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illucon Elailtj sntr priar. Nines, Winu & Smith, Proprietor TeriiKM ol" fiiibNcripliott I V ..$8 00 'lie Year 4 00 >ix Months „ nf) ,ree Months “ uu Invariably in advance. To city subscribers by the month, Seventy-five ruts, served by carriers. FOE MAYOR OF MACON, iION. W. A. HUFF. VOICES. Of all the music of tbc earth. The sweetest we can bear Is ringing in the loving tones Of those our hearts hold dear. We care not for life’s withered flowers, Life’s darkness we forget; For voices of the friends we love Are left to cheer us yet. And oft in hours of quiet thought, A memory sweet is given Of other voices hushed on earth, That echo still in Heaven. Guide us, where'r our feet would stray, O tender voices gone! Till o’er ihe mists oi earth, we see The eternal morning dawn. And softly, reverently we pray, O voices ihat remain ! That your s-veet tones may crown our joy, And soften all our pain, Till life is o’er—and when we hear The call of spirits bright May those we cherish most be near To speak earth’s last good night. The way is lng, hut not in fear. And not in pain we wait. For when night conies, and angel-hands Shall open the mystic gate, And through that gate we enter in To rest and peace above, May we not hope to hear again The voices that we love? Securities held by the Treasurer of the United States for national bank circula tion, $385.853,400; and for deposits of publics moneys. $15,693,000. Internal revenue receipts for the month. $8,804,989; for the fiscal year to date, $53,289,548 ; national bank notes outstanding, $242,- 038,811. The New York Sun remarks that it is a curious fact that iron ore can be obtained from Algeria, in Africa, at about the same figures at which Lake Superior ore is spoken of for next season, and that ores are offering from Nova Scotia at still lower figures than the African ore. It would be strange if African ores should be brought into competition with those of Lake Superior in Pittsburgh. If ore can be mined, freighted thousands of miles, and sold to advantage in the American market, surely the iron deposits of Mis souri, Pennsylvania and West Virginia might bo worked to advantage. Congressional Printer’s Kepokt.— The auuual report of A. M. Clapp, Con gressional printer, shows the actual dis bursements for the year ended September 39, 1872, were $1,892,343. The office has completed during the past year 119,284 pages of documentary composition, and 786,990 volumes of that class of-work, many of which exceed 1,000 pages each The increase in departmental and other executive printing and binding during tbs past year is about 15 per cent. The prin ter gives full information on the various branches of the office, showing a well conditioned establishment, and recom mends an appropriation for the erection of an additional wing to the building. Mit. Bessemer's invention for the sup pression of sea sickness has lately been tested in a practical way by a large party of well-known men, including several officers of the British Navy, and the unani mous verdict of these present on the occa sion was favorable to the efficiency of the invention This invention is intended to dispose of the rolling motion on board vessels, but it does not affect the pitching. A double ended steamship 350 long, with 45 feet deck beam, is to be fitted up with Mr Bessemer’s saloon, and will run as a ferry boat between England and France. It is believed that the passengers will ex pericnce no more rolling motion than would be felt in a railway car, while the extreme length of the vessel will prevent pitching. But only think of the conse queuce supposing the man at the handles should fall asleep! Marriage and Celibacy.