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The Atlanta weekly intelligencer. (Atlanta, Ga.) 184?-1855, November 25, 1854, Image 4

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WEDNESDAY. NOV. 22. ! Tilt “Speck” of War between Prance and England. A Correction. In-yesterday'spaper wo stated our imprei- si.oi til at in addition to buying up the Mil- ledgeviile Bank, inst winter, Bradley, (’’ur- tiss £- Co., of the City Bank of Chicago, al so invested to a considerable amount in the Further Foreign Sews fay the Asia. Our foreign files to the 4th inst., by the It is in. the following letter oi condolence Asia, eonuiin some few additional matters from Louis NajiolediV to’ Madame St. Ar- not with naud, that the offensive words occur, which ithout interest: Great Britain and Ireland.—Contri- it is supposed may oceasion some misunder- buttons to a very large amount continue to standing between France and England : “ St. Cloid, Oct. lb. " Madame la Mareehale—No one. you flow into t he various funds established for relief of the sick and wounded, public meetings are lielnsr held In the chief cities the Mer- : v 'htob oppresses you. Tlie Marshal joined my cause on the day when, on leaving Afri- SrnitJi O'Bi’ien was a passenger by the last Indian mail steamer. Not being per- Merchanis’ Bank of Maeoi;. We have since i know, participates move .than ^1 in the grief j in aid of these “patriotic funds." been informed by the Agent chants’ Bank in this city, that none of the stock of this instituion is held by the own ers of the Chicago Bank. About §50,000 ' and authority in this country. lie assoeia- probably’take up his residence in Italy. lilitary glories of ; The Canadian screw s ea to take the portfolio of the War Depart- mitted to return to Great Britain or Ireland, inent, lie assisted in re-establishing order . iie left the steamer at Gibraltar, and will if the stock of the Merchants’ Bank is ow n- j Bal his name with the milit; oil by responsible persons in Macon, and the principal part of the balance I.13- equally re sponsible parties in New York. The Bank ! tlie battle of Alma, arid opened to our army steamers Cleopatra France on the day when, having decided ' and. Octaws are embarking troops—tlie for- of Milledgeville, however, will probably not be able to Messrs. Bn upon landing in the Crimea, in spite of tun- mer at Cork, the latter at Portsmouth. id counsels, lie gained, with Lofd Raglan. The Peninsular and Orient Steam Navi rile battle of Alma, arid opened to our army gation Company have issued a special the road to Sebastopol. J have, then, lost oular, ordering that (taking warning by the stand if the reputed failure of ! in a devoted friend in difiicult positions, recent deplorable loss of the Arctic) when . as France has lost rti him a soldier-ahvays die weather sets in thick, so that objects a<l.ey, (. urtiss t-o., is correct. ready to serve her in the moment of danger, cannot be distinguished—say a quarter of Doubtless, so many claims to my gratitude, j a mile distant- say a quarter of the ships of the company Westminstek Review.—Through the at tention of the American publishers, Messrs. Leonard Scott & Co., New Fork, wc are in receipt of the October number of the above European Quarterly. Its pages arc filled j w ith which be inspired me. Receive,.Mad- the continuance of the fog. Tlie diininu- with abl e written and unusually interesting ; ; V ne 1:1 Mare< ' ha!e ’ the sincere expression of j tion of speed and the sound of the whistle * I them. Napoleon. The Loudon Times comments thus upon and that of the public are insufficient to j shall be slowed the half-speed; or, if the soften grief like yours, and I therefore will fog becomes more dense, the speed is to be only assure you that 1 transfer to you and ; further reduced, or wholly stopped: and the family of the Marshal the sentiments j the steam-whistles are to be sounded during 'ion: Character, Con- ; T ] lC foregoin The public allusion which the Emperor articles. The following is the table of con tents: ;The Odin Re” dition and Prospects of the Greek People; llajali Brook : History’, its use and meaning; "Women in France, Madame de Sable: The Sphere and Duties of Government: The j rise and progress of Diplomacy : The Crys- ! till Palace; Cotemnon Literature. A Star n{ Stic AtUemvnm. The lovers of the drama in Atlanta have reason to congratulate themselves that thro’ : tlie enterprise of the gentlemanly lessee of j the Athenmum, Mr. W. 11. Crisp, an actor of the dramatic ability of Mr. Roberts has j been induced to appear on our stage. On i Monday evening the occasion of Air. Rob- j euts’ first appearance before an Atlanta au- j dience, in the character of Richard the j Third, we were glad to notice that bo was j welcomed by’a crowded house of attentive, i appreciative and delighted listeners. From j ilie first appearance to the death scene the j satisfaction of the audience was manifested ! in frequent but well timed applause, and j after the close of the last scene the spontn- j neous calls for “ Roberts” were hearty and j tremendous. Mr. Roberts at one responded to the call in a few happy and appropriate remarks expressing his thanks for the cor dial manner in which lie had been welcomed. ; L mis Napoleon, ha letter of condolence to Madame do St. Ar- ;jmud, to the ‘timid counsels,’ which at one i ime threatened to suspend the great enterprise in which we are now engaged, I reiooves in some degree that reserve winch ! had hitherto been maintained on this deli- ; cate subject. We cannot doubt that, sooner ; are to he entered in the log-book. Any de viation from these orders will be punished by dismissal of the officers of the ship. The Court of Excequer have ordered a recently made, in bis i new trial in the case of Boyle vs. Cardinal Wiseman. On the former trial the plaintiff was lion-suited. Alexander Smith, the young poet, has been appointed by the Queen assistant to the astronomer for Scotland. The visit of Lord Cannon to Paris rela tive io the arrangement (if a more equitable i or r later, tlie facts will be entirely ascertained | system of postage between France and En« and generally known, and that every one interned in these memorable events will land lias, it is stud, succeeded to a certain extent. The postage of a single letter is go dow n to victory with his appropriate j henceforward, report says, to be fid. (12 badge of caution or of valor. But, since j sous) eitLcr way, in place of 10d., paid at tiiis taunt lias been thrown out by no less a.| present in England, and 1(1 sous in France. Archdeacon Wilberforce has formally •ounected hiiu.-eli' with the Roman Catho lic Church. France.—The Russian prisoners in France personage than the Emperor of tlie French, and it may for a time appear to reflect on 1 the gallantry and well-deserved honors of! the leadprs of this expectation, we hasten to j add that no one acquainted with the facts j are employed hi repairing the fortifications the Island of Aix. The men receive one cent and a half a day, and the proti- Mr, R. is unquestionably an actor of the of their judgment and capacity. can, fur an instant, intend to insinuate that the slightest want of resolution was at any moment discernable in the conduct of Lord ! sions of an army in campaign ; Raglan, or of Admiral Lyons, of General receive 100 or 200 francs a mo Canrobert, or of Admiral Bruat. Through out the whole course of the campaign the conduct of these eminent commanders has been in every respect worthy of their posi tions and of the flags under which they served, and tlie progress of the enterprise is unquestionably* due to their energy. If oth ers faltered under the weight of responsi bility or the magnitude of tlie expedition we believe that they acted up to the measure highest order of talent and has been a clo and intelligent student of the readings of bis great master, Shakspearc. Since tlie death of Booth, w*c doubt whether Air. Roberts" equal in Richard can bo found. ‘ No one knows better than the Emperor of the French that it was in liis own Cabi net. and among his own military advisers, that the expedition to the Crimea had to encounter the largest amount of opposition and adverse criticism ; for it was mainly in Resequence of the confident and unbendin -Private lette’-s in •g, state that tlie the officers month, accord ing to the grade, without provisions. The