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The Louisville gazette. (Louisville, Ga.) 1799-1800, March 12, 1799, Image 4

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us.* i.lWfcW GEORGIA. By his Excellency J AM E S JACK SOM, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of this State, and of the Militia (hereof. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS the General Affemhly of this State, pafjed nn aH on the fixte r nth day of February inflan f , entitled “ an aH u to compel all officers, civil and “ military, to take and fuhfcrve “ an oath to fupport the conjhlution “ thereof," in the words following , to wit: “ Whereas, it is necefjary that all officers, civil and military, within this State , f/iould be bound to /up fort an I maintain the conjhlution of the fame. “ Be it therefore enabled, that all and every officer, civil and mili tary, holding any office under the authority of this State, by commif- Jion or ctherwife, /hall take and Juhfcribe the fallowing oath, before the clerk of the fuperwr or inferior counts, of the county in which he. may re fide; o r if a fia'e officer , before his Excellency the Governor , Jor the lime being, to wit: “/, A. 11. do /olemn'y /wear, or a/firm, [as the cafe may he) tht 1 will hear true faith and allegiance to the Stale of Georgia; and to the ut mofl of my power and ability , cbferve, conform to, fupport and defend the confHtutian thereof ; without any rrfervation, rr equiv o cation whaf/oever, and ike eon/li.. tuticn of the United States—.So IvJp me Goi" “ And be it further enabled,. that all officers who are now in' commi/fi n, civil or mi-1 ifa*v,. ex-cebt fucji jt itc officers ns have been eleH ea by the General. aJjfemb.Lv , at this frefent fe/fw' ?, and have been day quadfied before, his Excelmcy ike G ive> nor,/'hell, within live term■ of fix m y nt!v, take and fubfertbe the ojorcfvd oath , in manner and form of 01 (fail, which fkall be made 0/ record by the office* before whom it is taken ; and in cafe of refu/d or I negleH of any of finer , his office fh all be confined null and mid; and his | Excellency the G vernor, is hereby authonf d and required, to fill up Jack v 7 coney, in the f ine manner as ij it hid been made by death-, refig nation or removal from the difir iHfi end in cafe anyJfirrifi, clerk of the Juptrur cr inferior court, or any other officer having office or trujfl under the authority of this fiat:, Jholl necleH or refufe to take the afore fa d oa’h, in manner and form a forefa'd, within the term of fix 1 months . their aH or aHs as they ap pertain to the jaid office, Jhall be confi iered null and void." I have therefore, thought fit , ti i/fue this. m\ proclamation, notifying end requiring all officers, civil end military, within this fiate , compre hended in the fa id aH, to conform thereto, by appearing before the pro per officer and taking the faid oath, within the period thereby limited, as they zvi I anfxver the contrary at then peril. Given under my hand, and the Great Seal J the /aid Stale, at the Stale-Iloufe, \ in Louifviile, this eighteen h day of February, in the year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and ninety nine, and in the twenty third year oj American Independence. Signed, JaMES JACKSON. By the Governor, John Mi lton, Secretary, God Jave the State . Executive Department, Louifviile , Feb. 20, 1799. ORDER > D, That a concur red Refolution cf the 1 6th of February infant, by the General Afembly, in the words following, to wit: 11 Refolved, by the Senate and Iloufe of Rrprefintatives of the State of Georgia , that the fuflicts of the Inferi r Courts of the feve red Counties , Jhall on the firfl Mon day in April next , meet at the Court Iloufe, in their refpeHive C ounhe and nominate two Jaflices of the Peace, in each Cab'mas DiflriH, agreeably to the fifth fed ion of ih f third article of