— Those dry but useful people who delight in statistics have been investigating the effect of mar riage and celibacy on mortality. They have demonstrated in their satisfaction the beneficial effect of marriage upon longevi ty. The last person who has devoted his attention to this subject is M. Bertillou. Ilis statistics cover the States of France. Holland and Belgium. According to K Bertillon, between the age of 29 and 25. out of 1,090 married men there are 6 deaths; out of 1,000 bachelors 10 deaths, aad out of 1,000 widowers 22 deaths. Be tween 30 and 35 the deaths in the Bame number are : Married man 7, bachelors 11, and widowers 17. Between 35 and 40 years of age the mortality per 1,090 is Married men 1, bachelors 13, and widow ers 17. Continuing these calculations through different series of years, the advantage on the score of lonevity is always on the side of the married men. Coi,d Ablutions in Fever. —la a valua ble article contributed to one of the French medical journals by Dr. L'Ambert he pre sents the following conclusions concern ing the use of cold ablutions in fever, as practiced in France : They are especially useful in typhoid and the eruptive feveia, and strongly indicated in malignant cases. They act upon the chief and most con : staut phenomena of these diseases, are es pecially antifebrile, and reduce the tem perature materially. They favor the re establishment of a full, profound regular, perspiration ; render the secretions more active; make the skin suple, moist and fresh ; favor the outcomiug of the erup tion allay cerebral and other nervous excitement, suppressing headache coma, delirium, restlessness, and inducing sleep, cause the pulse to fall eight to thirty beats From twe to eight hours is the duration of their action, the ablutions to be repeated two to feur times in the twenty four hour*. They have no influence upon the length of the ickneas, bat render it milder, and are readily applied as cold baths or by wrapping the patient in a cold wet sheet Husfi Money—Nurse's wages. Generally speaking—Women. Memo—lt takes three springs to make a leap year When is a youug lady very like a whale. When she is pouting. What it the New Church'? Nashville Banner lst.J Editors of the Banner .-—ln your issue of the 28th inst., your correspondent "In quirer,” expressed the desire, "to know just two things concerning the so-called New Church.” “First. How does it regard and treat the Bible ?" ‘•Second. How does it regard Christ ?” Frist. According to the writings of the New Church, the holy scriptures, as to their internals, are the Word of the Lord, and the word is in all the heavens. It then not only thoroughly perfects anti furnishes man unto all good works, “but from it is angelic wisdom.” Head this from Swedenborg's True Christian Religion : It is in the mouth of all, that the word is from God, divinely inspired, and lienee holy ; but still it lias been hitherto un known wherein it, the divine is; for the world in the latter appears us a common writing, in a foreign style, not sublime nor elegant,as are the writings ofthe world to appearances Hence it is that bo who worships nature instead of God. and thence thinks himself and his proprium, and not out of heaveu from the Lord, muy easily fall iuto error conct-ruiog the woid. and into coutempt of it, and may say within himself when he reads it “ What is this ?” Is this diviue V Can God, who bas infinite wisdom, speak so ? Where and whence is its holiness, unless from superstition,and thence persuasion ?” But he who thinks so, does not consider that the Lod Jehovah who is God of heaveu and earth, spoke the word by Moses and the prophets, and that thence it cannot be anything else than divine truth ; for that which the Lord Jehovah himself speaks is that ; neither does he consider that the Lord the Savior, who is the same with Jehovah, spoke the in the evangelists, many things from his own mouth, and the rest from the spirit of his mouth, wnich is the Holy Spirit, by his twelve apostles. Thence it is, as He himself says, that in his words there is spirit and life. Head this, article 3, of a summary state ment of the doctrines of the New Olairch “The Sacred Scriptures, or die Divine Word, is not only the Kevelaiion of Ihe Lord's will and the history of His deal ings witli men, but also contains the infi nite treasures of llis wisdom expressed in symbolical or correspondentiul language, and therefore in addition to die sense of the letter, there is in the Word an inner or spiritual sense, which cun be interpre ted only by the law of correspondents be tween things natural and things spiritual.” It was one of Swedenborg’s rules of life “to read often and meditate well on the Word of the Lord,” and in his Ten Chris tian Religion, he says : “I testify in truth that from the first day of my call I have not received anything which per tains to the doctrines of the New Jeru.