wives of tlie officers have 50 francs a month ; the wives of the soldiers have nothing but rations of bread. The expected decree upon the distillation of bread-stuffs has appeared. The manu facture of alcohol from all farinaceous is forbidden for the present. Tlie Alinister of Agriculture says in bis reports that, in spite of the incontestable abundance of the liar- test, prices continue high : that immense purchases of grain have been made by dis tillers ; and that public opinion is begin ning- to be seriously concerned at the pros pect. lie regrets the necessity of a pro hibitive measure the less, inasmuch as al cohol made from grain could not be export ed. as the law forbidding the exportation of "-T ■ I "V" ■■ , R. ■£ "-L " ■- ■ [Erom the New .Orleans Picayune, 16th instant.] Pacific Road in Texas. The Grand pacific Railroad scheme of Robert J. Walker and their associate mil lionaires—for only millionaires could be supposed able to make such enormous sub scription to the. stock of the company as each of them have set against their names —is in imminent peril. They are in dan ger of losing the -whole benefit of the Texas land subscription, wdiich has been the prin cipal fund relied upon, to help make the road and their fortunes together, the very treasury from which they were to draw the means to fill up their stock. There is evi dently some powerful interest. at work in Texas to invalidate the contract, and the Governor appears to be not unwilling to as sist in the work. The motive, of course, is unavowed, and we are left to conjecture to form any idea of what it may be. It may be because the contract is considered an improvident one, on the part of the State, ceding away a vast and fertile territory, for very inadequate considerations: or there may be other parties who are anxious to share in tlie prospective gains, and to get some of the pickings of a fat contract them selves, and are intriguing to set aside the old one, that they may’ be competitors in a new offer. "Whatever may be the motive, the design is evident to annul the contract if it can be done, and the means for doing it savor, it seems to us, of rather sharp practice. The company may be, as it lias been called, a “moon shine” company-, not really intending to make tlie road, in good faith, and only aiming to get possession of the lands, to make a good thing out of the sale of the stock. But there is nothing in the matter of this deposit, making the alleged failing in the contract, which shows any unfair intention, or any real neglect of the substantial terms of the contract.— If they lose it on these grounds, it will be by a surprise, in the nature of a snap judg ment, taken up for the purpose of getting rid of the contract and not of enforcing the performance in any part. By the terms of the law they were re quired, within sixty days after entering in to the contract with the Governor, as there in prescribed, “to deposit with the Treasur er of the State at least S300.0CH) in gold or silver, or evidences of debt of the State of Texas, or other good par stock."’ This was to be a guarantee that at least fifty miles of the road should be completed within a giv en time—eighteen months, we believe—oth er-wise the deposit was to be forleited. In case of failure to make tlie deposit, the con tract is to be null and void, and tlie Gover nor is authorized to contract on the same terms with other parties. Now, the company has procured and de posited with the Treasurer 8300,000 in se curities, which are certified to be “par stocks,” and the Treasurer of Texas lias re ceived diem as par stocks; but Gov. Pease thinks them insufficient in value, and the opinion prevails in Texas that he will pro ceed to relet the contract, on the ground that this has been forfeited. The company will certainly be taken by surprise, for evidently they meant to fulfill the terms of the law. The fault that is al- l esolution of Louis Napoleon himself that I grain would be interpreted to include spirits leged against them is an overvaluation of these objections were overcome, and the proposal to operate against tlie stronghold listilled from grain. People suppose from this’ decree that the crop is far from being The News in Rcssij Paris, from St. Peters] battle of the Alina lias been represented as i jV a victory, and St. Petersburg was actually .. „ illuminated io honor of ii. It was admitted Emperor on this point the highest honor to j tors are ill in Paris—M. Billault, Alinister that the Russians had lost 1000 men in at Sebastopol carried into effect, j as abundant as reported, e think the firmness displayed by the Two of the Emperor Napoleon’s minis- Emperor on this point the highest honor to j ters are ill in Paris—M. Billault, Alinister t | IC | hi-judgment and his courage, and we have of the Interior, and AI. Bineau, Minister of lost ! battle, but the Allies were said to 10.000 men, and to be completely ized. The retreat of the Russians.after the j victory, was accounted for as a strategic movement, in the hope of inducing the allied army to push forward to the neighborhood j of Sebastopol, where their utter destruction was a matter of certainty, and die surrender of tiie whole army exceedingly probable. The Savannah Dead.—The Savannah News gives it list of the names, <!ce. of the persons who died in that city from the 9th of August to the 31st till.—something less than three months. The total foots up ItMlT of which (103 were from yellow {'ev er. The whole mortality among the blacks was only 115, of which 15 alone died from yellow fe ver. The Nit's says that the census, when die disease most prevailed, as taken by the Young Men’s Benevolent Association, was about <1,000 whites. 7 inn-s ; never ceased to give our strenuous support j Finance, who has lost his voice. i to tlie same opinion : but it is not less im- ; Prince Napoleon is authorized to wear disorgan- i portant that the brave men who have most \ tlie military medal, for his -‘fine conduct at powerfully contributed to conduct this vast ! expedition to the walls «f Sebastopol, and who wili shortly, we trust, reap the glorious j reward of their exertions, should not be ! confounded with those ‘timid counsels’) might have postponed the attack.” The Wreck of the Yankee Blade.—The \ steam tug Caroline, Lieut. Cuvier, U. 8. N., commanding, arrived at San’ Francisco on ! the 21st of October, having on board the j party who were sent to tlie wreck to make an attempt to recover the treasure lost in the inkec Blade. The Alia California has the l free from lima.” This military medal is given prin cipally to privates who distinguish them selves, and has more than once been be stowed upon retired soldiers who have be come railroad gate keepers. It is a ques tion whether it will be received with thanks by a general of division and a grand cor don of the Legion of Honor. Italy.—Letters from Rome speak of ex tensive preparations being made there for the Evangelical Council to be held next month for the purpose of pronouncing the A irgin immaculate in her conception and The Socle Arrair.—The N. Yorl. "i the ITtli says it has private letters from a well informed source in London, written on the eve of the steamers departure, mak ing it altogether probable* that the settle ment of the Soule affair was brought about by the intervention or advice of the English Government, in consequence of the dread of the reaction which the French Emperor’s treatment of Air. Soule would create towards the Western Powers. Jgtgjp-Thc last mail from California brings intelligence that the Supremo Court of that State has decided that the Chinese fall under the meaning of a chui. e in he Constitution of California, which say., that no black or mulatto persons shall be allowed to give ev idence in favor of or against a white man. inal sin. St. Peter’s, the \ atican, the Chapellc Sixtus, St. Jean de Lateran, &c., are to be refreshed and re- burnished ; their courts are to be paveu in mosaic. The Vatican will be lighted with gas. Tlie council will be held at St. -jean dc Lateran next month, and the dogma will be promulgated with ail the pmnp of which irk at her with any security, on account j the Eternal City is capable, on the Stir of of the heavy ’ ’ ’ ' " ~ wreck continua following report of their operations: On arming at Point Aguilla, on the up per point of which the wreck lies, the\- im mediately undertook the search for the"trea sure. They found their submarine appara tus too imperfect to be of any avail, and it ! was found likewise utterly impossible to ! sea, which rolled over the i December, the fete of the Holy and now, ally. We learn from Capt. j as it seems, the Immaculate Conception.