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5 ennington to Make Race for Re-Election CITY PRIMARY ON AUGUST 21ST. jaouncemtnt From Eiecative Comr-itte** Brings Oat Cudidites in City Pnmnry iE declines to run in race bidrc»! Has Not Mtde Decision. Opposition To Present Council Undeveloped Candidates for Mayor and Three Aldermen to Be Named. Regis tration Books Close July 31 The primary to nominate candi dates for Mayor and three Alder men of the Jty of Milled geville will K? held August 31st. This date was named at a meeting of the Executive Committee held Wednesday evening. The registration books ure open at the City Hall and will close July 31st. The date for the entmnee of can didate- will close at six o’clock of the evening of July 31st. The candidates to be nominated arc to succeed Mayor M. E. Pennington; Aide-men L. H. Andrews, L. W. Lee and S. D. Stembridge, the Mayor for a term of two years, and the Aldermen for four. The assessments made for entrance fee are Mnyor $25.00; Aldermen different policies I f hi, rochtnt this! Th ' I”*"”* “ iM M hc , W " nder thr . «. law governing the city election. The poll* will open at 7:00 A. M. and close at 6:00 P. M. The ballot cast must contain the names of three Aldermen or it will not be counted. The Executive Committee is com posed of F. W. Hendrickson. Chair man; John H. Hollowr.y. Secretary and Treasurer; Marior Allen, J. A. Mayfield, J. R. Stanley and W. W. Miller. nr Marvin K. Pennington will candidate for re-election for . f the City in the coming •rate- Primary that has bon f..r August 21st, it wag learn- d Monday. ; Pennington has served in • ■ tw.i years and he has nnde hi- intentions of offering for •ion. He stated that he would - announcement through this next week. Aidermanic terms of L. H. »•* *, S. I). Stembridge and I)r. Let- expire January 1st, and ucce-sors will be named at the I'r. L. \V. Lee declared he would make the race. While he did outline specific reasons it was made clear tha failure of the council t the « decision. He stated thht he had med to fill an unexpired term a>i having filled thft service he 1 retire from city politics, decision had been reached by mar ' u *. • Jrews. He stated that he had not fully made up his mind in the matter and although he , he would be a candidate he «'u!d make no announcement until ext wek. Alderman Stembridge is \ the City Hospital where he was nd'.-vent an apendix opciation last *wk and his intentions were not ted. * i< certain he will he in the race ver. Other candidate- have not iomt.1 on the political horizon, ami • known whether there will •ri to the present incumbents. i candidate will undoubted- f"r the place left vacant by Three Nev/ Members Added to Passes Checks in Gty Saturday, Faculty at Military College. New Forging R. W. Hatcher’s Nome Shop Professor Chosen 1 Poses as Relative STRONG CORPS OF TEACHERS W. A. WILLIAMS NAME GIVEN Col. George S. Roach announced' A man. who gave hi* name this week that the faculty for the A. Williams, was arrested Sunday Georgia Military College had been night by Chief of Police Frank named for the term of 1929-30, Broom under suspicion and parties three new members having been ndd- have later identified him as the man ed to fill vacancies which occured. ' who passed check- in the city Sntur- Majors Crenshaw, Durough and day night after forging the name of Harrelson tendered their resignation R. W. Hatcher to them, at the close of the past term to enter Williams gave a check of $10.00 • fields of endesivtlr. The succes- « that have been named are gradu- ■ of Emory and Cemson Univerni- Tho most important change in the instructor of Manuel mechanical drawing. Mnj. Philpot who succeeds, Maj. Harrelson at this post is a Clcmson graduate. In nnrtounc^ng .the faculty Col. Roach stated that a strong corps of instructors had been secured and that they were men who were particular ly interested in young men. The faculty as announced by Col Roach is ns follows: Colonel George S. Roach, Presi dent; Major A. A. Waters, Mathe matics; Major Sam Whatley, Eng lish; Major T. H. Rentz, Athletic drawn rn the Exchange Hank am: signed R. W. Hatcher to the proprie tor of the Hudaon-Essex Filling Sta tion in payment of two inner tubes, receiving change. lie later gave the Harrington brothers a fifteen dollar check for two tubes receiving several dollars in change and a third check was found ut the filling sta tion of H. B. Hall on the Sanitarium road where he hnd purchased a few gallons of gas. Williams threw the tubes into the back ynrd of Mr. M. S. Bell