-a lem Church from any angel, hut from the Lord alone whilst I read the Word." Second. “By the Lord Redeemer, we mean Jehovah in the Human; for Jehovah himself descended and assumed the llu man, for the purpose of accomplishing redemption.” “God is One in Essence and in Person, in whom there is a distinct and essential Trinity, called iu the Word the Father. Son, aud Holy Spirit, and the Lord Jesus Christ is this God, and the only true object of worship. • Iu order to be saved, man must believe on the Lord, and strive to obey his com mandments, looking to him for strength and assistance, and acknowledging that all life and salvation are from Him.” The following are the Articles ef Faith of the New Church : 1. God is One in Essence and in Person, in whom there is a distinct and essential Trinity, called in the Word the Father, and Holy Spirit, and the Lord Jesus Christ is this God, and the only true object of worship. 2. In order to be saved, man must be lieve ou the Lord, aud strive to obey His commandments, looking to Him alone for strength and assistance, aud acknowl edging that all life and salvation are from Him. 3. The Sacred Scriptures, or the Divine Word, is not only the Revelation of the Lord's will and the history of Ilis dealings with men, but also contains the Infinite treasures of His wisdom expressed in symbolical or correspondential language, and therefore in addition to the sense of the letter, there is iu the Wool an inner or spiritual sense, which cuo be inter preted only by the law of coricspondence between things natural and tilings spir itual. 4. Now is the time of the Second Com ing of the Lord, foretold in Matt, xxvi , and the establishment of the New Church signified by the New Jerusalem in Reve lation xxl , und this Second Coming is not a visible appearance on earth, but a new disclosure of Divine Truth and the promulgation of true Christian Doctrine, effected by means of the Lord s servant, Emanuel Swedenborg, who was specially instructed in this District, and commis sioned to publish it to the world. 5. Man’s life in the material body is hut the preperation for eternal life and when the body dies man immediately raise into the spiritual world, aud after preparation in an intermediate state, dwells forever iu Heaven or Hell, according to ihe charac actsr acquired during his earthly life 6. The Spiritual World, the eternal home of men after death, is not remote from this world, but is iu direct conjunc tion with it, and we are, though uncon sciously always, in Imn.eJiato commun ion witli ungels and spirits. VALUABLE RECEIPTS. For Curing Meat. —The following is said to be an excellent recipt, and if prop erly tried will Dever be abandoned : To one gallon of water, add one and a half pounds of salt, half a pound of sugar, half an ounce of saltpeter, half an ounce of potash. In this ratio the pickle to be increased to any quantity desired Let these be boiled together until ail the dirt from the sugar rises to the top and is skimmed olf. Then throw it into a tub to ctiol, and when cold pour it over your beef or pork, to remain the usual time, say four or five weeks The meat must be well covered with pickle, and should not be pnt down for at least two days after killing, during which time it sbould be slightly sprinkled with powdered salt peter, which removes all the surface blood, etc, leaving the meat fresh and clean Some oniit boiling the pickle, and And it to answer well ; though the opera tion of boiling parities the pickls by MACON, GA., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1*72. throwing off the dirt always to be found in salt aud sugar. Poiio* Autidot*.— A standing anti dote for poison by ivy, etc., is to take a handful of quick-lime, dissolve in watsr, let it stand half an hour, theu paint the poisoned parts with it. Three or four ap plications will never fail to cure the most aggravated cases. Poison from bees, hor nets, spider bites, etc., is instantly ar rested by application of equal parts of common salt and bicarbonate of soda, well rubbed in on the place bitten or stung. CiDEH.