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Syruß'Figs Actsfleafcint/y andfivmpt/y. Cleanses the System Gently and Effectually when bilious or costive. Presents in the most acceptable form the lajcatiee principles of plants An own to act most beneficially: TO GET ITS BENEFICIAL EFFECTS BUY THE GENUINE - MANFD. BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUPCO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE , KY. NEW YORK, N.Y. for safe by druggists ~ price SO<t per bott/e. Nerves and Heart Are whet do the work of life for the ho* men body. If they are attained yon falter; If they are hurt you suffer; if they set weak yon fail. Dr. J. H. McLean’s Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier .la the most valuable agency known for atlmulating the Heart and Nervous Sys tem. Thlf to Hut; over fifty years of as* have established it beyond question. It repairs the tissue-waste of hard physical labor; It sustains the over worked brain and develops the faculty •f thought. It cures Malaria, Debility, Dyspepsia, tow Spirits, Insomnia, Poor Appetite. Malnutrition and Stomach Troubles, and builds up the run down or exhausted system. 50c and $1 a bottle, at druoglsts. THK DR. J. H. McLEAN M£ §T. MO ******* FOR • jrijy TTB, The Dru|f#iei. Wall Paper —at the — PAINT STORE, 502!Monk'St. W.H. LYTLE PROPRIETOR. Can bf* found in our display Tximmed HATS, cr quickly developed in our work rooms from the lerge and beautiful assortment of Millinery Goods in our atonk. Milliners of artistic tastes and deft fingers produce bats wbicb equsl in style and attractiveness many of the high priced imported models. Our prices ere not tbe least pleasing part of our offerings. HISS KATE SLATER. 604 GLOUCESTER ST.. STOVES REPAIRED. Rice, the stove dcclor. repairs al kinds or cook stoves and tarpes, buy and sells second band stoves, 414 Ba street. SCURE YOURSELF I Use War for unnatural discharges,inflammations, irritations or ulcerations of rancons membranes. Painless, and not aatrin . K ent or poisiijious. Sold by Drucelate, or sent in plain wrappe*. by express, prepaid, fci *I.OO, or-3 bottles, f2.7. r >. Circular sent on request j SLEEPTNG OVER THEIR RIGHTS. Turpentine Mn Must R ghter Their S ills by Sepc-mber 1, 'I be ’ u-p-M-.tine operators o’ Gai rgia and sdjo mng S atee r- sleeping over tneir rights and are liable to get into Bf ra us trouble with (he government they )uim“dia e y take -t>ps to pro'sot ib- maeivea, Und r the inlt-mal revenue act of 1898, al e i ls, lUipentiUe n c tilled, wer r qtiired lo ber-g ster.dwitt 'he intern! 1 leyeoue i ill lials. Is me manner or oilier its enforcement of the so a. ip, 1 il to ior, eo!ii e fit 1 e was iv r iii k and, aid ibis *v weight was only 0.1 ed to ibe attention of he rev- nu <fß; al ibis year. I A titling w s i.fiu and by Internal Revenue Commissioner G W Wilson to the iff ot that all such all 1, must be registered by September Ist, or the owners of the stills become subjsot to a penally of SSCO. From tbis penalty there is do recourse nor redress. True ruling al-o does rot seem to the attention of tbe operators, and the time in whiob they can register and esoape tbe pena ty is growing short. Some of tbs local firms, engaged in manufacturing rosin, among tbem the Shotter Cos., have learned of the ruling snd have registered their stilts, Alto g tber, however, only fifty stills have been registered in ’bis division, where as, there must be several hundred. HIS LIFE WAS SAVED. Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen if Hannibal, Mo., lately bad a won-, derful deliverance from a frightful death. In telling of i', he says; “I was taken wilh typhoid fever, that ran into pneumonia. My lungs be came hardened. I was so wesk 1 coul int even sit up inked. Nothing helped me. 1 expected to soon die of consumption, when I heard of Dr. King’s New Discovery. One bot’le gave great relief. 1 continued to u.e it, and now am well and strong. 