— option. Randall, that several attempts were made ! Five hundred foreign prelates will attend y the divers, but could lie seen. traces of die money j the ceremony. It was rumored at Rome that the French The wreck liad difted on shore, leaving the ! and Austrian troops, now occupying the fines in about eleven fathom The rock upon which the of water. Pontifical dominions, would shortly be re hip struck is l placed by Italian troops. The Piedmontese about six feet under water, and is more like j army in that ease will occupy tlie Legations : a sunken pile shooting up from the bottom. ' and Umbria, and a Neapolitan force will be ; Capt. llandall. who describes this, savs that ' if tlie ship had gone twenty leet on either side, she would hat e steered clear of it, and thinks that it will he a matter of impossibil ity to recov er the treasure. The Caroline was unable to lay for any length of time near the wreck because of the heavy sea, though it never broke on the rock where the ill-fated steamer befi struck. Messrs. T. L. Horn and Frank Ball, who just arrived by land from Santa Barbara, where they were landed from the wreck of the A ankee Blade, state iiiat on the morning- ore ; i Florid. iy have a ilei Legislature. ; wo have reas L. Yu Ice will ! ntor from that Jackson Alortm ■i .n vr< ;nd fi .11 to —T Democratic pat- ! ijoriiy in (be Florida i the tone of the press, | ieve that ilie lion. If. i ed United States Sen- j a - successor to lion, j Al.vss.u in rhe recent Kim sachusetts will Senator from ti ted by Edward etts.—One of thd results of ow-Xothing triumphs in Ahis- Le the election of a U. S. e order loiakethc place vaca- Evercit, and now occupied Gov lulius n-nor. •kwell, by appointment- of the in Savannah.—The of Monday notices the if t lie churches in that city, which have been closed during the pre valence of Yellow Fever. <'iiriiciti's Opened Savannah Republiata spoiling of a number Our City. Augusta lias again resumed its usal ap pearance of Luisness and activity, and w< once more recognize our city in itsnccustom- ! n 't ed aspect. Trade, in all its branches has , ’ opened wjth linn prospects tor a successful ■j season, and our biiisnc -s men are actively engaged in supplying the demands of their numerous customers. The stocks of our merchants are large, and they arc prepared to -tinly their friends, at tlie lowest market prices, with every thing they may desire in their respective lines of buisness. Augusta is now perfect-icy healthy, and no one need fear to visit our city. It is true, as we predicted several days since, a few stragling cases of Yellow Fever have occurred, and probably will continue to occur among those who have either re mained in town durin season, and have of Tuesday following the loss of the steam er, they found two bodies on the beach, which they interred as well as they could with the implements at hand. One was; the body ot a female, apparently about thirty- six years <>1 age, fair skin, brown hair, me- I station, dium height, and clothed in a green alr acea • dress. 1 Air. Horn cut a piece from the dress, and | took from the finger of decased a much ! worn plain gold ring, with flat top; both of which can be seen by any person likely m t ec- ‘guise either, at the store of B. U. & T. L. llom. The boy found was about four years old, fair skin, light hair, and wore an ! elastic belt with brass clasp. Before they left Santa Barbara the body of a man, apparently about forty years o"f age, came ashore, badly cut about the head, and the pocket* of his clothing rilled and turned inside out, showing as they thought, that he had been murdered on' board the steamer by some of tlie ruffian-gang of whose horrible work much has been said. Fire in Jfew York. Monday, Nov. 20.—Juuson’s Hotel on Broadway was burnt to-day. Loss 890,000. New York, Nov. 17.—The United States mail steamship Nashri/f, Capt. AI. Berry, her wharf at this port from at 10 o'clock this evening. stationed at Rome and in the marshes.— This change, however, is only to take place in the event of a general war in Europe against Russia, when France and Austria would lie obliged to withdraw their armies from Italy. A sort of Italian confederacy will then be formed under the presidency of the Sovereign Pontiff, and under the oteetion of the allied powers. The A\ ar in the East.—A letter from the Baltic says that the Gulf of Finland only contains two strong places which would be of value to the allies, namely, •Sweaborg, which would render them mas ters of Finland, and Cronstadt, which would open ilie toad to St. Petersburg.— Revel is of little or no use. as it is without any strategical line, and for several years past it has ceased to be a Russian naval The capture of Sweaborg, with the maritime forces of the allies, and 30,000 to 40,000 of land force, might he considered a : certain. The nature of the coast is such that a lauding cannot be preieuted, provid ed it be effected at five or six miles distant from Helsingfors, which can also be taken. Toward the end of November, by which time the Gulf of Finland will be frozen over, the fleet will leave for England. Having got through the Great Belt, each ship will make the best course for the British shores, irrespective of stations or keeping in com pany with commander-in-chief. The Principalities and the Danube.— Bucharest ad\ ices of Qctokeor 30th state that in consequence of the movement on tlie Sereth by Sadyk Pacha. Prince Gorts- ehakoff has given orders to the Russian troops who had not v et passed the Dneis- ter, to make a retrograde movement, and to take up a position on the Pruth and J kuiube. Achmet Pacha has received or ders to join Sadyk Pacha with 10,000 men, whilst Iskender Bey is to enter the Dol> rudscha, with 4,OOtt cavalry. The truth of lie matter seems to be, that GortsehakofFs securities amounting to a per centagc which cannot exceed a few thousands, actually an insignificant sum in comparison with the magnitude of tlie stake. They could not have meant to risk their contract on so small a difference, and it would be absurd to charge against them any intentional lapse or latent fraud which would vitiate their bargain. The suddenness with which they are lirought up will be a shock to them, and will show them that they have very hostile influences to contend with, and that they must, if they escape this strait, keep them selves actively and strictly within the line of their positive engagements, or, watched by jealous rivals, they will be unceremon iously outed on the slightest chance. We are no very sanguine admirers of the man agers of this stupenduous scheme, but we hope they will have fair play, and that the State will not break its contracts, delibe rately made, upon a petty dispute about the valuation of stocks, without permitting the company to rectify the error which, if there be one at all, was evidently uninten tional. There is a question raised in Texas whether the receipt of the stocks as satis factory by the Treasurer tlie depository named in the law, is not final, and beyond the further control of the Executive: but the sounder opinion appears to be the Gov ernor is the responsible party, and that his decisions will annul that of the Treasurer. The difference between these two function aries as to the correct valuation of the proffered stocks, shows that the amount of supposed deficiency must be small and doubtful, and helps to rebut the presump tion of any intent to vary from the law. It shows, too, that the company has keen and subtle foes to contend with. JAKES E. WILLIAMS, TATK OK KNOXVILLE, TENS. COMMISSION MERCHANT! In Johnson's Warehouse. corner of Hunter and Prior sts. Atlanta. November 2d, ISao. wly s. BRYANT, < COMMISSION MERCHANT. [ Opposite J. Norcross. ATLANTA April 7. lN5 t. v. ly ... GEOliGIA. T. R. RIPLEY, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in CROCKERY, CHINA, GLASS AND Brittaunia Ware, LAMPS, FLUIDS, OILS, &c., &c. Atlanta, l.’ecembcr 1 1S50. 