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mmmt aMEBxax MMinile, Gt., October 11, 192S Consolidated in 1878 Number 8 Wednesday to Be Our Printing Day r r,X'"»“™Vr CONTRACT LETTO ERECT BRIDGE Anttin Bros. Bridge Co., Will Salvage and Replace Steel Frame Over Fishing Creek The contract to salvage and erect the steel frame of the bridge Fishing Creek on the lower Macon road was awarded to the Austin Bros. Bridge Co., of Atlanta for $2,976.00, by the County Commissioners at a meeting held Monday morning. There were three bids submitted the Commissioners, and the con tract awarded to the lowei* bidder. Successful bidder was required to bond for double the amount of contract. The work is to start with- week, and be completed within sixty days. This onage was washed out and badly damaged during the recent flood, which caused Fishing Creek l a rampage. Monung The Union Recorder, with this issue fhanc- - its press-day from Thur«dny afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, heinc issued through the mails Thurs- <Uv morning. The change was deeided upon by .j, e managers of the paper this week, Jheir ren*on for this change being to p ivo their advertisers benefit of the full circulation of paper. Realizing that many of the people in the trad ing territory were not receiving the paper in time to take advantage of th* Saturday bargains offered by the merchants, the date was changed. The Recorder, with a circulation well over 2.000, goes into the Miiledgeville trading territory, covreing pratically every home to be reached by the merchants here. Toomsboro, Gordon, McIntyre, Devcreaux, Haddock, Ivey and the districts where a large per cent of the trade to this city drawn are thoroughly circulated by the paper. Studying their field continuously and keeping in active touch with the trend of both reader .and advertiser, the editors of paper reached their conclusion to make this change after a complete survey, and believe it to be of benefit both to reader and ad vertiser. With the full interest of the many hundreds of people the paper serves at heart, the management keeps it self alert to the necessary improve ments to give all concerned the best ■ of service. Brondckifng obr field, continioudy we endeavor to serve every interest in this and surround ing counties. The p.-egre— of the iwper is xital to the growth of Miiledgeville and Baldwin county was the opinion of the editors and' being conspcious of this fact they ask the co-operation of their clientile which includes every reader. Correspondents of the paper who live nut of the city, will please have ill copy in the office of the Union Recorder Tuesday. THE FAIR ENDED SATURDAY NIGHT The Exhibits Good Under Enttinf Conditions. Well Patronised by Public in Spite of String ent Money Conditions OFFICERS MAKE LIQUOR RAIDS Roud Up This Week Included Two Large Stills. BooUeuer Captured With Quantity of Pear Brandy DEMOCRATS ARRANGE TO RECEIVE AL SMITH SPEECH SATURDAY I. Radi. Hook-up M.k.i te to Get Speech Here. Electric Co., to Here Radio The Fair closed Saturday night. The grounds were crowded untij the closing hours. , Heth’s Carnival Company furnish ed the amusement*, and it was as good company as perhaps could be secured. It carried a great variety of shows, riding device** and other attractions. The exhibits were varied, and farm products', poultry, stock, dairy pro- ducts, preserves, Isewing, domestic articles, etc., were well displayed. The Union Recorder hoped it would be able to publish in this issue a par tial list, at least, of the prize awards, but it was found impossible to do This will probably be done in later issues. All interested in the management of the fair worked untiringly to make success. meeting of the Directors was held Tuesday night, and a review made of the business of the Atsocia- They feel that under condi tions existing that the fair was a success both as to the exhibits and financial results attained. The Treasurer was instructed to mail out checks as rapidly as possi ble to all premium winners. FIRST MONTHS WORK ENDED AT G. M. C. Report* Go Out of Work Done During First of Term. Students Hard at Work and Progre.t Made Reports for the first month of the scholastic year will go cut Friday, acmrdnig to an announcement todnv from the office of the G?orgia Mili tary College. While the system of grading is essentially the same as heretofore, one difference will be noticed in the marking. The grad** A sub-four repre sents work that is valued from 96- ino*. A sub-three represents a grade from 90-94; B sub-two is work from 86-89; B sub-orie represents work from 80-84; C work is valued from "9*80; and D work is unsatisfactory Each li tter carries with it the