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* MjMEER xcdc federal Union Established in 1829 southern Recorder " 1819 MiMienBe, U., October 18, 1928 Consoi -:ated in 1872 Number 9 WOMEN ORGANIZE FOR DEMOCRACY Dr. Tigner Names CADETS OFF FOR Democrat Forces' Meet Richmond Academy Eleven in Big Game of Season. Throng Expected to Accmpany Team on Journey Coaches Johnny Broadnax and Slap Rents with twenty players leave Mrs. J. E. Pottle, Chlirauui of ^ly Saturday morning for Angus- „ . . r 1 n ta where they will meet the Rich- County to Form A Democratic mi)nd Acaden ; y „„ Er idiron. Club to Carry on Campaign ! The game Saturday is rated as th.* " i biggest prep game of the season to Mrs. Jos. E. Pottle has been ap-, t j a t c- pointed Chairman of the W oman« p- ac j nf j the strongest opposition Democratic Club of Baldwin County. have hadf t he cadets have by Mrs. Alexander. State Chairman WQrkeu jale into tbe ni|fht this week Mrs. Pottle will perfect the organ-1 prpparinB for the panic. They hav ition this (Wpilnpsdnvl afternoon. b( , pn dr j|| e( j j n signal w ,v- * u '*” Committea Named in All Militia District! for Democratic Party. Militant Organization Formed for Coming Campaign VOTES URGED IN PRECINCTS Executive Committee and Other Organization! Urge Voters to Go to Tbe Polls in Not. Great Majority Expected I)r. E. A. Tigner, Chairman of the Baldwin Democratic Club and Elec tor from the Tenth Congressional Dis-. ization this (Wednesday) afternoon, bpen drilled in signnl work and have Irict. has appointed Democrats in each when a number 0/ ladies will nssemb- j wor k ed af r 0 j n! ,t the Academy plays, malitia district in the county to operate with the Baldwin county Ex ecutive committee and other Demo cratic forces to the end that a full Democratic vote will be polled in each Precinct in the county. Col. Erwin Sibley head of the Young Men’s Democratic League, and the Womens’ organization for the pnrty in this county are co operating in the work. A full vote of Democrats is urged. The following arc the committees named: Milledgeville District:- Chnin.; W. L. Ritchie, J. C. Ivey, Dawson Wilson, Jere Moore, her home. A viperous and ac-1 th( , Coai , hes bringing the tive campaign will be made to arouse ] for tbe W g Kaml! . interest among the women of Mil-j ^ faC( . tlu . Auyus led peville and Baldwin county. j ^ ^ W(ak cnd „ f th , d „ t „ ' powerful team in Richmond county ■1 edge At the meeting held this afternoon officers will be elected and commit tees appointed to curry forward the campaign. Mrs. Pottle will have the manage ment of the campaign, and will prove a progressive leader. She will be assisted by a number of the ladies, as the Democratic ticket has a large number of enthusiastic supporters | among the women who are loyal to F. Bell,. thc part y n f their fathers and moth- bo safely counted that 1 has been together several years and is said to be the class of the Georgia prep. They hold the upper hnnd and considered a few touchdowns superior to the cadets*. Thc red and black will enter the game with a crippled eleven. Thc regular center who was out last week will still be out Canupp and Rich are not in the best of shape. Rich suffered a wrenched shoulder in the Friday game and it is probable tha 4 . ■' ’ it can do saieiy coumea mat ««-. . ... .. Meriwether District:—Henry Lane, j der tbe direction of Mrs. Pottle this 00 8 " Chmn.; Thos Humphries, Paul Law- c j ty ^ t he 0 j d capital 0 f Georgia will rence, Jos. E. Stiles. | have a live and progressive woman’ Hardwick and Sanitarium District: —Grover C. May, Chmn.; Frank G. Little, Morgan Thompson, T. W. Gar land, Dr. Dawson Allen, B. I.. Lay- field. Union Point District:—Wilmer Hodges, Chmn.; Gordon Hooten, Lawrence Babb, William S. Wood. Black Springs District:—J. H. Underwood, Chmn. ; Jcp Robinson, S. B. Blizzard, George Knowles. Scottsboro District:—Geo. Hollin- shoud. Chmn.; J. P. Overman, W. C. Tennillf, J. W. Threat, J. P. Lingold. Cooperville and Stevens* Pottery —Rollin Ivey, Chmn.; J. M. Lee, J. .Y. Wilson, Capt. William Rice, M. W. Weaver, John Ivey. Browns Crossing—Williard Wil liamson, Chmn.: Rollin H. Lawrence, John Brown, Robt. Watson. Democratic Club. Plan- are being made to take a number of the student body and the college band to Augusta with the team. A number of fans are expect- G. S. S. TRUSTEES MEET TODAY Election of Officers Important Feature ot meeting. Contracts for Psychiatric Hospital Will Probc jly Be Let The Executive Committee of the Board of of Trustees of the Georgia State Sanitarium is in session today (Wednesday) with a full meeting of the Board scheduled for Thursday, when the annual election officers will be held and a contract for the erec tion of New r. ychiatric Hospital let. Thc executive committee composed of E. E. Lindsey, Chairman, J. C. Jarnignn, Thomas M. Hall, A. C. Ne well and C. C. Brantley