27-tf x>m»TiaTn: v. DlC W. -T. C, CAJU’BKLI.r»;urnsLli»nks Lto hia • triends and: the public for the _ r literal patronage -bestowed, ajrfl, in for a continuance of- the name, informs them that be is still -to be found at his old stand, over A. Alexander’s drug store, -White-liaHSt., where he aWl. plugs teeth in the best manner and warrants them to stand, also inserts teeth. On gold . or jdatins plates with continuous gum or the best style ofbfock teeth—from one to a foil set. by suction, or in any way to suit the taste. Particular attention *pdid to childrens’ teeth, and all operations wnrrentcdv 4 Those needing anything in his line are requested to call aud examine specimens of his work: Examinations and advice free. - , References—all for whom he has operated, Atlanta, Oct. 19’54. 21—dwly STAPLE AMD FASCT DRY GOODS, which will be soM at the lowest^market, -.Also, a desirable stock of for men abd youths’ Which rinl, 4lk,<9^tridi, tnthecj elsewhere; * arid. cnaafne for keep a beautiful line of furitisT raents of all descriptions. - Shorn Boots, Matt, fra,,; Vafov, Carpetbags, Trunks, Umbrellas, &c., &c., .lu f#ic& farnialiujff lme. Come and see—you will wet go away dissatisfied. Thankful toour former patrons for past favors we hegji continuance of the same. Atlanta, October 5th, 1854. 10-6m. T. N. COX, ATTORNEYAT ATLANTA, GA.- Nov. 2, 1854. L A W, d&wly 1>R. J. Bin RASTI5, DRUGGIST AND PHARMACUTIST, Whitehall Street Atlanta, Ga. MEDICINES, Paints, Oils, Perfumery and Dye Stuffs of all kinds for sale; also, just received." a fine assortment of the best Plates. Cases.' and Chemicals for Daguerreotypisfs. Sept. 26. 1854. [1—duty] DR. B. M. SMITH, Atlanta, Georgiq, J) i^SPKCXFULLY tenders his professional services to Xvthe citizens of this place and vicinity, and solicits a share of public patronage. Office at residence, on Peach tree street, opposite the Methodist Church. Atlanta, March SO, 1854. 44—wly. C. W. MABRY, ATTORNEY AT LAW. F’mnklin, Heard County, Ga. TILL, attend to professional business* in the conun- \ ties of Heard, Carroll, Campbell, Cowetta, Fayette. Merriwether and Troup. Reference:—Hon. £. Y* Hill, Lagrange, Ga.: Messrs. Irwin & Knight, Marietta, Ga., Col. M. M. Tidwell. Fayetteville, Ga.;Mr. William Dough erty, Columbus, Georgia. w MARTIN & PATTERSOI, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Cola mbits, Georgia, M. 1.. Patterson.] 49—wly* [B. Y. Martin DR. D’ALVIGNEY. SURGEON AND DENTIST, OFFICE .IT HR RESIDEECE. I Opposite the Atlanta Steam Flouring J/ill.J November, 28, 1850. - [26—wtf.] J. A. PUCKETT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ASB SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, A A 7II.L promptly attend to all bu-siness entrusted I V his care. Office on White Hall Street. THOS. S. DANIEL, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Atlalanta, Ga. Office over Valentino’s Confectionary, opposite Intelli gencer Office, Whitehall Street. Xov. 24, 1853 26—ly Haygood & Whitaker, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Atlanta, Ga. (Office over G. Gunby’s Store, Whitehall street.) Atlanta Machine Works. \JLatc ^Atlanta Iron Foundry. ] rpH13 new Company is now prepared to do Work on short notice of heavy and light Castings of the fastest im proved patterns, oflsoN. Brass or Ccpmosmoir, all of which will he warranted. ’ ' ’ Turning, Horine and Drilling DONE TO ORDER, ALSO SCREW" CUTTING of ten feet, or under, of any sized thread required. , Heavy’and'Light FoRGixf. of wrought Iron or Steel done in superior style. Particular Attention. is called to their Patterns for Mill Gearing of Merchants and Custom Flouring and Saw Mills, Giu Gearing of all the. usual sizes, and Bark Mills always kept on hand. tVe are also.prepared to build Stationary Engines with the latest improvements, all of which will be sold low for cash. Copper and Brass taken in exchange for work at cash prices. JAMES L. DUNNING, john McDonough. P. S.—All of the above Company are practical Mechan ics, and give their undivided attention to the business. September 11th, 15 3tf. Winships Iron Works, T HE subscriber is now prepared to receive and .exe cute orders foi all kinds of Castings and Machine Works, and all persons favoring him with orders may rely upon having their wo^ executed in the best manner and at short notice. Orders for SASH, BLINDS AND DOORS, promptly attended to at his Car Establishment. Cash paid for Old Copper, Brass and Cast Iron. Atlanta. June 14. 1854. f3-ly] JOSEPH Y\TNSHIP. CALL AND SEE! T HE subscriber, having purchased the Stock of Goods formerly owned by Mr. T. DOONAN, will continue the business at the Store lately occupied by him, and will keep constantly on hand, until all closed out, a full supply of Family Groceries jKg»Being anxious to sell off and close up the busi ness, he will sell Goods LOWER than they hare been sold before inthis place! M. J. REILLY. Atlanta. February 7,1854 38—tf TRUAX, VANDENBERG & CO. MV SIC DEALERS, Whitehall st.. in Johnson House. >ign oi' the Goldeu Piano, surpassed in speed, safety or comfort—m»k« „ passages in 5G to fitt honrs, and;- are command*? skillful, careful and polite Officers. They offeiyM desirahTeoonTeyauceto New York. ^ .. . Cahio Passage...'...., Steerage passage. J ■ • PADLEFORD, FAY k CO., Agents tn Savannah. SAM’L MITCBELtyJS Broadway, New York. .. Savannah "Marehl4, 1854- NEW YORK PhllaCell STEAMSHIP LIKE CARRYING THE Tf. 6. MAIL. CI»amg« of ScUedwle. rpHE Atlanta k togrange Railroad connects at East •K Point with the Macon & Western Railroad. ’' Through from Montgomery to Savannah in 30 hours. Leave Mont’ry at 8,30 p. m. arrive at E. Point 8,20 a. m. ' q E: Point at 8,45 a. m. at Macon 2,30 p. ml *• Macon “ 4.30p.m. “ •'Sav’nah 2,30 a. m. Fee from Montgomery to West Point. #3 50 “ . « West Point t« East Point:..... ,... 3:25 «• “ East Point to Savannah.....' 800 This Line consists of the well known first class Steam ships _ . STATE OF GEORGIA, Capt. J. Garvin KEYSTONE STATE, Capt. R. Hardie. In strength, speed and accommodations, tl ese ships ’are unsurpassed, if equalled, .by any on the coast* Riv er navigation, 100 miles. Two nights at sea. Failing days, every Wedsisday, from each port. Agents. Savannah, 0. A. L. Iaxab, Corner Drayton andIBryan sts. Philadelphia, Hekox & SIarhx, 37K VNorth Wharves. New-York, Scranton & Tallslan, 19 Old Slip, foot Wall st. *„™-X r ,4i lle - I’OSl. _ TiyEOT WITHOC®-BESERVE at I’,.).);,. Anefiani9B'3^HNMv ^Rb-'oFifantitiry, 1355 and -succeeding days;until sold, about $100,000 worth of Eenl Eatate, in the city of Knoxville, x eim She property consists of lots upon Main, Cumi, c .» land, Gay, Hill, Mater, Prince, Walnut, Church and other streets of the aity, and also MILLS nml MILL SITES. Many of the . lots -havo already upon them valnable BUSINESS ilOL^SES anil RESIDENCES, paying good Rente, while the un- iinJrpVod Lots are so located as to offer great in dneementeto persons desiring to invest in p vM j Estate iit this thriving city. The mills and mill sites; situaded within the limits of the city, are mote advantageously located for 'Mnnirfuctnri,,,, purposes tifivi any ‘otlier property in or nearKnox- ville.'' .* " * - - r ■ ' Diagrhme of the property are - being prepared and will be,distributed or famished to applicants addressing either of the undersigned. Terms.—20 per eent. cash or approved paper on day of Said;-will bo required. Notes for the’re mainder at 6, 12 and IS months*, with, interest anti mortgage upon property until paid. J. lY- .J. NILES November 6.—dw2in. C.'GHEe! CHARLESTON to PHILADELPHIA. Through ill 45 to 50 Honrs! tfS-FAP.EJ *20 MEALS INCLUDED.-©* American Steamship Company’s Line, STEAM SHIP QUAKER CITY, Capt. J. H. Hodgdon, 1800 Tons Bnrtlien. The above new and magnificent Steam Ship, built ex pressly for this route, is one of the largest on the Ame rican coast, and is unsurpassed, if equalled, for speed, strength, comfort or accommodation, bailing days from each port as follows : From Philadelphia, I From Charleston. Saturday. Nov. 11. Saturday. Nov. 4th. 05 j u 18 AcK.NTS I.v Phii.aiikli’HIA. Heron & Martin, 37 ’X North Wharves. Agents in Charleston, Holmes k Strong, Boyce & Co.’s Wharf. All produce consigned to the agents in Charleston, will be forwarded to Philadelphia free of Commission. *7* Nov. 8. SSdBm GREENED. HAYGOOD. of WalhbisilU, JARED I. WHITAKER. Formerly of Fayetrille, Fare Reduced. Cabin Passage from Charleston to New York, Twenty Dollars. H. S. MAIL LINS. V. & Charleston Steam Packets, publication. Also. Guitars and Flutes, which they offer i for sale at Xf.w York Priori. Our Pianos will*speak j for themselves, a * they are the products of those houses j which received the first golden medal atthe Crystal Pal- i ace Exhibition. Atlanta, July 20, 1854. [8—wtf] j E 1 . B. C03C, ATTORNEY <fc COUNSELLOR AT LAW and Solicitor in Equity, \YTil A take cases in reference to Wins, Divorces. ’ t in any part of the Union. Al.