where they were found Monday and it was learned that he poured the gas oi the ground a short distance from the station where it was purchased. Williams denied any knowledge of the affair, but he has been identified Director and History; Major God- by the parties accenting the checks, frey Ostcrman, Band Director and j He is held in the county jail Science: Major Claude P. Philpot, B. out bond. FORD MONTGOMERY GIVEN HIGH RATING WT CONSERVA TORY OF MUSIC Young Milledgeville Pianoi.t Recort wins Second Scholarship at Noted Mutic School S. Clcmson Shop and Mechanical Drawing; Major William Layton. A. B. Emory; Major C. E. Ray. E. S. Clcmson; Major Elroy DuPuis, Eng lish: Major J. E. Broadnax, Coach and General Science; Major George E. Florence, Coaching Staff nnd Spanish; Lieut. V. L. Nash, U. S., Commandant; Sgt. O. II. Wooten, U S. A., Assistant to Commandant; Mis- Omie Hart, Latin; Mrs. Eliza beth Brown, Secretary; Miss Ger- Itrade Treanor, Piano; Mrs. Lula I Bothwcll, Matron; Dr. Richard Bin- ion, Physician and Surgeon. l of t has developed in the GRAND LODGE OFFICERS MAKES OFFICIAL VISIT HERE B.,.. P..| Grand Mailer o( Grand Lodge of Georgia n» Addresses Local Lodge H-r Ford Montgomery, younge* Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Montgomery, was awarded n second year’s scholarship at the New England Conservatory of Music a’ Boston, when his record lor the year was made known. Mr. Montgomery went to the fam ous musical school last year after hnving won a scholars! ••> in a com petitive recital. He recently stood the examinations and his unusually high average and excellent reci won for him the high honor for ’he second time. Mr. Montgomery was the pupil of Mi*.- Fannie Virginia McClure and is said to be a genius, possessing great qualities for n famous pianist. Williams posed as a relative of !r. Hatcher it is understood. MR. DANIEL C. VAUGHAN DIES IN WASHINGTON, D. C. Farmer Resident of Th:* City Pa»*ei Away in Capital City. Where H- Will Be Buried MR. T. J. HOWARD WAS ACCIDENTLY HURT SUNDAY With Di.located Hip aused by Fall the A telegram received thi- by Mrs. F. P. Galuke bore the sad intelligence of the death of her brother, Mr. Daniel C. Vaughan, in Washington City. ’Mr. Vaughan was the second son of the late Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard M. Vaughan, and was born and reared in this city. In early life he leam- iljed the printer’s trade, and after reaching manhood he engaged in the | newspaper bu>incu here and in Gor- ] don. He left here for Washington,; I>. C.. and while he wns connect-J, ith the Government printing office, city hospital,: studied law at the Georgcto’ MASONS ATTEND DISTRICT CONVENTION WEDNESDAY Chas. L. Bnss, Past Grand Mac,.- f the Grand Lodge of Geor gia Ml-••ns. ami now head of the r : . Welfare Work of the Grand made an official visit to Rene- V "1 L"dge No. 3, Tuesday evening, as the representative of the Master, Raymond Daniel*, who v i ''h- to make the trip. ■•‘ r Hi: was presented to the r ~' - by Joseph A. Moore who is a C" ' Lodge officer and n Trustee Masonic Orphans Home. As r •! "f the Orphans Home, Mr. Bass, ” 1 ■ "f the work that is being don-' n (;•••.nria by the Fraternity for chi! , a. He told of the progress at new hospital at Alto for Tuber- cular children and the home for eri f r ' ; 'd children in Atlanta. Mr. Hass is a native of this " "’V and is one of the most dis- from ' lhe Lodge as delegate! ' r -bed men in Georgia Masonry. t h„ U gh a large group were nl ! attendance. Worshipfui Mast CHILDREN OF CONFEDERACY h. Biumgartel. L. L. Beck. ounty. for Mattel A large delegation ct Millcdgeville Ma-ons *prnt Wcdnc“dny in Sparta attending the annuul convention of the Tenth District Masonic Associn- F. R. Hargrove ami J. W. Riley were (the official reprcecntatr*! W. U. C. \., - . . suffering with n dislocated hip. University. Crom which institution caused by a fall Sunday at the homej he graduated. of his granddnughter, Mrs. Rollioj Mr. Vaughan Inter became con- Lnwrence, in the western pnrt of thej nected with the Department of Labor and Commerce and won distinct.on _. Howard, during . ent yenrs. i for himself in the efficient services has made his home with his daugh- he rendered. He became ^percen ter, Mrs. Stith Myricfc, in Jone* dent of one of the branches of thut county nnd was visiting Mr. and department. He knew the leading Mrs. Lawrence Sunday, when the m ,. n of the country, nnd was held in ncrident occurred. He 1.