num ber of “merits” indicated by the sub number. A student who receives as many as eight “merits” in the same sulyect during the term, provided his ni' vhly averages are high and his XX review grade satisfactory, will l " f-used from the final oxnmina- * " !1 in that subject. It is believed ‘bat this exemption will prove nn 1no-- »j V p to the students to do their 1 " ' work throughout the term. In ri « “ will a student be excused ’ m ‘he final examination if his re- v 1 -v work, which precedes the final ‘•lamination, falls below his regular Monthly averages. Th reports for the first month of l b' chool year indicate earnest appli- c at:nn «n the part of the majority of l be students. The school authorities are well pleased with the first show ing made by most of the students. The Democratic League of Bald win County has arranged with Clif ton Adams Electric Company to have a large loud speaker hooked to one of the latest model radios to leceive Al Smith Louisville, Ky., speech Sat urday night Governor Smith comes »uth Thursday and will make his only speech Saturday night in Louisville, Ky. The radio hook-up will give everybody in America the opportun ity to hear him and the Democrats of Baldwin county will be given the opportunity. The speaker will be placed in front of the Adam Com pany. The exact hour of the speech has not been made known, but this announcement will be made by circu. lars Saturday afternoon. BIVINS APPOINTED School Superintendent, has been appointed Vice- of the Georgia Education iati n from the Tenth Con- ,J " : District by President II- B. ilr. Bivins will have charge ■ rollmeirt in his district. EPW0RTH LEAGUE HAS RESUMED ACTIVITIES interesting Meeting Being Held Each Sunday Evening «t Methodsit Church The Epwnrth League has resumed its activities after the summer month: and are holding largely attended meetings Sunday evenings in the Sunday School room of the Metho dist church. A large crowd was present Sunday evening, and a most interesting pro gram rendered under direction of Miss Bertie Stembridge. An entertain ing and instructive talk wns made by Miss Rosa Burch, and Mrs. Edyth Gibson sang a beautiful solo with Mrs. Paul Elliott at the piano. Both the talk and song were greatly joyed. Mr. Geo B. Moore will have charge of the program next Sunday evening. MILLEDGEVILLE WOMAN ON EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE to the Mrs. Carlise Giles, who delegate from thin county, Democratic Convention, was named as n member of the State Committee from the Tenth Congressional Dis trict. Mrs. Giles is the wife of Col. Carlisle Giles, Solicitor of the Bald win County Court, and was before her marriage Miss Macken, of Sparta. Psychology Will Decide Election. Liquor raids during the post week end resulted in the capture of two large stills, the two operators and a boot legger with a quantity of Pear Brandy. Dumas Lawson, negro, wns caught Friday night operating a 35 gallon still on the Fraley’* Ferry' road. Du mas was at the still, and had run cut two gallons of whiskey. Three sixty gallons barrels of beer were also confiscated in the raid. Sunday afternoon, the officers raided a still just off the Milledge- ville-Sparta road being operated by Lucius Eubanks, a white mun. The still was a sixty gallon copper out fit and was running at full steam when the officers made the raid. Four sixty gallon barrels of beer were taken. Monday night, Jule Ellis caught with five gallons of pear brandy. Officer J. T. Terry led the raids with F. M. Broom and Tom Brake assisting him. All the confiscated beer and liquors were brought to the city and added to the large collection that has been accumulated due to the officers activities. Clarkesville Aggies Gridiron Foe In Second Game Friday C. M. C. from Lut Week* Victory Hoot Srouf Oppoiilion for Tlu» Wck-cnd. CUrkesriRc Holdi Riverside to Two Truckdowo ud Scan* scored one themselves showing their offense is nothing to be laughed at. The Clarkesville team should be twenty per cent better this week af ter having gone through their initial game and many of the rough places polished off. The game Friday promises another good afternoon of the pig skin scram ble. The fans here are being served a rather classy schedule, every foe being strong and dangerous to the cadets. As the season progresses the enthusiasm will increase it is certain because of the flashy team fiiown by the red and black. Hostilities will begin at three thir ty. Scats are plentiful and a gigantic crowd is expected. Coach Johnny Broadnax and hir**- sistants turned toward next Friday’s game with the Clarkesville Aggies leaving their first game and victory behind them, another aggressive foe having loomed on the horizon for the Friday game. The G. M. C. team showed a strong offense and a rather stubborn de fend in their first gnme of the sea son last Friday, the general play of the team being pleasing to coaches and fan.