-o. eases in respect I** Titles to Land in the vicinity of Atlanta. On. July 27. 1854. f9-Lwly] JETHRO W. MANNING! \Fvnnrrlyof Coringkm. Ga.] A T T O 11 N F. Y A T L A At'. Atlanta, Georgia. O FFICE opposite Council Hall. Whitehall street. Wil promptly attend to all business entrusted to his care. Atlanta, Feb. 3(1. 1S5U. 36-wly. I>R. T. M. DjRJiALL, I).ESPKCTFULLY tenders his professional service- I\ the Citizens of Atlanta and vicinitv. Office at his residence on McDonouarh Street. Jan. 20. 1853. 34-wlv •> I W DR. W. IT. ORA NT, I.II inform the citizens of Atlanta and vicinity, t he has located in their city, for the purpose of practising medicine in all its branches, and solicits a liberal share of their patronage. He can be found at all honrseitlier at liis office on Whitehall street, oppo site the Johnson House, to-at in tlu* Holland House. March 30. 1854. 4.| vr]y !Uedical Notice. DS. JAMES M, BABES. ii o in o « p a t li i c Physician! R ESPECTFULLY offers his professional services til j the citizens of Atlanta and vicinity. Office*and rooms • in Dr. Westmoreland's house, corner Calhoun and Railroad Streets, opposite the Steam Flouring Mill. ! Atlanta, Feb. 24. 1S53. 30—wly. { MEDICAL UAltD l 33i*. >T. 22. Blount, O F North Carolina, bavin? permanently located in ! this city, offers liis professional services to the cit- [ u«*ns of Atlanta and the surrounding country, after i ail experience of four years in the Hospitals'at the ! North, will practice Medicine. Surgery and Obstetrics. • Office on Whitehall street, next door to Mr. Lewis! Lawslie’s Tailoring Store, where I can be found at all i hours, day and night, when not professionally engaged, j I Refkr to the following gentlemen, aud any per j son wishing t<> know more of me can do so by address ing—Hon. F. B. Sattertliwaits. Hon. Joshua Taylor, Isaiah Respass, Esq. Gen. Win. A. Blount. Washington, ! X. C. Prof. X. R. Smith, Baltimore. Prof. Muter, j Prof. Pancost, Prof.II. Giger, Philadelphia. Prof. ! Bedford. New York. M. A. Bell, Atlanta. July 20. 1854. [8 v . tf] Atlanta, 5tlk Dec. 1853. M'j Dear Sir:—I have just had the I pleasure of examininga very superior i specimen of Dentistry. * | A full set of Upper Teeth inserted with continuousguinofsiliciouscom- i J. & L. S. MORGAN, MANUFACTURERS OF Cliairs & Cabinet Ware. AT THEIR OLD STAND, DECATUR, GEORGIA. WOULD respectfully inform then friends that, having made extensive additions to their Machinery, by' the m- troduction of STEAM POWER, they now propose to till all orders for their Celebrated original Southern Cottage Chair, at the shortest notice. They are also Manufacturing a neat, substantial article of Black Walnut, Cane Seat, and every variety of Chairs usually sold in the Southern Market. Having secured, for the State, the right of HIXK- LEY'S PATENT BEDSTEAD, we are now Manufacturing and selling on remarkable terms, this recently invented aud truly excellent article, which we consider superior to any other now in use. and to which we would re spectfully invite the attention of proprietors of Hotels, and families generally, befure purchasing elsewhere, j This article is so constructed as to be proof against | vermin. Our Stock consists of Side Boards, Dining Tables. T. a dies Dress Brntir. Breakfast do Common do Centre do Secretary do Ladies do Book Cases, Light Stands. Dressing And every article usually Manufactured—which they will sell upon as reasonable terms, as can be had at am otlier establishment in the State. Decatur. Januarv S. 1852 32—tf ; i Semi-Wo elily.] NASHVILLE, 1500 tons, M. Berry, Commander MARION, 1200 tons. W. Foster Commander. JAMES ADGER, 1200 tons, S. C. Turner Commander. SOUTHERNER, 1000 tons; T. I). Ewan, Commander. Leave Adger’s wharves every Wednesday & Saturday Afternoon, after the arrival of the cars from the South & West. These steamships were built expressly for the Lino, and for safety, comfort, and speed, are unrivalled on the Coasts. Tables supplied with every luxury—attentive and cautious commanders, will ensure Travellers by this Line every possible comfort and accommodation. For freight or passage, having elegant state room ac commodations. applv t«» HENRY MISSROON. Charleston, S. C. Cabin Passage, §20. Steerage, 8. Valuable City Lots for Sale. S 1EVERAL Valuable City Lots for Sale in the vicinity ) of the Fair Ground, which will be sold on accommo dating terms bv ipplving to I>. DOUGHERTY or T. DOOXAX. on Whitehall street. Atlanta. Mav 18tli. 1S54. Beal Estate Ag-eney! HE undersigned hns opened an office for selling ami X on ving Real Estate, in ami arm fhos j find it to their into o Furniture for Sale, AT TIIE SIGN OF Houston & Son. C’ for tance Negroes Wanted. *{'1IE subscriber will pay the highest cash prices * negroe.; of every description. Persons at a distti wishing to sell will please write, describing negroes fully, and stating lowest price. I can be found at the Washington Hall. A. B. MfAFEE. Atlanta, &pt. 15tli, 1854. Savanna li MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. D. tVEKD. Presiilent. JOHN R. WILDER. Secretary. UT^HE undersigned, Agen of the above Company is X prepared to take risk? against Fire on Buildings. Stocks jtc.. on the most fav* ruble terms. r. I.. WRIGHT, Agent. Atlanta, March 11. 41-vrtf. G. A. PILGRI3I, City Sexton, C 1AN be found at all times at his residence, on the /lot of Mr?,. Ogilbv's, on the corner of Hunter and Prior streets, just below Pettis’ livery Stable. Atlanta. March 9th. 1854 41—w6m :!: Xe'.i Orleans, Nov. 17.—There were G.- leportcd movements iu the Dobrudseha had o00 bilk's cotton sold to-day,making an aggre gate of 8(>,00u bales during the neck. Mid dling is quoted at S;;. Tlie .stock on hand consists of 137,500 bales. Flour is worth SU.50 per bbl. Corn 90 cents per bushel. Mess Pork lias advanced to sltj per bbl.-— Exchange on New York rules at from J to -J per cent premium. reference me;civ to strengthening his pos ition. Asia.—Advices from the seat of war in Asia, state that the Russians occupy To- prack Kale and threaten Kars. Russia.—Count Nesselrode say-s Russia is the mightiest power in tlie East, and in spite of any disaster which may befall her, ine barque Horace, Capt. Carver, lias ar- i she will continue to be so. Although Rus- rned at this port from Charleston. si a has not yet brought her principal mili- Xew Orleans, Nov. 19,—Cotton vester- tar . v P°wor into the field, the Western pow ers have had no cause to triumph. Alettrfrom Tavnopol of tlie 21st ult. day was unchanged in every respect, and uring the whole epidemic ! 3500 bales were sold atHJc. per lb., for Mid- thus imbibed the seeds of J tiling. The stock of Mess Pork i the disease, which only wait stances to develope them, and also auwn those of the absentees, who have, prematu rely, returned to the city, llad the latter awaited our announcement of the safety of their so doing, some who have since slept in the cold embraces (if death might have been now alive.—Augusta Const. 19/A is nearly S! N S - for circnm- exhausted, and prices are quoted at from ‘For the third time, troops are being con centrated around the town of Kamiuieca- I’odlosks, on the Russian frontier. Those which have already arrived are estimated at lo,000 to 18,000 men, and reinforcements are constantly arriving. In the govern- j Ihe barque Velocitj-, Capt. Duane, and mcn t A Kiew, the arrivals of regiments of | the brig Tartar, Capt. Strandberge, have | t,le Guard from Poland \va 819.50 (a 820 per bbl. Molasses is worth 18c. per gallon. Flour commands 88.50 per bbl. The steamship Mack Warrior, from New >rk via Havana, is below. S. FRANEFGRD DEDUCING liis STOCK- will offer, for CASH, greater -^inducements than usual. The Subscriber intends leaving lor the North in a shorttime, to lay in a large and extensive fall supply, takes this opportunity of informing his former pat runs, and the public gem railv that he will dispose of his SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS at such prices as cannot fail to please. Ilis stock, as usual, consists of every article kept in a Retail Dry Good Establishment. Call soon ami you will be sure to lindthe greatest bargains at S. FRANKFORJUS Atlanta. Aug. 3d, 1854. (10—\v4vr) Whitehall st. Produce Depot in Atlanta. THE GREATEST DESTRIBUTIXG POINTIN’ GEORGIA. T HE subscribers expect to keep constantly on hand stockof Georgia and Tennessee Produce of all kinds 8uch as: ILvcox, Laud, Corn, Oats, Front. Limb. Meal. kc.,ke.