1 can’t say too much in its praise.” This marvelous medicine ia tbe surest and quickest cu-e in the world for all throat and lung trouble. Regular siz-s 50 cents and SI.OO. Trial bottlea free, at all drug stores; every bottle guaranteed. It seems rather queer that wash, women put out their tubs to ca’cb soft water when it rains hard. QUESTIONS ANWERED. Yes, August Flower still has the largest sale of any medicine in the civ ilized world. Your mothers andgrand mothers never thought of using any thing else for indigestion or bilious ness. Doctors were scarce and they seldom heard of speed icius, nervous prostration, heart failure, etc. They used August Flower to clean out the system and stop fermentation of undl* seated food, regulate the action of the liver, stimulate the action of the ner vous and organic system, and that is ad they took when feeling dull and bad with headache and other aches. You on’.y need a few doses of Green's Au gust Flower, in liquid form, to make you satisfied there is. nothing serious the me tier with you Sample bottles at Butts drugstore or Brown DrugC Should he in every household mere oi ie chest. It affords certain relief SEVENTH ARTILEERY OFF. San Francisco, Cal., Aug 26.—Tbe transport Roseoians, with two bat teries .of the S-veqtb Artillery and g number of recruits abroad, sailed to day for serv ce in China. The troops will immediately oo landing proceed to tbe front, joining the advancing oolutnn on Pekin. For Diabetes use STUART’S GIN and BUCHU: Russell’s Chill and Fevei Tonic is acknowledged to be the Best on the market every bottle guaranteed, For sale by all druggists. THE BRUNSWICK TIMES-UALi , AUGUST 26, I9i>o, PCS t’AL STATION ESTABLISHED IN CHINA. Washing n, D. r„ Aug. 28.-I. compliance w! h orders from tbe post mister-geueral, th r w,a today established a r Chee-foo, Chios, a nlli tary postal s a'ion for tbe ientlH of the United S a es troops at tbe front. Every fsc lity tor tbe transaction of money order and registry business, tbe sa’e of postal supplier, and 'he -e- j osipt and dispatch of he mails la now assured. Tue station will be km wo a, ‘ Military Po.tal Station Nu. 1. Chins.” ‘‘Hunger is the Best Sauoe,” Yet some people are never hungry. Whatever they cat has to be ‘-forced down.” There ia, of course something wong with the e people. By taking 1 100 ..\s Sarsaparilla a short lime they are given an appetite and then they enjoy eating, and food nourishes them, .f you And your appetite failing, just tty a bottle of Hood’s. It is a true stomach tonic, and every dose does good, The best family cathartic is Hood’s Pills. Many a man has discovered that au thorship is a dangerouehip to embark in. Chinese are dangerous enemies, for th 'y are treacherous. That's why all counterfeits o DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve are dangerou They look like DeWitt’s, but instead of the all healing witch hazel, they all contain Ingredi ents liable to Irritate the skin and canoe Uood poisoning. Fo piles, Injuries and skin diseases, use the original and genuine Dewitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. W. J. Butts. For Whooping Cough. ‘‘Both my children were taken with whooping cough,” writes Mrs. O. E. Dutton, of Danville, 111. “A small bottle of Foley’s Honey and Tar gave such relief that I used a 50 oent bottle which saved me ;a doctor’s b. 11.” W. 1. Butts, Any girl ought to be able to do up her hair sweetly by the aid of a honey comb. DOES XT PA Y TO BUY CHAEP A cheap remedy for coughs aDd Cf ds it *)• light, but ycu want eonr-e thing that believe and cure the n ist severe and dangorous results n throai and lucg trouble, Wbat tba dot Go to a wanner and mere reguia climate? Yee, if poss bit; If tel po sible for you; thtn in either case tab the only remedy that has been intro luced In ail olvilived countries with success in sore throat and lung troubles Boschee’s German Syrup. It not only stimulates the tlaaues to destroy the germ disease, but allays lnflamalion and causes expectoration, gives a good night’s rest and cures tbe patient Try one qottle Recommended many years by all druggists in tbe world Sample bottles at W. J. Butt* s-.d Brown Drunr” Cos. A lame shoulder is usually caused by rheuma tism of the muse'es, and may be cured by a few applications of Chamberlain’s Pain Balm. For sale by Dr. Bishop’s drug store REDUCED RATES. National Convention of the Chriatian Church, Kaneaß City, Mo., October 12tb-lflth, 1900. On account of the above occasion SOUTHERN RAILWAY will sell round rip ticket 9 to Kansas City, Mo., and re-, turn, from all points on Its lines, at rate ot One First Claes Fare for the round trip, plus $4.00. Tiokets will be sold October Bth, 9th and 10th, with final return limit October 23rd, 1909, inclusive. Persons at non-coupon stations will kindly notify the ticket agent several days in advance ot their contemplated depart