- ninety-one the highc-t p<-rsonnl esteem by many year- of age, and up to the time he of then . He was a Scotish Right was hurt *• - has been Quite active for Mason and a Shrircr. He po one of his ysara. He attended th i strong personality, and a mnnncr meeting of Ca-ir Doles Memorial which won for him friends ami Lay, nnd in a short •peccb at dinner tablirhed him in the confidenci expressed the appreciate of th' all who knew him. veteran* for the dinner served by Hi* death hu- brought keen regret the members of the R. E. Lee Chap- t n hi* friends in this city. J u . r> Mr. Vaughan is survived by Mrs. ! Mr. Howard is receiving the closest Vaughan and several children; two ‘ ittention of his physician and nurs- ■ i*ter». Mrs. F. P. Golucke, of thi* J e:=. and it is hoped that his recovery, city, and Mrs. R. E. Stembridge, of ill be rapid. ! Macon, and other relative . I The funeral and burial W. Threat, of the Scott* ; in Washington, D. C. AT STATE CONVENTION Andrews. Geo. Davis. W. D. Stem- bridge. Joseph A. Moore ood Frank r th- mort interesting nr-1 <-..! r an were in the delegation. ' ■- in the city i- the Hattie ’ Jir. Coleman is next in line for o Chapter Daughters of the office of Worshipful Mn-ter °f * c racy, with Mrs. M. H. Bland, niftrict and he will be elevated to ’•mlent. All of the members that post. The Sparta Lodge enter i»l. and feel a keen interest tained the delegates from t,ir ° u ~ * ing nlive the history of the ! out the district at a barbecue at i- '•*wy and loyalty to the “Lost j noon hour. A special degree team conferred the Master, degree during ' to Convention is in session ] the evening, nin and the Hattie Potth cro neighborhood, brought to the j • ity Saturday morning the fir.-t cot- The indications now are >n bloom. Thi- bloom camp from a i number of car loads of watt n acre field of cotton, which is | will be shipped from Baldwi ■ell advanced. ty thi* year. that Summer School Students Ends First Week’s Session 'D-d Nell Day. J. A. Horne had on display it the- First National Bank •f a tomato vine conta’ning of ten tomntoe*. All of the • with t ne exception was a The bunch would prob- gh over two pounds. REV MR. HAWKINS PREACHED AT METHODIST CHURCH R..v. Mr. Hu-kin.. Suporintrndent „f th.' Orphan. Home at ' 1l ' catur ' prrnchrd at tha Method,at church In thi. city Sunday ntom,ng. At the conclusion of *>'» hc I ' H ' k “ collection for the Home. He re turned to Dccutur in the early after- Over eleven hundred Georgia Teacher*, ntudcnts at the Georgia State College for Women hummer school, were busy thin week with classes to get through the strenous »ix week’* program that i* outlined. Dr. E. H. Scott, director of the •ummer session, stated that an inter esting program *wa* planned for tho session. Wednesday night of this week, Dr. George Harri* Webber presented a apodal show. Miss Wini fred Crowell will direct a show for Friday evening and Mrs. E. R. Hines is to have charge of a special pre sentation next Wednesday. Movie are given during the week praticnl Iy every night. A larjre group of the student* will attend the National Education in convention in Atlanta the latter part of this month, it is understood. Excusion rates will be given. The authorities hnd hoped to run special trains but it will be impossible to get thi* on program. Tho students arc unusually busy, it is indicated by the hurry that is evident on the campus. With the conferring of member- rhip upon Miss Surah Pool and M Mary Pool Newsome into the Nancy Hart Chapter of the United Daugh ters of American Revolution, thi cal chapter achieved the distinction of being the «*nly chapter in the state which has on its roll the name* of two real daughters. Mrs. Y. H. Yarbrough, regent of the Nancy Hart Chapter, heurd that Henry Pool, Revolutionuty soldier of Georgin, had two daughters living she immediately made an investiga tion. The result revealed the fact that the daughters of the old soldier lived near Gibson, Gcorgiu, and that their father had served in the first war of the nation. This honor entitled them to u Gold spoon from the National D. A. ft. society and pension of $25.00 per month each. These two sweet old ladies live in a three roomed cottage near Gibson, Gn., nnd when they were asked what they would like their new found friends to bring them, replied that they would like some medicines nnd a Bible in big print. Mrs. Lamar Ilnm, hereby eligible to the D. A. R., gave to the Nancy Hart visitors a large handsor Bible, to take to these two new hers. “Aunt Mary” read* il without the aid of spectacle There are about sixteen rcnl daughters in the whole United State* and