- Also, a pood Stock of FAMILY GROCERIES. SEAGO, ABBOTT & CO Atlanta, Feb. 9, 1864 37—ly on plaiina plat pound Tbe set is of tiie manufacture of I'-r. L. L. Ledbetter of Ia’s place. For beauty of finish, strength & per- uianancv anil natural life like apppearance, tiiis pro- is certainly far superior to anything I have ever seen. At the distance of a l'en-feet, (hi.- Job Would defy detection. 8o much is it like the teetli and gums of the Great Architect. Permit me to recommend to your consideration most favorably Dr Ledbetter’s claims as a Surgeon Dentist. He is a resident of this city, permanently located, of high moral and religious character, and certainly a very superior workman If you or any of your friends’ have anv thing to be done in iiis line, do me the favorto give the Dr., a call at bis office over I". L. Wrtigh’s old stand on White Hall Street. Yours Respectfully-, 38—ly B. H. OVERBY. Sky and Side Light DAGUEKREAN ROOMS, [OrerAlesaiuler’s Drugstore. Whitehall st.. Atlanta. Ga.} A r P A R A T r s S E s And all tlie Materials used in the Art, FOR RALE AT THE LOWEST PRICES. C. W. DHL.) fW. I*. JTPIIANIEL. Atlanta, August 31. 1854. ,14 ^ tf) "IAN be fomul Beauro ? s, Ward robes. Lounges, sail Tables, Wash ami Work Stands, with a variety of Long and Short Posted Bod Steads, with other articles of Eurnibure. which will be kept on hand from time to time. All put up of good material. Atlanta. January 10, 1854 34—tf BARGAINS ! BARGAINS!! BARGAINS !!! S would inform the public that 1 am getting in my* 1 SPIUXG AND SUMMER STOCK, j and respectfully solicit an inspection of Goods and j prices. My assortment will be found complete, and I 1 will sell as low as any honorable competitor for cash ! or approved credit. J. T. DOANE. i Atlanta, March 9tii. 1854. 41—tf Matches I Matches!! Matches!!! PATRONISE HOME INDUSTRY". most respectfully to inform ita that he is the sole agent for the celebrated Decater Matches, in this city.— Price gross £1.00. at Kays cheap Book store. WM. KAY. . Printer. Bookbinder. Blaukbook Manufacturer. Bookseller. &c.. <kc. Atlanta, Jan., ISth. 1854. 34 Iy. NEGRO SHOES ! NEGRO n making tlie con- White f Hunter mid this city, on com- 1 louses and Lots for sale will r> call and register such proper ly. ao c 11 urges will be made for registering or showing projierty, unless a satisfactory sale is made. then a small commission will be charged. I will also attend to renting, paying taxes in out deeds, bonds and all necessary papers lbj veyance of Real Estate. /^•Office in the store of Win."Herring & "C Hall Street, second door frenn tlie corner street. Atlanta, July G, 1854. X. L. ANGIER. Valuable Lots for Sale. QEVERAL valuable Lots for sale, with improvements ^ thereon, in the neighborhood of the Steam Mill, and Atlanta .S: Lagrange Railroad Depot. They will be soi l low; for terms apply to T. Doonan, Whitehall street. Atlanta, May 11th, 1S54. II. P. O’NEILL’ Wood Laud for Sale. 909 i 9 ACRE'all in the woo l- foul- miles from 1 tilt! city on the old Nelson Ferry Road for sale, for terms apply to Daniel Adams "in De catur or tin! undersigned in Atlanta. A. NELSON. Atlanta, January 10, 1854 34—tf more tract Land for Sale in Lots to Suit the Pur chasers I WILL sell 140 acres,.in lots of 15 acres, or less, each; the land' adjoining the whoreon I now live, being a portion of same "lot (106,) within two miles of Atlanta, near M’hite- hll; on the Macon & Western Haiiroad, and the road leading to Newnan. I would also sell m\ RESIDENCE sepai-ato from the lots, or with them. The land is well timbered, 15 or 20 acres cleared, and in a good state of cultivation, good orchard and every necessary building wanted.— Call and examine for yourselves. J. B. LOFTON. Atlanta, Nov. 11, 1854. dwlm. T HE subscriber begs the citizens of Atla SHOES!! HAVE no-iv on band,of my nu n make,3000 pair of hea vy doubled soled Negro Shoes which I will sell to -" Planters and others, as low as North i-rn Wkltkii shoes f, canbc-bad. ' F. M. EIlDLEMAN. (14-tf) City Property for Sale. 'I^UEfollowing reul property in nml about the city of Atl.inUi, belonging to the estate of Patrick Conally, deceased, will be disposed of at privatesale, to-wit: A fractional lot situated near the Railroad Bridge, being a portion of city lot number 12 and 13. Also a portion of land lot number fifty three, lying partly within and partly without the corporation lim its of the city—containing fifteen acre - more or less, lying west of the Fair Ground lot and adjoining Mr. Thurmonds. This contains the best brick yard about the city. Sold by virtue of a decree in Chancery of the Superior Court of DeKalb county, at October Term, 1S53. For terms apply to Dec. 8,1853 (28—tf) TERENCE DOONAN. Tru’t. ’HE j NOW RECEIVING! QAA Barrels New Orleans syrup. 25Hhds Sugar, various qualities. 50 Hhds Cuba Molasses. 100 Bags Kio Coffee. 50 Bbls No. 3 Mackerel. 50.000 Lbs Tennessee Bacon. 25 Boxes Tobacco. 100 Kegs Nails. All of which are offered to the trad and accommodating terms by J Atlanta, June 29, 1854 Notice! .-riber offen, bin Plantation in DeKalbTuun * ly, miles South ot Decatur, oil the McDonough Road, containing L’50 acres, about SO acres of which is cleared and under good fences, with a comfortable ihvcllidg, containing 5 rooms and a porch, and other necessary buildings for farming, with a good orchard of select Apples and Peaches. The locality is a good one for a Public Ilou-o as any to be found in too- County. Any person desirous of purchasing can call on me at Decatur. Terms will be accommodating. JAMES J. WINN. September 25tU, 1S54. IS—wtf. at low rates T. DOANE, —5tf w Notice! ^PREMIUM*®*! , DAG U EHREOTYPES! M. M. RANTIN, Daguci-rean Artist, iiOO Clocks! ij. JUST received by A. IY. Hall & Co., Whole* vAy sale and Retail dealers in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry. Silver aud Silver Rlated Ware. Fancy ods, Szc. No. 3G Whitehall St., Atlanta. iJSr’ Fine Watches carefully repaired and warranted. Engraving * done at short notice. i May 4.1854 . 49—ly Valuable Property for Sale. FpHE subscriber offers bis extensive fire-proof Ware j k House now iu course of erection on White Hall j street for sale. Tlie House will be most admirably ad- i apted for a general Commission business, having large I accommodations for the storage of Cotton, and also i close storage for the New Orleans and Tennessee trade. . The building will be ready by the 1st of October. ( For particulars apply to myagent. T. Doonan. White Hall street or to William Harry, Covington. Ga. " WILLIAM CARRY. Atlanta, 8ept. o, 1S54. . psept. 7 wtf AYER’S PILLS. A . new and singtilarlv successful remedy for th cure of all Bilious diseases — Costiveness, 1ml; gestion, Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Fever-., Gout, Humors, Nervousness, Irritability, Inflamma tions, Headache, Pains in the Breast, Side. Hack, and Limbs, Female complaints, &c.,&c. Indeed, very few are the diseases in which a Pureativ - Medi cine is not more or less required, and m eh Mi k- ness and suffering might be prevented, if a harm less liul effectual Cathartic were more freely used. No person can feel well while a costive habit <>:' body prevails ; besides it soon generates salons ar.d often fatal diseases, which might have been uvui ice by the timely and judicious use of a good purgative. This is alike true of Colds, Feverish symptoms, ai.d Bilious derangements. They all tend to become oi produce tlie deep seated and formidable distemper* which load the hearses all over the land. Hciiu'i reliable family physic is of the first importance tu tlie public health, and this Pill has been perfected with consummate skill to meet that demand. A:, extensive trial of its virtues by Physicians, Profes sors. and Patients, has shown results surpassing anything hitherto known of any medicine. Cure- have been effected beyond belief, were they not sub stuntiatod by persons of such exalted position and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth. Among the eminent gentlemen to whom we are allowed to refer for these facts, are Prof. Valentine Mott, the distinguished .Sm- geon of New York City. Doct. A. A. Hayes, Practical Chemist of tin Port of Boston, and Geologist for tlie State of Mas sachusetts. Ira L. Moore, M. D., au eminent Surgeon ami Physician, of the City of Lowell, who has long user, them in his extensive practice. II. C. So chi wick. Esq., one of the first hut chants in New York City. C. A. Davis, M. D., Sup’t and Surgeon of lb United States Marine Hospital, at Chelsea, M ... Did space permit, we could give nianv humher such names, from all parts where the l’ills L ivt been used, but evidence even more convincing .. i the certificates of these eminent public :uc:. !