were in ses sion today and were ready with the necessary recommendations for thc full board mr'tfag on Thursday. The election of the officers will be the principal business of the meeting. It is understood there will be no change-i in the present staff of of ficers while there is one vacancy in the staff of physicians. Dr. Saye j having resigend. The Pathologist, successor to Dr. Saye, will be named. No hint was given as to who this would be, but it is understood that a man outside the institution will be fir<n thc position. The regular quarterly contracts will be let for the supplies for the next three months. It is also understood that contracts will be let for the erection of the Psychiatric Hospital. Plans for the building have been approved and if a suitable bid is made the contracts will be awarded for thc work which Kiwanis Suggest Prison Organization he FORMER MILLEDGEVILLE MAN J Arrangements have been made to WITH WASHINGTON NEWS- ‘ “ PAPER the crowd to go down. | will begin immediately. LEGION TO HAVE HOME TALENT SHOW IN NOVEMBER Hugh Branr.en Becomes New. Editor on Capital Evening Paper, Handle* Presidential News Hugh P. Brannen, eldest son of Mrs. D. W. Brannen, of Milledgeville, has become news editor of the Wash ington, D. C., Evening Star, it was learned here today. Mr. Brannen has been at the New York State Capital. Albany, where he has been doing special work in connection with the Presidential candidacy of Gover nor Alfred E. Smith. Now that the _ special train over the Georgia Rail road and if these plans are carried out over one hundred people will be in the party to go to Augusta. Thc game Saturday is rated as one of theree big games of the season, Riverside and Monroe looming the other barriers in the path of the cadets toward a perfect seasou. Riverside and Monroe come in No vember, the game Saturday leing the big event of this month. * School oficials are urging citizens to accompany the team on their trip. Special low rates have been secured over the Georgia road and those inter ested are asked to get in touch with Mr. Arch McKinley, i Sanders, Commerce; Mr. Whiter C. The land has been graded and the site selected for the new building. The new building will he placed north of the Female Convalescent Building facing east. It will be a modern hospital In every detail, the exact cost not having been divulged. The members of the hoard at the meeting this week are: Hon. John T. Brantley, of Blackshear, President; Dr. Thomas M. Hall, Milledgeville, Vice-President; Mr. C. G. Brantley, Valdosta, Secretary; Mr. E. E. Lind sey, Rome; Dr. J. C. Jarnigun, War ren ton; A. C. Newell, Atlanta; Mr. P. H. Gambrell, Macon; Dr. Lnctus STEWARDSHIP SERMON SUBJECT Dr. FJmw F. Dempsey Preaches on Interesting Tonic at Methodist Chrch Sunday Morning The Providing Elder, Dr. Elam F. Dempsey, preached at the Methodist church at 11:30 a. m., Sunday. Oc tober 14th, one month to u day beforr annual conference convenes in At lanta. Dr. Dempsey’s text wns found in Luke 1G:2, “Thou mayest be no longer steward.” After showing ; t* connection with the parables of the “Lost Coin,’’ the “Lost Sheep,” and the “Los: Boy” (or Prodigal Son), he discusaed briefly whot steward ship implies. It impli sen Proprietor, a Property rned by this Proprietor, n dlsposi- >n on the Proprietor’s part to at tend to other matters than this P/op- erty, and, hence, his employment of regarded as both honest arid able to hnndlo this property for the Pro prietor to the mutual profit of the two, this man Is called n steward. Tenant farmers were cited as in stances of modern stewards. Allu sion wus made to this political year in which public officials give account of their stewardship to thc people, a phrose ,taken from this parable. Man is the steward of God’s prop erty during his earthly existence nad a 4 . the Judgment must “give count of his stewardship” in the light of which he is forever blessed 01 doomed. In concluding Dr. Dempsey thui alluded to the elope of thc Confer ence year and the answering for the year’s stewardship at the session of the Annual Conference so near at hand: “In a very special way, ! love this church. This people is one whom I love with a peculiarly tender affection. We have lived, labored and loved together for four years in Committee Works 0«t Flan lo Be Presented to State Convention for Organization to Work Arioag Released Prisoners TO REHABILITATE PRISONERS Plan of Association Outlines Duties of Association to Aid Prisoners to Find JoIas and to Help Them Raise Standard campaign is nearing a close and elec- Col. Roach or Mr. Arch McKinley, f tion is approaching, he is moving to | the Georgai passenger agent. Pitner, A.hens. Washington to join the editorial staff of the Stu national circulation and vast influ- ‘‘Walk Thi* W«; Mr. Brannen has had ten ye ■ i Hoover To ‘Blow Up’ South And End White Supremacy ed Latei 1 fe?