Georgia hns reported years. So, nt the meeting of the State D. A. R. Board, in October this year, Mr*. Yarbrough will be the only Regent who can boast of even one Real Daughter and she claims two, a* her very own. GRAND TREASURER TO VISIT TEMPLE CHAPTER THURDAY NIGHT Joiiah T. Clark, Representing Gran High Priest of Roval Arch Masons Coming Here Josiah T. Clark, Grand Treasure of the Grand Chapter of Royul Arch Masons, of Augu*ta. will maki official visit to Temple Chnpter No. Ci, Royal Arch Masons Thursday . ing. Mr. Clark comes ns the represen tative of the Grand High Pricrt and will be the honor gue-t at a supper before he attends the lodge meet in his official capacity. The li chapter will confer the Royal Arch Degree for the Grand Chnpter offici al. W. D. Stembridge, High Priest of the local chapter, is in charge of the arrangement* for the entertainment nnd reception of the high official. In n review of the year’s work, the Board of Trustees of the Georgia State Sanitarium, presented to Gov ernor L. G. Hardman their annual report giving a record of the institu tion’ work and pointing to r-ed* that will lend toward a greater service of “Georgia’s Greatest Charity.” The report cited the fact that there hnd been an increase in the number of patients during 192R by 133, a total of 5096 inmates Being confined to the institution ut the close of the past year. Over six hun dred patients had been paroled dur ing the year, :he record divulged, which brought the total of patients receiving treatment to 5794. This presented u crowded situation that mnde u problem for the authorities and demanded the attention of the Georgia general assembly. Since the report was hsued a new colored dormitory has been opened and the greatest congestion temporarily re lieved. 400 colored female patients have been housed in tbit building. During the early fall the I- M. Jones hospital building is expected to be finished. Thi* building will fill a much needed place in the Institution's program, the report out lined. It will be devoted to the treatment of the acute insune and the physical ill* among the patient*. Two hundred and eighteen beds will be installed in the hospital nnd the est equipment included ! n the, ma terials that will be «.dd*u. The Trustees urged that the Gover nor recommend in the Sanitarium appropriation a fund for the erec tion of three additional building*. It was shown that five buildings had been requested and that the request had been partially answered wuh the two new buildings that have and are being erected. The repefrt stated that the three new buildings were (Continued on back page) THREE SANITARIUM NURSES INURED IN TENNILLE SUNDAY Morels Wood LEGI0NAJRES AT STATE CON VENTION IN BRUNSWICK Misses Helen and Mary .Shurling ard Mis* Morale Wood, studtnt nurs- e- nt the State Sanitarium are in a Snndrrsville hospital suffering from injuries received Inst Sunday when a speeding car struck them. The young ladies were at home for the week-end nnd were standing on a bridge near Tinnille when the car struck them. The occupant* of the ear, three young men. were arrested under a charge of wreckles* driving ar.«J assault with intent to murder. Doctors hnvo little hope for the lecovery of Miss Helen Shurling who was thrown over the rail of tho bridge to thi- railroad track* ten feet below. The other two' women were not seriously injured. Auxilliary Represented r.TATE LINE Representing the Morris-Little Tost of the American Legion, n dele- ••rtion of Legionair; nr« in Bruns wick Thursday and Friday of this wc-k attending the state convention if the Americnn Legion. J. H. Holloway, P. B. Berry. In. W. M. Scott left MUledgeville Wed- K-sday afternoon ns the official dele- 'n.tion. Mr. C. B. McCullar left ■ ly Wednesday for the convention. Mis- Bertie Stembridge nnd Mr*. Ed win Allen will represent the Auxiili- ary of the I«ogion who are also in session. Sewer lines leading from the hos pital and female building at !he State Farm have been completed nnd plac ed in use this week, city authorities have announced. The line from the Men’s building will Ik* finished “arly next month. Services will be held at the First Presbyterian church Sunday morning at the eleven o’clock hour. The preacher in charge has not been LADIES’ ATTENTION! Another special feature will ap pear in the Union Recorder, be ginning with the issue of June 27th, that will be of interest to cver> woman in the city. Watch Next Week’- Taper For “MY FAVORITE KECEIPE” As Given By Prom nent MILLEDGEV1LLE WOMEN “Thi* is an exclusive Recorder