—Fermentation of cider may be arrested at any stage by putting in flax seed at the rate of half a pint to a pint per barrel. A. Human Phenomenon. —The most re markable specimen of physical or ganization wo have ever seen is Mr. George Thomas, a Brazilian, who has been in Port Jervis since Thursday oflast week Helms been exhibiting himself in various, places in the village, ami has puzzled not mdy the people but the physicians aud surgeons —they are unable to understand bis anatomy. He cun move his heart to any part of the body at pleasure, aud even stop its beating for nearly sixty sec onds. He has two sets of ribs, one of which lie can move from its position to the front of the body, covering the abdo men. He causes a revolving motion of the bowels, both upward and dowuwurd, the abdomen undulating and resembling the corrugating motions of a flag or a piece of cloth when disturbed by the wind. He can so arrest bis pulse that for a short lime one cannot discern that he lias any Another wonderful thing he does is to bend an iron bar five eights of an inch in thickness by striking it across bis left arm. The muscles of the arm he so con tracts that the ttesli feels as hard as wood. Mr. Thomas is certainly a wonderful specimen of physical construction, and he lias puzzled the scientific men of the wsu-ld. —Port Jervis N Y. TriStates Union. Medical Judgment of Sewing Ma chines.- The sewing machine has become so important an adju et to our social life and so great an engine of usefulness, tliai the subjoined testimony to its harmless ness, as well as its utility, must interest all our female readers. During the late ses sion of the State Medical Society of Vir ginia, at Staunton, Dr Parker read a very interesting paper on the subject of sewing machines and their effect on the health ot females, In which the conclusions were announced; First, 1 hat fatigue is not disease, and that there is no reason to concludo that the use of the muscles employed iu urn chine work for a reasonable time is injurious Second, That the machine may be used fir four or five hours daily in family by a lady in ordinary health with out injury. Third, That the damage to health in the factory is due to the hygienic conditions under which the work is done, aud the natural delicacy of some of the operatives, unfitting them for long con tinued labor of any kind. Fourth, That the sewing machine is a great boon to wo mankind, increasing her compensation, protecting her sight, and in tbo family lessening her labors Our Methodist Visitors. The North Georgia Annua! Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, has been in session in our city, for a week past They are a fine body of men to look on, (as we have several times assured our selves by personal observation,) and give token of growing effectiveness. If there was ever a time when they were depressed and in some sort disorganized by the issues of the war, that time is now “ with the years before the flood.” Some of their younger men impressed us as likely, 11 humble and steadfast, to rise, in due season to eminence in the denomination. There is evidently a future for the Conference in our Stute ; and. quite as evidently, the Conference knows it and means to make the most of it. May the event prove that Baptists have striven in holy emulation, "to out pray, out preach, and out-work them ! Of the three bishops present,—Marvin, McTyeire and Pierce—the first has pre sided for the mest part, and holds the reins of deliberation and action with self possession, suavity and despatch. We heard an eloquent sermon from him, Sabbath morning. All the pulpits of the city were open to the members of the Con ference oo that day, except the Romanist and Episcopal , and Hie general impres sion was in no small degree favorable Atlanta Index and Baptist. FOR SALE." \FOUR room dwelling and vacant lot, also, splendid well of wuter In the yard; fronting on .-pring and Rose streets, contain ing one quarter of an acre, for sale cheap. Apply to GEORGE SCHMIDT, nov. 26 —lm. corner Third and Plum Streets. It. LOWENTHAL'I BAR A LAGER BEER NA LOON, (masset’b OI.U STAND.) Opposite Medical College, Mulberry Bt. riMHH Saloon is supplied with the beet Wines, 1. I.iquors end Cigars Iri tli - market, and sparkling .ug'.r Uecr of rUpefior quality, free lunch ev-rv day from 10 to 12 o’clock and extra lunches served up at any hoar in the day or night, ewi.- s Cheese, Goose, Duck, Ham, Salads and anything that may be desired for lunch. nov24-tf Out. It. I . GRIGGS. OFKIC . ovei M. K. Rogers & Co’s., Con fectionary store. Kr.