ure, in order that he may eupply himself with proper form of tickets. Annual Convention, National Baptist As sociation, Richmond, Va., September 12th-20th, 1900. On account of this occasion, SOUTH ERN RAILWAY will sell round trip tick ets to Richmond, Va., and return, at rate of One First Ciaaa Fare for the round trip, from all points on Its lines, except from Washington, D. C. ,and Alexandria, Va. Tickets will be sold September 10th. lltb and 12th, with final limit September 22nd, 1900, inclusive. For further and detailed information as to rates, reservations, schedules, etc., call upon or wri e any agent of the Southern Railway or its connections, or to S. H. Hardwick, Asst. Geo. Pass. Agent, Atlanta, G aSpjSgK M BwS& Kr'H IwV Kv. nh Kv uml H ■PKXC WWiB a I yw I ■ i \*r -/.Bt - Reduced Rates via Southern Railwny' Annual Convention Colored Odd Fellows, Louisville, Ky , Oct. 2nd-7tb, 1900. On account of the above occaiion SOUTHERN RAILWAY will sell round trip tickets from all stations on its lines to Louisville, Ky., and return, at rate of one first class fare for the round trip. Tickets to be sold September 29th, 30th and October Ist, with final return limit October ihb, 1900. Persons lobited at non ooupou stations should nofc'/y ticket agent several days in adi ance of their contem plated departure, so that be nr.a, supply himself with proper form of tiokrts. An-nual Meeting Mississippi Valley Medi ■ ieal Association, Asheville, N. 0., Oc tober 9th-llth, 1900. On account of occasion above specified, SOUTHERN RAILWAY will sell round trip tickets from all stat’ons on its lines to Asheville, N. C., and return. Tickets will be told October 6th to 9ih, ii.c.usive with final limit October 15th, 1900. An excellent opportunity to visit the famous ‘‘Land of the Sky.” For further and detailed information, call or write any agent of the Southern Railway or its connections. 8. H. Hardwick, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Atlanta, Ga. Reduced Rates via Southern Railway to Atlanta, Ga. Southern Camp Meeting of the Christian Msssionary Alliance, Atlanta, Ga., August 10th-20tb, 1900, On account of this occasion, SOUTHERN RAILWAY will sell round trip tickets to Atlanta, Ga., and return, from all stations on its lines within the State of Georgia, at rate of Oik First Class for the Round Trip Tickets will be sold August 16tb, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th, with final limit August 28th,1900. For further and detailed information call on or address any ageut of the South ern Railway or its connections, or 8. H. Hardwick, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent, Atlanta, Ga. Russell’s Chill and Fever Tonic is acknowledged to be the Best on the market, every cottle guaranteed. For sale by all druggists. Cheap Rates via P ant System. Richmond, Va.—Annual session Sovereign Grand Lodge I. O. O. F., September 17-32, 1900. Tickets sold September 15, 10, 17, with Anal limit September 25, at rate of one fare round trip. Detroit, Mich.--Biennial conclave Knights of Pythias, August 27 to September 1, 1900. Tickets to be sold August 24 , 25,20, with final limit Bep tember 5, at rate of one fare round trip. GEO. W. COATES, D. P. A., Bruns wick, Ga. B. W. WKENN, P. T. M., Savannah, Ga. SUMMER EXCURSION RATES To All Mountain, Seaside and Lake Resorts Via the Plant Bystm. Tickets od sale June 1 to September 30, with return limit October 31, 1900. Perfe ct passenger service. Pullman sleepers on all trains. Full information given on ap plication. GEO. W. COATES, D. P. A., Brunswick, Ga. B. W. WRENN, P. T. M., Savannah, Ga. BUY THE GENUINE' SYRUP OF FIGS ... MANUFACTURED BY ... CALIFORNIA FIO SYRUP CO. nr SIOTE THE NAME. In Indio, the land of famine, thousands die bfcauMG they cannot obtain food In America the land of plenty, many suffer and die because they c.innot digest the food they eat. