37 years, ^nd others from this section. Com’ention which will take place at Elbert and I played baseball together, \ ;00 P. M., and which is open to attended the same school, swam in DELEGATES TO THE KIWANIS fiddlers from Bnldwin and all adjoin- the same swimming hole, played CONVENTION # ing counties. All arrangements are hooky from school and »itole wnter- Messrs. J. A. Horne and W. II. in charge of Mr. Nesmith. The col- melonv tog;-her and loved the same Amall have been named as delegates ored harmonica contest is in charge girl, whom neither one of us got. You by the Milledgeville Kiwanis Club t > of Colored Agent Hatcher and will doubtless know thnt ut Milledgeville the District Convention, which wi!i take place at G:0G P. M. Friday af- therc are located several State In- assemble in Athens October I8t2\ ternoon. sjiiution^, including the Georgia Nor- Dr. H. D. Allen, Jr., nnch Dr. W. T , The L. T. Heth Shows, the Cam:- 1 ted School Trustees in the j Fishing Creek on the lower Macon msl and Irdu-trinl School for girl Wynn are the alternates. Col. Er- val which is furnishing attract! Union'Point District Friday, and A.. road. This bridm* was wrecked dnr- j -.he Georeia Military College for boy- win Sibley, who 1. a trustee, will for tho fair, la by far the cleanest B. Echols in the Cooporvilie District, j tag the highwatcr several weeks ago.