-- The cadet eleven is be ing run through a stiff pratice sche dule this week to ward off the foe that is due here next Friday. Clarkesville in their first game of the season gave Riverside the scare of Ujeir lives. They held the powerful cadet eh ven to two touch downs and Dr. Webber, Den of G. S. C. W., la an Addreu Before The Rotary Club of Suabury, Pi., Mabel Prediction Psychology will play its part in the 1928 political campaign declared Dr. George Harris Webber, dean of the Women’s college, Georgia State Uni versity in nn address before the Sun- bury Rotary at the Susquehanna Val ley country club last night. Taking as hi* subject “Psychology of today,” he showed how the science has practical applications In modern life, and to every individual. So far ns the presidential cam paign is concerned, he said the po litical party making the strongest appeal to the emotions of the great mass of American voters will like ly be returned the victor at the fall Elections. The millions of voters in the United States rae n point where they can be swayed to one side or the other by some popular move, and he predicted that experts In “mob psychology”, would have profound influence in the political moves that will be made in the next two monhts. The speaker for the greater part dwelt on *ma!-adjustmcnt” in individual, and showed how many ab normal condition* are slow in develop ment in persons, probably starting in early youth. “The modern home has been de scribed as merely a “filling station’ where the family stop for food ond shelter while on the move,” he said. ’Never was true mental balance needed more than now. I nm remind ed of a Japanese proverb which is "The legs of the stork are long. The legs of the duck are short You ’t make the stork's legs short o the duck’s legs long. Why worry? You can’t correct the’ ills and evils of the world, but you can correct those in yourselves. Ask yourself ‘Am I out of adjustment, and if where?’ Nearly every person has some maladjustment, which he correct if he recognizer it." G. S. C. W. Girls On Annual HikeCMonday Afternoon A NEGRO SHOT SUNDAY between Dcmpuey Dean, anu Jim Johnson on the Hill place in the Western part of thet county Sunday resulted in Dean seriously and prehnps fatally shooting John son. The officers were notified am. went to the scene of the shooting, but Dean had made his e-cape before their arrival. It is reported that Johnson is in a serious condition. Young Ladies' March to Tremor’s Meadows and Spent Pleasant Hours. All Have Time of Their Lives One of the most pleasant events that comes into the life of the G. S. C. W. rtudent body is the annual hike. The hike always comet- so within a few weeks after the opening of the college for the fall term, and the former students look forward to the time, and the new students hear about it as soon nil they enter co!l»g». The nnual hike took place Mon day af'frnoon, and more than twelve hundred girls marched from the college to Trcanor’.- Meadow on th<? East side of the Oconee River. The line was a long one, extending from the college to the river bridge, as the young ladies marched through the business section of th? city. All business was suspended, and Mer chants, clerks and customers stood in front of the stores to see them pass by. It was a wonderful sight for in the line were more than twelve hundred of Georgia's brightest and sweetest girls. Dr. J. L. Beeson, President, Mr. which had been received from stations placed all along the route. The Treanor Meadows is located along the banks of the Oconee River, and is an ideal place for an outing. All formalities were forgotten, and the girls joined in having the time of their lives-, college songs were sung groups of students put on various stunts, they waded in the placid ters of the Oconee and played various tricks on each other. Before leaving the meadow they were served with weiners and cold drinks. “When night had let her curtain down and pinned it with a star,’ return march to the college wns com menced, with college yells, and cln.