the Lonjlitution a- d certify and iranfmit the fame to his Fxceliincy the Governor be pub li/hed in the louifviile, Savannah and Angii/la Gaieties, for the infor mation of the Juft ices of the Infe rior Courts for th-e feverd Counties,, and. (J all ether perf m concerned L Take n from, the Mi nutes, Atfrfi, Taomas Jo mn-s.o w , Secretary < . Art ills of all Nations attend ? A Premium for G-eniuu _ - L Executive Depart men*, Gewgm,. • • Lmi/vIUe,. Feb . -23,, 179*9. j. The AB, entitled m an for she; iMg the Great Seal of the State of Georgia./’ palled the- 1 §th day of Fc binary, 1799,, feeing taken up and eo-ni-kkr* ed ; it is 0 j O. R 1 ) E R -E’D ~ T hat & premium of thirty dollars he given for | the be ft drawing of the device Jor tbe Great Seal of this Strh,. vupur- : fuance of the fecond fcHim of the. [aid afl—-the device bung as to wit: • . On the one fide, a view of the [ea fore, with a Jiff bearing the flag of the United States, riding at anchor near a wharf, receiving on board hogjheads of toharco, and bales oj cotton, emblematic ej' th* exports of this State—at a fmall dtfiance a boat landing f rom the in terior cf the Slate, with hogjheads, i3c. onboard, reprefenting her in ternal traffic —in the bad part of the fame Jule, a man in the aH of I ploughing, and at a fmall diftance a flock of /keep in different poftures, finded by a flourijhing tree—the motto on this tide agriculture and commerce, 1799 —that the ether fide conain three pillars , fop porting an arch, with the zvoid conjhiution engraven within the fame, emble matic of the c njhtution, fippoited \ by the three d partments of the go- : { vernment, viz. the Ifgijlaiive, judi- ' 1 dal and executive —the firfl pillar to have engraven on its haje wijdom % the fecond jvjlice, and the third mo deration ; on the right of the la/l pillar a man Jlanding with a drawn fword, reprt/enting the aid of the military , in defence of the confu tation—the motto State of Georgia , 1799” —Provided fuck drawing be lodged in the Executive Ofjic, at Lou’/viUe, on or before the twen ieth day of April next ; the fize of the feal two inches and one quarter in diameter ; and it is f urther Ordered, that prcpo/als he re ceived at the fame cffce i until th f fid twentieth day of April t for forming , making and engraving the fmagreeably to fich device aid diawvg, in a inoflerly and workmanlike ma y ner , on or before the third dav of July next. Bnd and fair it v to be given /- r the due performance of the work , within the time Inn’ted t in the /urn of two thoufand do lavs. The prop fall will he ft Id {.p y addrrfftd to the executive, end marked pr epofats fey \ forming , maki g and engraving the Great Seal of the State of Geor gia, Ihe drawings will alfo be fated up , adarejff'ed in Ike manner , and mark'd drawings for the device of the Great S al , and W'l he ex amined the twen ieth of April aj ore fail ■ 7he cafh will he paid Jor ike drawing, the r,i ment it is decided 1 on as the heji dejign, and for the ■Seal immediately it is comp’gated and delvei ed if ap died for. Taken from the Minutes * Atlefly lut) m \ s J-o vi ssj w* I S-eciday. y » i ' EBENEZAR (ES'CKES [ ly ihh fws hi > F> en Is Fi Jiatinu/a-r, |, tiaJ the pifhtic in gemnti that he- ha* lately r-e -'• ■cein.d J*>omC\ar,eJh,n A>i EXTENSIVE S V T”P U Y I- • Dry Goods and Gioceiics, | tyhich venders hnpiefent Ajfo't-m-rt as as offered f° r ia^e h re and which iic wli seal •h w )or Cnjb o" Produce', the following sir • tiefa form part of hm Pjfjrtmc-nt i SUP. RF,& J£ S<*ce.nd afid alktr B-i O-ad . Glmbs Kt rft) mere* a«d S •.va-ndowu. j K.ia ft i e Glwihs a-i-ul C 111 i.crc* ! Kfrgto t,l tk and Fiai hcli r . . €rc-w* a»i-d U1 v e Vel vcncM D--) -do, C«i> ! drrw)S- A ba°n-dfu»e Afio-rt-i-' en-' of ‘TSiuflih** .'6i r. d-izv-B i-f- Muflln H h len chiefs : A- IvaßdlaiMfr Afl jrune i o' Gali-ee&jc F o w-r pi <?ecs ft £ Gm 11 