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The Brunswick times-call. (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, August 17, 1900, Image 1

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THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-CALL. VOLUME XI. NUMBER 2. II 111 IflUfil Artier Harris Cuihtli Washington Yesterday. NEW IYORK ill YEI Over Fifty People Have Been Injured Including Several Policemen. Washington, Aug. 16,—Arthur Har ris, the negro who shot and killed Offi cer Thorpe In New York, was captured here by detectives this morning. New York, Aug. 16. —The race not herd, caused by the ki ling of Police Officer Tharpe by a negro, continued all night and most of t day. The mob rule reigned from Twenty third to Twenty-fifth streets and Sixth to Tenth avenues. Five hundred po licemen and ambulances of every hospi tal of the west side were kept busy. Over fifty are wounded, including five policemen, and forty were made prison ers. The riot started afresh th s morning in spile of seven hundred policemen, who received additional regular force. Several persons wee shot. Mob attack ed Shanley’s restaurant, in which the negro fled for safety when he shot Offl car Thorpe. WOMAN SHOT WOMAN. Thß Shooting Was Caused by Jealousy. Pittsburg, Aug. 16.—0n Frankstown avenue, near Penn,] East End, at the most crowded part of the thoroughfare, Mrs. Georgia Collins shot and perhaps mortally wounded Mrs. Viola Stock well, of No. 19 Second avenue. She was hit close to the heart. The shoot ing followed a brief but angry passage of words. Mrs. Collins submitted to ar rest. Jealous rage Is responsible. A CONFERENCE. America and Spain Have Some More Business. Madrid, Aug. 16.—Marinis Aguilar Campo, minister of foreign affairs, and Bellamy Storer, American minister to Spain, will have a conference tomorrow regarding two conventions resulting from the treaty of peace between the two countries. A GOOD SHOW. Manager Newman, of the Southeastern Fair association, has purchased the liv ing picture show sold by Offlc- r Leavy some days ago and will soon give some excellent exhibitions at the fair grounds. TO KOREA NOW. London, Aug. 16.-It is reported here that twenty-five thousand Japanese troops have been ordered to Korea. THE FOREIGNERS SAVER. Reports Say They Are Now Safe With the Allied Army Near Pekin. Che Foo, Aug. 16 The ministers, their wives and children, and other foreigners in Pekin are safe with the allied army. Information to this effect received here comes from a Chinese source, but is believ ed to be reliable. The allied army, according to this information, reach ed Pekin Monday, entered the city and saved the foreigners Tuesday. To Meet the Ministers. London, Aug. 16.—L0 Feng Fu, Chinese minister here, said today that Chang would shortly leave Tien Tsin to meet the ministers return ing from Pekin and treat with them for peace. Enemy Demoralized. Simla Aug. 16.—Officers commanding the lines of communication telegraph the following from Liu King Tas, dated August 14: “Gasc lee fought the third action successfully; is probably now in Pekin. Our c asualties slight. Enemy demoralized.” Left Five Hundred Dead. Berlin, Aug. 16—A dispatch received here from Tien Tsin, dated August 14, announces that the allies captured Chang Chia Wan with only slight loss, while the Chinese left five hundred dead on the field. The remainder fled, some to Tung Chan and some to Pekin. I DIM ill Had An Enjoyable Day at Waycross. Pat Golden Did the Best Shooting and won the Company’s Medal. The Brunswick R.flemen nnder command of Oapt. Frank A. Dunn, re turned from Wsycross last night where they went for a day’s shoot. Pal G)!den distinguished himself as a marksman and is now wearing the oouipaoy’s medal for the best shot. The hoys say the Waycross Rifles and the citizens generally treated them royally and they hi pe to some day return the many acts of kind ness. M.j it Dart accompanied the Rifle men. Tbs following proved to be the five BRUNSWICK. GA., FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 17, 1900. If HD 111 Dl ID IK But a Number Are Sick and Will Need Good Nursing. Washington, Aeg. 16 —The state department issued a bulletin this morning stating that a c'pber despatch was received from Consul Goodnow, at Shanghai, late yesterday afternoon, embodying an undated despatch from Minister Conger, transmitted from Tien Tain on the 15th inst. The tehgram was very brief and added very little to what is a'ready known. Minister Conger's despatch stated that with the exception of a baby of Dr. inglis, only seven Americans were dead. T 1 s message states that a large number are sick. This last infoamation of course ca sed general delight among our officials, as they had prepared themselves to heiir of many American deaths. The cabinet held a long meeting this morning, but nothing was given out. With the rescue of the allies comes the beginning of the most delicate part of the work in solving the Chinese question. This country will in no wise depart from the course adopted at the beginning. Washington, Aug. 16. —Cabinet called a meeting Ibis morning to consider Chi nese question in connection with rescue of envoys. best shots, and will Represent the Ri flemon at the big shoot in SavanDib: Pat Golden, Colson Hoyt, R. J. Mat thews, J. A. Pierson, E. M, Pierson. The two next best were R. S. Pyles and Luther Lamb. WILL NOT LAN '. English Troops Not to Disembark at Shanghai. London, Aug, 16. —A dispatch from Shanghai says Admiral Seymour r.ceiv ed instructions through British Consul Warren that the troops which he ins tended landing at Shanghai should in stead pioceed north. This will te done Friday unless British foreign office countermands order. NEW YORK’S POPULATION. Census Reports From Two Boroughs Made Public. Washington, Aug. 16.—Tee census bureau this morning announced the population of two boroughs in Greater New York, and the figures are es fol lows: Manhattan borough, 1,850,0911; Bronx borough, 4)0 .507; total two boroughs Greater New York, 2,050 600, The friends of Mr, James Creamer, tbe able stage manager at the Grand last season, will be glad to hear tha be will occupy this position again. PRICE F EVE CENTS. ■Kill' snugs Clin Accepts an Armis tice Projositm II MAKES AN APPEAL But the American Govern ment Promptly Turns It Down. i.\Y ashington, August 16 —Japan has proposed an arin'stlee and China has accepted. The terms arc that the min isters and forciiruars be placed under protection of the alliej at the gates of Pekin, or that the all es be admitted to Pekin to receive the foreigners. Japan iscommunica ing with othdr powers. Washington, Aug, 16.—The state de partment received an appeal from Li Hung Chang to have the allied army stop at Tung How, where it will be met by Chinese officials empowered’to negotiate ap armistice. The United States government wil 1 reject tbe proposal and stand upon the proposition heretofore announced that sufficient force of allies must be per mitted to go to l’ekin and bring away the foreigners and native converts be seiged there. Tokio, Aug. 16.—Semi-official de spatch from Tung Clio v, dated August 12th, says the Japanese troops occupied Tung Chow today, and are now ten miles from Pekin. Chinese seem to have retreated towaid Pekin. Last night quantity of enemy's granary with great stores of rice was eapiured. London, Aug. 16. —it is reported that Japanese troops occupied Fung Hsow ten miles of Pekin on August 12. CHICAGO FIRE. Three Persons Dead and Three Are Missing. Chicago, Aug. 16. Three live3 were sacrificed early this morning as a result an explosion of natural iras in Thirty* fourth street, near State street. Three other persons art supposed to be in the ruius. The dead—Mildred Levi, an artist; unknown woman from Boston; Sarah, colored cook. Missing—Three children of Mr, and Mrs. Levi. lUOT IN LIBERTY. Repo ted That a Race War Is On at That Place A well founded rumor reached the city last night to the effect that a race war was in progress in Liberty county and that two companies of military had beeu ordered out. As the telegraph of fice here closes at 11 o'clock there was no way of communicating with the scene of the reported trouble.