-is songs, which came from joyous hearts, ringing through the air the campus was reached, and ice cream ard cake was served to the tired, but happy girls. The hike was over, but pleasant memories will linger long, and long after college days are over the 1928 hike will come back to the minds of all who participated. ANGLES TAKES 4TH WARRANT Accuses I. L. Burra of Milra Georgia of Beiog Frartk Mu ia Bud Who Hogged Him Jim Ancles, Baldwin county farm- , who was flogged last May by a band of four men, swore out a war- rent Tuesday for I. I* Barron, of Millen, Ga., who he says was the fourth man in the party who whipped him, having previously accused Levi Smith, Fountain Hardy and L W. Hubbard of the crime. Angles came to town Tuesday and swore out the warrant for Barron after he had learned his name he said. He Btated that he had seen the several times since last May, but could not learn hit. name. Hardy was tried for his part In the crime last July and acquitted by the court. Angles was taken from his homo i the night of May 2nd, and brutal ly beaten. He was brought to the City Hospital where he was confin ed several weeks. Warrants were sworn out for Hardy, Smith and Hubbard, the victim being unable to tell the name of the fouth man whom he said was in the band. His action Tuesday came as a surprise. ORGANIZATION BEING PER FECTED TO START RED CROSS DRIVE Baldwin County Tubercolorit Amoc lion With P. T. A. Taking Charge of Seal Sale Organization plans were being completed to launch the annual Red Cross seal atle which is schedule to begin November 11th, the Baldwin county Tubcrcolosis Association und the Pafent Teachers Association taking charge of the sale. Dr. H. D. Allen, Jr., Secretary stated that a number of lettres would be mailed out this week with a number of the seals so that every person could have the opportunity to make purchases. The organization is urging tha people not only buy seals, but use them on their letters and packages during Christmas. The active campaign will open November 11th, And last through Thanksgiving day. Ail persons interested are asked to get in touch with Dr. Allen, Dr. T. M. Hall, County Chairman, or Mr. R. W. Hatcher. WADE JOHNSON COMMUTED Gov. L. G. Hardman in an order issued last Saturday commuted the , sentence of Wade Johnson to life L. S. Fowler, Bursar, Members of the- , i mpr j BO nment. Gov. Hardman stated Faculty, and nc'rf -is, had nertocte' 1 j n |jj s orf j cr that Johnson had been ngement- to the yuon ladies t ie time of their lives. Each one of t‘ie young ladies carried a boy. and wF n they arrived at the mea dows these boxes had been filled with cpu-V.-Icncr'es. fruit-, etc., pronounced mentally irresponsible by Drs. R. G. Swint, Dr. T. M. Hall, Pr. Richard Binion and Dr. Thomas. “On the Campus of G. S. C. W." n column of interesting news happen ings on the campus of the Georgia State College for Women will be added feature each week in the Un ion Recorder. The column will be edited by Miss Mary Roby a member of the journalism class of the college and the first column will appear next week. DR. E. A. TIGNER NAMED AN ELECTOR Well-kn»wn "ilUdfavilU Man to Ba on Democratic Ticket. C. C* Brantley From State-at-large Dr. E. A. Tigner, of Miiledgeville, as named as the elector from the Tenth District to go on the Demo cratic ticket by the Convention in Macon last Friday. Mr. C. C. Brantley, editor of the Valdosta Times, a former Milledge- villc citizen, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Georgia State Sanitarium, was named as an elector from the statc-at-largc. The following are the electors: From the state-at-large—Judge John S. Candler, DeKalb county, and C. C. Brcr.tlc;-, Lowndes county. Al ternator— H. T. McIntosh, Albany; Milwce Owcrr, Augusta. First district—Judge Samuel Adams, Savannah. Alternate, Green S. Johnson, Bulloch county. Second district—L. D. Passmore, Sylvester, Alternate, Mr*. S. T. Moore, Tifton. Third district—E. A. Rogers, Ash- bum. Alternate. Miss Emily Wood ward, Vienna. Fourth district—W. R. Jones, Greenville, Alternate. R. O. Jones, Coweta. Fifth district—Edgar Wutkins, At lanta. Mrs. Allen H. Buace, Atlanta. Sixth district —Edgar Blalock, Jonesboro. Alternate, W. H. New ton. Monroe. Seventh district—Judge N. A. Mor ris, Marietta. Alternate, Mrs. Edna F. Tate, Gordon county. Eighth district — Ernest Camp, Monroe. Alternate, E. R. Lambert, Morgan. Ninth district—B. B. Gailliard, Gainesville. Alternate, Judge J. B- Jones, Gainesville. Tenth district—Dr. E. A. Tigner, Miiledgeville. Alternate, Gordon W. Chambers, Augusta. Eleventh dbrtict—Judge John W. Bennett, Waycross. Alternate, Mrs. A. P. Bradl-y, Blackshear. Twelfth district—J. W. Palmer. Alternate, L. L. Brown, Jr., Fort Valley. Special provision \^as made, by vote of the convention that the chair, man of the state executive commit tee have power and authority to fill any vacancies on the list of electors or alternates in event of disqualifi cation or inability to serve. MRS. The -toieeting of *.ho P. T. A. which was to be held Friday afternoon Oc tober 12th, will be postponed until N. R. j Friday, October 19th. The parents and teachers are urg-