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digente what vou eat. It in stantly relieves and radically cares all stomach troubles. W. J. Butts. Your Health is affected for good or ill by every substance that finds its way into the stomach, QIjQH EM ! AH “King of all Bottled Beers” is famous for its purity and general excellence. It re-* freshes— nourishes—induces healths is incomparably finer in qualities than any other, f n “ , I * a the foremost family beer everywhere. Order from Brunswick Wine* Liqim- rv, J GEORGIA DETECTIVE ISC’T BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA. Civil and criminal cases attended to business strictly confidential. En quires conducted with secrecv. L. xj. LEAW W wv pt no r- L. J, Leavy cSc, Cos Auctioneers, Commission Merchants and Geiier- J a! Collecting Agents Consignments Solicited and Prompt Returns Rendered Special Attention Paid o Collection of Retits At the Same Old Place 217 Newcastle St. You Will Find M. Isaac, Merchant Tailor. With anew and complete line of Clothing and Gents’ Famishing Goods. Specially selected to suit all class of trade SUITS MADE To ORDER ON SHORT NOTICE. I just received a full line of the latest and most fash ionable Spring goods. My pants pat terns are the most stylish in tho city. I can please all my customers In price, quality and workmanship. Give me an order fur your Spring Su t and pants. Satisfaction guaranteed. M ISAAC, The Merchant tailor. KIDNEY DISEASES are the most fatal of all dis eases. EM PV’Q KIDNEY cure a IULI Ia Guaranteed Remedy or money refunded. Contains remedies recognised by emi nent physicians as the best for Kidney and Bladder troubles. PRICE 50c. and SI.OO. W. J. Butts, the Druggiist ELI ZISSIMATO, 302;|Newcasfcle St. fiii it.... :.:. kit is CIGARS AND TOBACCO Ice I‘Crsaa Fresh Evcrv Eav, Milk! Shake Soda Water' Etc,, All Kinds nf Candy . RE.-' 388 PARKER'S - ” hair balsam pyj ijrSpf'i JH Clmnnoa und briititV- tin- nnh. *** l’riinin!<-*i ii in'/ri- Atii MggWft*~Novor Fail.; to in-stor, Gray KrjjjCk, - Hair to its Youthful CnU r. eSTjuPrevrtiU Itani'n.: 1 . nog. .M'r. uud •?> 1,1 V*■ ••i-iH Ice Cream, Soda Water, Milk Shakes, Wine of Cocoa —go ro— EIJ ZISSIMAIO 302i Newcastle St. ' MEXICAN MIXTURE For Men. For Nervousness Bnok-Acbp, Dtspoudeney liMOimit ii.-•oxual lin | oteney. unit nil disrates rosulting liom Ear - 5 t roi*9 at and I.atei Kxeos-en Over-Work amt w ony, whi. h .f neglected, com pletely undermine the e.v item, often resulting in INS ANTI Y and DEATH. If you have any of tho above symptoms MEXICAN IbIXTI’KE WII.L < l RE \oV IT HAS Mi BQt t ■ . Ih'N ilo s \ ouiliftil Strenglli aid Vigor t<> ever* pun ui the body. Avoid quack doctors. Refuse substitutes. Get MEXK AN MIXTURE, lui niediato eff cts. i’emauent rugu't*. b'ceent di. covery. Dim. tuceois. IhmdudH o toutiinoiliftls. pel Ivx. til• r Do-i --tive guarantee every * order to r, fund tho money if cure im not effected. It is n.i a stiniulani, but a rcl-iuldcr. Mvyitand leon vi need, Send hihii p for pamjililt.dA edeios blown Ding C), Sole Agts Rruiiswick, Georgia. haumy wmmn Knives ' Bicycle and bBMm : (iuu repair- \ .5 iug a ppecia] : " ; • at KESSLER’S Dor. Monk and Grant Hts DEVARIS & LEVADAS. Gocerics, Country Produce, —Vegetables, etc. Also Confectioner*, MONK STREET. BRUNSWICK m i Real Estate for £a!e. We liave lot number 170 on A street nine lots on Wolt Street, for sale cheap B. H. Daniels & Cos HlO NewnAflt? ht. Dyspepsia Cure Digests you cat. Itartificially digests the food and aids Nature in strengthening and recon structing the exhausted digestive or gans. It is the latest discovered digest ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach it in.efficiency. It in stantly relievos and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Sick Headache,Gastralgia,Cramps, and all other results of imperfect digestion. Preoared by E. C- DeWltt & Cos.. Chicago. V' J. Butts, the Druggist, 33. J. OLEWINE, Sicyle Selling, Renting, Repairing, . Messenger Service We soil Cleveland, Monarch, Crawford, Eagle. Elk, Dixie. Best of Wheels for the Least Money. W R. SMITH'S COLLEGE, IEXINGTCN, : v. Is aflur lilvistm;, I, .-,i. to syo for tultifmNio inE W c!'...i ha%t bent • '-it.,' ! for positions as Mvnjtgruplicrs. . ! ruphers, ami now recei.i from s<;><.“to Si.<; <* '.• v per year. Kentucky!l Jnlvgrtity l>ij/' ,t his graduates. Hi Si lc/Fvcciitfed .'V * t World’s t:posmon.-Nahdßefers to thousand.' JVf >£.**• cessful graduates. this chi-| 1 most Influential College /tiyihis out for reference. Read j> iriic ulars address onlv W. !J. Smith, Lexington, kiy. A LITTLE WHISKEY TALK When you want afgood bottle of v. his key, two thlngw hhould be* ‘considered— quality and price I carry a full line of Paul JoneH, Fremont and I‘eerie-s whis key, Imported Gin, California Winen, and he best of high grade beer. Also Cigars, Tobacco and Pipes, Call on me when you ( need anything in that Hue. LOEWENSTE'W Monk and Oglethorpe Sts. 7