= Announcement ha?’ boon made this 1 jjf '"* H week of the Legion Show fo b- ore- ^ rented nn November 16th. wi h n ' * , Home Talent cam, “Walk This Way” ,vr - • being the show to be presented by the ex-soldiers and their auxiliary. The show is being sponsored by the Legion snd will he under the direc tion of nn experienced director who will come here to supervise the Per formance. “Walk This Way” Is a strikingly clever musical comedy that has won nation wide for its catchy tunes, and clever dance numbers. A ballet of Milledgeville girls will feature the show. The entire cast will be made up of young ladies and young men in Milledgeville. The Legion has sponsored several -hows in the past few years that have made big hits. The show that is '•heduled for next month surpasses them all according to the advance in Georgia, Florida, Virginia. ,d, New York and the West, t las winter in Milledgeville. sent duties will carry him to [>rk City frequently, and PR. G. H. WEBBER ADDRESSES MASONS LAST TUESDAY Member of G. S. C- Faculty Give* Mai He, Dr. G. IT. Webber, member of the faculty of the Georgia State College for Women, delivered an address be fore the members of Benevolent Lodge No. 3 on last Tuesday evening. | Dye: The address of Dr. Webber was the fint of a series to begiven during the remainder of the year. Plans have been made to have a speaker at each months Ft. Louis. Mo.. Cat. 13.—That Herbert Hoover, Republican nominee for president, will blow .he “solid south” to pieces in the November election is confidently asserted by Congressman L. C. Dyer of the 12th Missouri district, -author of the fam ous Dyer antilynching bill, which has been passed by the Republican house of representatives and defeated by a Democratic filibuster in the United “It is just as logical ar.d renson- tble for congress to enact laws for the enforcement of the l-lth and 15th amendments as it is for congre>*s to ss the Volstead act for the enforce- -revented i s coming to a vote. Had these rules been changed as advocat ed by Vice-President Dawes, the Dyer anti-lynchi bill would now be a law. “The passage of my bill would have been followed by the passage of still another law designed to enforce the 15th amendment also, and thus the negro in the south would hav? come into the full rights guaranteed him by the 14th and 15th amend ments. “On November 6 that great en gineer-politician, Hoover, with the votes of the prohibitionists and those swayed because of the religious tion in the south will drive wich Thte delegation representing the Milledgeville Kiwanis club at the State Convention in Athens which convenes Thursday will introduce resolutions asking the organization to sponsor the organization to be known as the Georgia Prison Associa tion, an organization to work among released prisoners to help them se re jobs and be reinstated in society. The Milledgeville Club has had a committee working out plans for such organization and have gone into the function to see if it can be per fected. The resolutions adopted by the Mil ledgeville club and those that will be introduced by the Milledgeville delegation before the State Conven tion are as follows: Your committee appointed to plan for the erection of an organization whose primary function should be thc work among released prisoneraU* on attempt to reclaim and r them to society, makes thc follow,.,g report: 1. Up -1 Investigation It was dis covered tha'. there was no organiza tion in th State of Georgia doing any systematic work among released prisoners who desire to belome decent members of society. 2. Ther? is need for ar. organiza tion whose primary function should be to create in the minds of released prisoners a desire to be* 1 t»*f»red to society, to encoutfcge tWm in their resolve, and to enable them to find employement. To this end your committee has re solved the following: Thc GEORGIA PRISON ASSOCI ATION is an organization for work EASTERN STAR ORGANIZED IN I'™™* nary objective the relief, re- THIS CITY LAST THURSDAY j atom* ion and reformation of prison- — I «rs who have been released from pris- Seventcen Women afld Sever*’ Men nn . Ask for Charter. Mr*. G. H. j n perr.-nres of this objective the Webber Head* Or R ani*ation (Continued on back page) (Co, 1 back pa, the A chapter of the Order of Eastern Star became a cretainty in j this city last Thursday nigh 4 when r. , number of women and several men raked for a Charter for this city. , The organization meeting that had been cailed met with in enthusiastic ^ response from the wives of prorni- . rent Masons in thi, city. The appli- I lh<! r ° urth 'Itmrteriy "ned by j 1 ? the Milledgeville Methodist church rTen. wa* hsld Sunday af -ernoon. Dr. Elam Dcmprry Presiding Elder of the MILLEDGEVILLE METHODIST CHURCH HELD CONFERENCE Good Report. Made bv Pa.tor and Officials. Dr. Dempsey Preached Sunday Mornir s inference mont of thc prohibition amendment," \ a thick wedge throuith the heart of ‘ iolid south’ and their ‘white — cation for the charter 1 seventeen women and five men. The Chapter will be known as the Milledgeville Chapter of the Order Oxford District, prcsidm . Thc of the Eastern Star, which is an ! ports of the various d-partmenta auxiliary of the Masonic Fraternity showed that -he work of the church and his a large membership through- j wrs well ad’.anced. out the state. AH of trt former officers of the Mrs. G. H. Webber was chosen ' church we re renominated by the paa- Most Worthy Matron and Mm John j tor, and re-clected. The only change Riley was named Assistant Worthy ni .