i-n €.a4 i.e at* Fwe l-v»e p‘irec°s o*f Lin-e-n- S;x pi-C" of Humhu m s Si-x* pi-fter* o«f a-lloriffd DurawtP* ;T.v® pkccs e-f Bilb Gautiag. Brown H*ol'l and . * . Wo.rA.ed a»nd G ft ana H n fr .Clouded and Striped Na-rltc-CB* Mfiwfoi-11-es;, Di maty a*nd J-ca-n- WaTfleoa* 1 P'a-t t e pea- S'ilfc, Twift and Th-pead** a-ff tied* Tapes- and Ferret tings A general AfT>; tracnt pf R bbonii Ladies Kidikin an<]• S-i k Giovc-s. Worfted do. do. Four dozen cf Mens Fine Fat* Four dozen of Ladies Fine do, S’x dozen of Mens Stocking* Three d z:n of Ladies do, Three dozen of Ladies Botine1 1 • I wo dozen of Mens Cravat* Six groce of fmall Buttons Two do zen of la. ge flue Men* Shoe* Tin Ced; zen i f Ivory Combs Thret dozen of Blanket* Four lbs. of colored Tin cad Four lbs. of fine do. Twenty lbs, of Sh c Thread fhiee dozen of Shells Two dozen of Cotton Cards, of the bed kind Fiftv lbs. of Powder and Shot Sad le Tacks Snuff fei ives and Forks Mallard Snuff Boxes 4air Powder and Pi >ymg Card* Mens Saddles a d Bridle* Appies a d Onion* Sugar, Cotte- and Chucolalf# 'j[uriuu’j J* t FOR SALE. Cheap for ROSE and London Duifii l Linker* Bjih Cl ating hcj Fiam'eis a<>u ed, Striped ar.d Yellow Nankeens Th ckfer* Black, Blueand Fink Durants Camlets Calicoes and Chintzes Tamboured, Sprjgped rod Striped P aic conct and Bo< k Muflin 1 Villin Handkerchief* Ginghams Pocket Handkerchiefs Muflincu R bbands, Sew ing Silk and Twift 'Vliiie and Cidouied Thread Thread I i/li Linen 4-4 wide Hn mbumi Ozna • utgs Vico and YutV* Cotton and Worftcd Hofe federal Keadv Reckoner* 0 eliii.g Ho, k* A v Tiery . f ( m;i u Hiftoriei and Song Book*. Looking G'afl * !3 clbng Ci mb* P:n K. ives Knives and Fork* Table Spoons Bii 1c Bits ! Cotton Cards Kn, 10 • J m ica and Weft India Rua Apple B r andy H'-fon Tea Chocolate ’ ( oflfeC Sugar Pc, per and Sp*c& • Copp?- as i Sruff ; Beil Riffle Gun Powdet Shot alerted 8 It P >< nd Pins- Sifters Needles Writing Paper. Alfo. a large aflortment rf to* gc.hc>r viih a variety of orh-r articles. . • John Blair. Fcbr-u-aff-r- ji&. • , rr; T 4 : *> FOR SAL E,„ Ch'ap jet Cajh , • . LO' D’OP! D- ffl B!a-n ns • * White, hlu- aim Gic-Mi= .P^aifl# 1 • 1 Vv hi e and Red Flannel-* * j Ra h G a.ii' gs 1 Superfine Br- »-d dat-k) j Seco d do, do. , j HHrfc B 1 f*F and Grey Cafflrrw’rftT .F. O-ii "it-b e S \*v andowa a-nd Guilt-mwc Veil j Sha m I Marl - Me*, J>apt and J ea-nct dot. Clouded a'd Sk'k N mkee-n*- * * , Royal Ribbi ami De imm.s- Velverets, Ci rduroyiar.d Thifk-firt*- Bat k, Bu “ rvnri Pink Du-ra-nts CaJi-i® s and Chintzes Ta mb.-red, f, rigged, ftriped a-ni} pW® I 1 and Book Muflin Mubin Mi ,w s apid Ha-ndkerehiefSc 1 - wikvi viuvi>ii * Kick a-» I Jj‘Cnv,et C avnrs ami Got ton Camb-rkks 1 B a<rk Silk Httulkerchie-fs- Ribbons and Ferretings- S< wing Siik fcH 1 Tw-iit M-*ns Dear i.kin Gloves {; fh Linen, 3-4 and 4-4 wid*e l.iie an I Brown Sheetings- Oz >aburgs Mens., W mens and- Youths Cotton -M$ W orftfd Hofe Mens, Women* and Youths Shoes- Ladics Morocco Sandals M-ens and VVomens coar fie and fine Hats Hiblrs-, Tcflaments and Spelling Rooks i Federal Ready Reckoners . R-iCtionarics, and a variety of final 1 Hi 11 a* ri rs j I ik Powder., and kc-ft Dutch Quill* Violins Looking G ladles ] Ivory Combs Razors and Cafes . 1 Gilt and Plated Button*. • *. 1 Large and final! do., • Pen Knives Knives and Forks* Tab e Spoon-s- Trunk and Cheft Locks Saddle and Bridle Buckles- . . Stirrup Irons and Bridle Bits Shoe Knives, Ta ks, Awl Blade* Pi cers and Gimblets Cotton Cards, No, 10 Jamaica and Wcft-lndia Rum Cogniac and Peach 1 randy TencrifFe ana Malaga Wines Holland Gin Bohea Tea Sugar Pet per and Spice B-.imftoncand Copperas 4d. 61- 8-1. and 10 I. Nail* B«ft RiHe Gll n powder | Bar Lead and Shot aflerted ALSO, An Allotment of PATENT MEDICIK* and QUEENS-WaRE, together wi h » variety of other articles, too numerous t 9 infert. Z. LAMAR. J anuarj •*«