• shown in their effects upon trial. These Pills, the result of long investigate: ■ study, are offered to the public as the best and most complete which the present state of medics' science can afford. They are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtue- only of Vegetable remedies, extracted by chemical process, in a state of purity and combined tngotlici in such a manner as to insure the best results This system of composition for medicines has been found in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce n more efficient remedy Ilian had hitherto been oh- tained by any process. The reason is perfectly ob vious. While by the old mode of composition, ev ery medicine is burdened with more or less of acri monious and injurious qualities; by this, each indi vidual virtue only that is desired for the curative effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious qual ities of each substance employed are left behind, the curative virtues only being retained. Hence it F self-evident the effect should prove as they ban proved more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer, more powerful antidote to disease than any other medicine known to the world. As it is frequently expedient that my medico; should be taken under the counsel of an attending Physician, and as ho could not properly judge of remedy without knowing its composition, 1 hav.. supplied the accurate Formula by which both an Pectoral and Pills are made to the whole body if Practitioners in the United States and British Amor lean Provinces. If however there should ic n:,v .me who has not received them, they will hi promptly forwarded by mail to his address. Of all the Patent Medicines that are ottered, bun few would be taken if their composition was knmva ’ Their life consists in their mystery. I have r.o mysteries. The composition of my preparations is laid upi . to all men, and all who are competent to judge the subject, freely acknowledge their conviction- of t’ueir intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral w. ■ pronounced by scientific men to be a wonder:', medicine before its effects were known. Many i incut Physicians have declared the same thing my Pills, and even more confidently, and are ing to certify that their anticipation? wc-ro m than realized by their effects upon trial. They operate by their powerful influence on t !.•- internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate i; into healthy action—remove the obstructions : the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of 11 body, restoring their irregular action to health, m.ii by correcting wherever they exist such derail?.' ments as are the first origin of disease. Being sugar wrapped they arc pleasant to lake and being purely vegetable, no harm can arise from their use in any quantity. For minute directions, see the wrapper on the nred by James C. Ayer, Practical amt .-in < 'h -mist, Lowell, Mass. l’riee 25 cents per Box. Five Boxes for $1 For -ai.- by A.IAlexaniler, Atlanta, Georgia, anil dealers in mod ci ne generally. 42—ly. City Lots, i -HE undersigned offers for snlu several citv lots m I 1 the North Eastern nortinu ‘ FACTS CANNOT BE DOUBTED- | LET THE AFFLICTED READ AND PONDER! ' jrajp* More than 500 persons in tlie city of Richmond i Va.. alone testify to the remarkable cures performed 1>\ ; CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE. j The great Spring Medicine and Purifier of the Blood | is now used by hundreds of grateful patients, wh<- 1 testify daily to the remarkable cures performed by th* j greatest of all medicines, Carter's Spanish Mixture — j Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on the j Skin, liver Disease, Fevers, V leers. Old Sores. A (Too . i tlons of the Kidneys, Diseases of the throat. Female oi \\ard No. 3, also a | Comnlnints. Fains ami Aching of the Bones and Joints, using this great and ine-ti cleared for Charleston. Njj' v ^ 0KK > Nov. 18.— of Clem- ('iit Bloodgood, was entered and robbed of floods, silks, Ac., to tbe amount of *4,<100. An elite lias yet been had thieves. V.’c notice that in consequence of the hi^h rates of paper, the newspapers in vari ous sections of the country are increasing the prices of subscription and advertising. The Evansville (1 nd) papers havebcen raised from 10 to 15 cents per week; the Toledo (Ohio) liladc from <> to 88 per year; the Colunibus Statesman from 10 to 12’. cents per week ; and tlie ” ~ T ' * J to incresc num. The publishers of weekly 4 . _ in the State of New Jersey also contemplate j require a full, satisfactory explanation. as expected about tbe middle of the month, on tlicir wav by forced marches to the Crimea,” Angiutn Klnuufnct uriiijg Company li e arc requested to state, for the iufor- 1 nmtion of absent operatives and others con- Wasjiingto.v, Nov. 18—Notwithstanding <,erne(1 ’. t,mt the 3IilIs of the Augusta Man- i France lias revoked the decree in referent unn S Company will lie re-opened and j ^ r fi I | ' . i C* 1 v ,»•/ .»,lr I'Ovn mOil />„ AI/inrlevr lli/v OAtK t J— i to Mr. .Soule, and our Government lias offi- work rosnined on Monday, the 20th instant. We tire also requested to say that opera- i R u ?i NR ? 3 entruHt<;,1 to rives desiring employment may have an op- : <^j.erLnce° m bu'sinns.s,' .... portunity of securing permanent engage- ! will give general satisfaction.) ment by applying at tbe Mills at any time j In 1,10 execul!on of or,lerti w( GARDELLE &DEL11GLE, (formerly of Augusta, Ga.) Factors and Commission Merchants, Accommodating Wharf, Charleston. S. C. Liberal advances made on Consignments of Produce. Rkfiwkxcks:—Messrs. Bustin and Walker, ArausiA. Doughty A: Beall, J. Frazier k Co. Charleston, S C August 10, 1—u6in DOWSING & YOUNG, General Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 28, Gravier Street, Hew Orleans, Lu. uh shall receive our peraonal our desire to please, ami our tee flatter ourselves that ire WHO lias studied under two of the most eminent men of the Art— McGuiie nnd Harrington «#f New Orleans has m»w open- ed his rooms directly opposite Messrs. Whitney & Hunt ’s store, where he is prepared to take Photographic Min ; atu;eo, in the latest and most approved style of painting from nature, on the most reasonable terms, from one dollar and fifty cents and upwards according to the size and quality of material. He flatters himself that he has a thorough knowledge of Physiognomy, consequently he will guarantee a correct likeness of the sitter. Lockets, Bracelets, Broaches, Medalions. Pins, Rings and Copies taken to perfection. Also, old pictures renovated. The public are particularly invited to examine his specimens and test the skill of the operator. March 30, 1854. (vr tf) FOR SAliK. r PHE House and Lot Occupied by Mr. Jamues F. Leon- ■’ ard on Pryor street. For terms apply to CoL Jas. M. Calnoun, or to the undersigned at Decatur. Pos- : session given first of October. A NELSON. June 2 1853. 1 tf. COTTON SEED ROCK AND FIRE-PROOF ROOFING. r |MIE undersigned, citizens of Somerville, Tenn., -*• are well acquainted with Mr. Duke Williams* arti ficial rock The Court House yard and the ground floor are laid with it, and have been for several months. Tlie County Court of Fayette, Tenn., being thoroughly satisfied that the rock would answer a fine purpose, and was all the inventor claimed for il, employed Mr. Duke Williams to lay the said floor and pave the Court House yard. We know Mr. Williams is a high-minded honorable , man : and wc are satisfied the rock made by him is substantial, and will stand the test of time. We have seen it used by Mr. Reed, who is putting up a large ho tel at Somerville, in putting in window and door sil*,, and he is much pleased with it. ... i . w * xt , ,, - So * also a Complaints, Pains aud Aching pint of ground in'ariDo 4, the most of which is are speedily put to flight bv usi beautifully situated. 