-.J 0| Mr. J. C. Grant resigned as Mntron. Mr. J. T. McMullen wa* ] i a y leader, and Col. Geo S. Roach wa* The cn.«t is being selected and will b" announced probably next week. meeting during the remaining in this year. Dr. Webber chose a: his subj« gree. the Interdeprentice De-I “My anti-lynching bill intended to on fore? the Hth amendment was pa-sod by the Republicans of the house of representatives by a vote of two- o-onc. In the senate it had the support of the Republican mem bers, but southern Democratic sen- atom took .advantage of the despotic senate rules to stage a filibuster that [ premacy* slogan that it will blow up their whole unconstitutional program. After the solid south has been blown to pieces by Engineer Hoover, our next president, that will be the fin ish of the nullification|st« of the south who have for 60 years violated and prevented th? enforcement of thc | and place them on an equality with 14th and 15th amendments. Then j all other races.” named Most Worthy Patron. As soon as the charter is received the organization will begin active operation. congress will enact enforcement laws that will give millions of negroes their constitutional rights as citizens new pastor at midway CHRISTIAN CHURCH Another Year R.-v. L. A. Cunningham, of Oconee, Ins accepted the pastorate of the Ox- f rd Memorial Christian church at Midway, During the past week Mr. Cum- r : "rh m held services at the chu. 4 ch ' i •' purpos; of meeting thc mem- !>"r*hip. The services were P nvant and profitable. II" s a pleasant man, and a forco- ful jiri .iched. Georgia Railroad Invites Textile Industries to Baldwin Booklet Outlines Possibility of Industry Here "Pertinent Factf InterMtine to the Textile Executive" is the tile tile page of a booklet i»aued b;’ the Georgia Railroad and its associate roads, relative to possibilities of manufacturing interests m Bal uin county and give, u complete survey r tbe undeveloped resouwes here. Th; nook is being sent to all sec- ons of thc country with n view o[ interesting the targe manufacturers in this section: The survey from uhict the data was taken was made r.cined in hi* atead. Thc Yor > Georgia Conference meets in Atlanta Nov. 14th, and it wa* indicated at the quarterly con ference that the finance? of the church will be brought up to a high standard for thc final report which will be made by the pastor. Dr. Dempsey preached to a large and interested congregation Sunday morning, L iking as the subject of hi* text Stewardship. He stressed the : mportance of thc work of the church and the faithful performance of duty by preach: r and officials. unlimited consumption. I J “ h ” F - Y.rbrough is^serving The booklet i, the first of » series ^ “” nd i“ st ° r ot **' “ ll ‘ of eight reports that will be m «de ! tadgeville church, and during the two by the railroad company to interc t j Jourj hns done filthful service, which textile industry in the south. I’ u n bo...e fruit. by Robert and Company, engineers i county is 63.7 degrees making work of Atlanta. ! possible all the year round. The survey is very complete in its Special interest is called to the scope and goe, into de-oil regard- Furman shoxla power possibilities ing climate, health, water supply, which have recently been surveyed power, upturn, rcsour^ £ | ° K Z rich'toliSSc"toS^"..? h - j ^rling ebaractcristtas. w^ch nark token separate ly and r.re convincing: developing thi, still unhurncesed M-cmtcd with the^ early growto und m^ ” ^iViy'tJunVnVm^ •v* nnR«'Hiities of manufactur- soGrce. It is understood Oiat a tre- prorperuy tne -tai-. juuoagc- 4 ‘ , .... -dVrnrile' in toidwin county. I mendou, dovelopement will bo made ville, once the Capitol of the Stott, ■ «!re of the member, of th: Metho- i at this point. The Geo,-gin Power: i.i now thc center of many educutionni i to tmngrcg. on and -.,,c people of J.in! d;;rville teat he bo returned for Milledgeville is described i He is n forceful a city | scholarly preacher, and has those Milledgeville average rain fall asjat this point. The Georgia tiiown ill the survey is 47.27 inches.: Company controlling the power n Then o temnernturo of the j this section gives nmplc rupplv foi 1 institutions and f* rich in natural i