1 will sell apart orthe entire plat j raa ble remedy. For all diseases of the Blood, untiling hr •■tit purchasers. Also a beautiful lot situated on I the corner of Ivey street and Forsyth Alley, and .vitli- , in three hundred feet of the Grand Union Depot and ; in the centre of the city. A small lot at tlie junc- : tore of White Hall and Forsyth streets, on the north j side of said streets and fronts on the same neartv! two hundred feet. Fob. 16,1854 38—tf H. C. HOLCOMBE. et been i trie State ol Netv Jersey also contemplate ; ‘ c 'i u “* 5 “ luli . satisfactory explanation. A 1 ■■ q, “ " ‘ < : tiffing their subscription prices from 1.50 j despatches to Mr. Mason ct Paris f’. 2 s ’J 10 ' 1 ”!, after next Monday.— j i $2 per year—the present jn-ic-es not re- j v, ) ' )e ,son * ; l>y the next steamer. ' "" _ " n '' ’ 11111 Eor. l->. New York, Kov. 18.—After a patient and •numerating them’. Kew York, Nov. 18. changed.— we will be prompt, and take npeciul care to purchase, as far ns possible, from first hands, and at wholesale prices. Goods received and for* warded with despatch. In fine, it shall be our earnest endeavor to bo in all respects faithful f'agents. Aug 11,1853. 11 wtf XT . T thorough investigation the Williamsburg Qorrox.—The market is uuc A 110 Knovr-Kotlung paper named riotci-s, who were engaged in the riot on the Flour eti -icr. Ohio $8,62 to $8,94'. Ihe Organ ’ was established m Washing- , night of the recent election have been found | Bank Kobberv.-TIio Winches Atlanta, July 23d, 1854. i/on city on Monday, the 13th inst, guilty. Winchester ttink, I Connoeticiit, hue lieeu robbed of $25,000. 1 "* m7Vapl ’ or A "* nla - can lie supplied by cnllini? (w9—tf) A. MOODY. JAMES HASLETT, IMPORTER AND GENERAL DEALER IN LIQUORS AND CIGARS, No. 4, Commerce Street. /InItimore, Aid. J. M. Coulter, Agent. June 20. (.5—wlyj Forwarding Business, At Cliaiieston, S. C. v. r-r\v THE undersigned, in connection . , with a general Commission business /nrEridPfc , for the sale of COTTON, FLOUR, H BACON, CORN, and all other Produce, will forward with the greatest possible despatch, Merchandise, Machinery, Produce, and other property consigned to him, for the interior oi i Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North aud touth Carolina, ; Fl*rida, and for any northern or foreign port. August 17, 1854. (12—Cm) J. II. WILLY. Rkkkhknces—J. P. King, President (I. R. R., C. T. Pol lard Pres’t. Montgomery It. R., W. ^f. Martin, Prea’t. ¥ % * E. Bk., Hopkins, Hudson & Co., Charleston, J. Cald w* well, Pres*t. S. C. B. R. Jno. F. Mims, Atlanta, Rice ; Diilin, Charleston, Bast in & Walker, Augusta 4 J L Pulliam W P Finney, Esq Jas Petit John C Reeves T II Logwood A B Finney, M D W B Dorich, Esq .1 A Williams Geo W Trotter T G McClellan Thos Rivers M J Turner X T Macon J K Pearsall E M Ixmg Jo H Cooper A P Dupuy Chas T Petit! F W Robertson Win Button, Clerk of !?am Sneed County Court Jas II Thompson August loth. 1854. /fcjjKExtraet of a letter from R 11 Blount, of Houston, Texas, dated July lfith, 1854: Eighteen months’ use [of the Cotton Seed Rock] here has shown that it makes a pavement vastly superior to brick, ami it seems to begetting harder and better. 45f‘The Patent Right of these wonderful inventions has been equally divided between Duke Williams aud W. II. Poindexter, who are now prepared to sell State, ! county, or local rights. City Land fo»’ Snle. f pHE place whore the subscriber non- rt-siiies on * Foundry street, near Winsliip’s Iron Works, eon- tairiing 8Nacres, it will be sold together or in lots to suit purchasers. Also, one acre on Old Whitehall street, fronting on said street and running back to the rail road; q acre lot on l’rior street, near Capt. Nelson's, and one q acre lot near the State Shop. Terras accom- datiug, apply to August 31. 1854. 14—wtf A. HOWARD. i Notice! A Ui persons indebted to me for lots in the city of j » Atlanta, by note past due, are requested to come j . forward and pay the same, aud all persons holding | bonds given by my former agent, T. Doonan. for titles ■ | to lots in Atlanta are requested to call and receive \ , deeds from me, if they have complied on their part with the conditions of said bonds. JANE L. MITCHELL, Adm*x., with tho Will of annexed, the Estate of Samuel Miteh- : ell, deceased. Zebulou, July 2t>, 1S54. i found to compare with it. It cleanses the system of all t impurities, acts gently and efficiently on the Kidneys j aud I.iver, strengthen.^ the Digestion, gives tone to th** Stomach, niakes tho Skin clear and healthy, and restore” ! the Constitution, enfeebled by diseases or broken down by the excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and strength. i For the ladies, it is Incomparably better than all j ihe cosmetics ever used. A few doses of Carter’s Spanish Mixture will remove all shallowness of com j )lexion, bring the roses mantling to the cheek, give ! dastieuy to the step, and improve the general health in i i remarkable degree, beyond all the medicines ever : bean! of. A large number of certificates of remarkable cuic- j performed on persons residing in the city of Richmond. • Va., by the use of Carter’s .Spanish Mixture, is the best j evidence that there is no humbug about it. The press, . hotel keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public men. I well known to the community’, all add their testimonv to tlie eilects of this Great Blood Purifier. Call aud a few hundreds of ihe certificates around the bottle. None genuine unless signed Bknxktt & Drug gists. Principal Depots at M. Ward, Close & Co.’s No. S3 Maiden Lane, New York. T. W. Drott & Sons, and Jenkins * Hartshoi^e. Phi Pa. rf j Bennett Beers, 125 Main Street, Richmond. Va. And for sale bv Ju 1st, 1854. A. A1JXANDER, Atlanta. n-ii-] FOR SALE. A House ami Lot on Mitchell street near tlie intersection of Whitehall and Mitchell Kead aud Reflect. JLC’MAKIN’S Celebrated Strengthening Plasti I spread by machinery, will be found serviceable The right of the above article for this j initijquitatjlo an.l terras accoraraoilati , , _ iteliall ami MitelioII j all owes oi Rheutrintisra, Sprains. Pains in the Bi-oas!, treets. forniedy owned by Geo. \\. Cook, , Rick. Cheat or Loins, Couglis, Asihiua, I.ranbag"- county has been purchased by Mr. Felix Sowers, who is now prepared to sell head riglitt.''. 'I n21w6m f John Simpson. Apply Titles | Difficult breathing SIMPSON Jfc HARRIS. Agents for Neritt. Lathorpo & Stebbius. Atlanta, March 1854. 43 tf FOR SAIsK. rplIE subscriber offers for sale his Farm seven i * mllesfrom Atlanta, it being the East half of Lot} number 246 in 14th District of DeKalb county, con j taming one hundred and one and a fonrth acres more I or less, forty «cres of which are cleared and under * cultivation.’ There arc on the Premises a good framed i Dwelling and all requisite out houses. -Apply by lot- j ter or otherwise to BEXJ. F. HARRIS on the Premises, Wanted. A good, New-foundland dog pup, for which i 4* a fair price will be paid. Apple at this office. Oct. 24 ramcuu oceutmug, vVc. They are, aUo, paniouUuty beneficial to those who may he predisposed to affections ot the Jungs and oppression of the breast. Such will find them an effectual security against these attack** which often prove the precursor of Consumption.— i None genuine unless the signature uf the proprietor, J. A. M’MAKTX, is embossed on the back of the pin* 1 \* For sale by JOHN BOON. Agent. At Dr. PowelPs Office, on reach-tree £t. Apply at this Atlanta. June 3d, 1S54. [2—tfj MOLASSES. inn ? ul,s ; Now 0rlean9 Molasses, now in store, and Iv’V' for sale at 28 cts. per gallon by i W. W. ROARK. 1 i,. .•>, ra« r J° H "- B " I '- 1TIMER Atlanta G., j ‘JUt CASK SHOES offering at a reduced price nr Atlanta >21,1863. 8-tf (t)l/ • H, W. COZABT.* SON City Laud for Sale A BKUTIFLL livo acre lot, well timbered, lviug in’- " mediately on a public stieet, a tine location for » private residence, is oifeioil exeeedinglv low. Titles good—call on ' WM. H. THURMOND, or Maj- STEPHEN TERRY. December 2i, 1852 38—tf