-idence, Plum street, opposite George S. Obear’s. pet 2-1 m. MIAS M. A DANIEL WOULD respectfully inform the Ladies of Macon and vicinity that she has taken rooms at r%’o. IO Cotton Avenue (up fstairn;, where she in < repaml to do IJkesh Making in the latent and rn/tnt fashionable nfyle*, and war rants to give satisfaction. octSl-fiw WOOD AND COAL. I HAVE established, nearthe Macon At West ern Railroad Depot, an ample yard with Fairbanks’ be-t -cabs) to simply all kinds of Wood and Coal, In any quantity, at the lowest market rates. WEIGHT, MEASURE and QUALITY GUARANTEED. A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited. Orel r left at the office* of 34e*r. H L. Jewett. Greer, latke & Co s, Turpin dc Ogden, through Postofflce, or at tb Yard, will iaav* prompt attention. Come and see 12-A-SWi MILD 8. EKEEMAN. ygj:. UJ i it g\ This unrivalled Medicine Is warranted not to contain u single particloof Mkiicuiiv, or any injurious mineral substance, but is imjui.i,v mtiimin,L For FORTY YEARS it lias proved its great value in all diseases of the Livnit, Howi-n.s ami Kjiinkts. Thousands of the good*and great in all parts of the country vouch for its wonder ful and peculiar poweriti purifying the Blood, stimulating the torpid Liven and Bowens, ami imparting new Life and Vigor to the whole sys tem. SIMMON’SLIVEKREGULATOR islic knowledgcd to have no equal as a 1,1 YHit MIiBICINII, It contains four medical elements, never uni ted in the same happy proportion in any other preparation, viz : a gentle Catlinrtlc, a wonder ful Tonic, an unexceptionable Alterative and a certain Corrective of all impurities ol tin- body. Such signal success has attended its m e, that it is now regarded aB the Ureal. Intuiting Npeeilie for Liveu Complaint and the painful offspring thereof, to wit: DYSPEPSIA, CON.--TIPA TION, Jaundice,Billious attacks, SI OK HEAD ACIIE, Colic, Depression of Spirits SOUK STOMACH, Heart Burn, Ac., Ac. Regulate the Liver and prevent Ytllll.l.N AiNII l-'l.Vlill. SIMMONS’ LIVER REGULATOR Is manufactured bv .i. ii. ziiii.n a <o., MACON, GA., and PHILADELPHIA. PrioeVl per package; sentbynmil, postage paid, $1.35. Prepared ready for use ill bottles, $1.50. 801.0 BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Of Beware ol all Counterfeits and Imitations. 113-588 a * %% Ktm- FIT I IPS p|p PNEUMATIC SYRUP CECQEL ■ MiiLM OR- MONEY RLFUNDED SIQQ REWARD FOR A CASE tics. Headache, Lumbago, Ague, Non ousts-- or Kidney Affect,lons accepted for treatment that I cannot cure. no-’ ! tf CROP OF IRII Clover and (JrassSeeds. RED CLOVER, CRIMSON CLOVER, SAPLING CLOVER, ORCHARD GRASS BLUE GRASS, HERDS GRASS, LUCERNE SEED, <feo., &c. Jubt received, HUNT, RANKIN & LAMAR, Wholesale Druggists, 146-156 82 and 84 Cherry Street. The Great Democratic Journal, tiik tiiw voseia WEEKLY NEWS. BENJ. WOOD, Editor and Prop?’ A Mammoth Eight Page Sheet, Fifty • is Columns of Reading Matter. Contains all the vein, foreign, done -tie, po litical and general,with full and rclhibl ■ nee e i reporta. Each number alr.o contain- -■■.< ini short stories, and a great variety of literary, agricultural and scientific matter, et ■ constituting, It Is confidently it "L H ' most complete weekly new-pap r in 1 country. TERMS, $2 A YEAS. Inducements to Clubs: Five copies, one year f * L 0 Ten copies, one year, and an extra copy to the sender 15 1,11 Twenty copies one year, and an exti > copy to sender ■-> w Fifty copies one year, and an extra c py to sender ■ W Parties eendljuj clubs as above, run y retain Z 0 percent, of the money recefve/l by them, mt com pansation. Persons desiring to act a* agents supplied with specimen handles. Specimen copies n-ut free to any address, AJI letters should he di rected to NEW YORK WEEKLY NE WS, Box 3,7b5, novlß-tf Nne York City /keel Office. MERCHANTS A!Y1) PLANTERS WILL FIND IT TO THIILl! AD VANTAGE TO CALL ON US BEFORE MAKING THEIR BILLS. V WE HAVE IN STORE, 100.000 LBS. BACON CLEAR It. SIDES. 25.000 LBS. BACON SHOUL DERS. 10.000 LBS. BELLIES. 50.000L85. FLOUR, nil gmilps. j r>oo ROLLS 2i BAGGING. 10.000 LBS. ARROW TIES. 10 BALES TWIN L. JOHNSON &. [Til .OIINStIN & ; iTII; Have, anl are hlliti i ■ > very low figures : 100 BOXES TOBACLO, ill grades. 100 BBLH. VVIIISK i 150 BULS. SUGAR. 50 BBLS. MOLASS ■■. * 100 BALES HA V. 1.000 BUSHELS CORN. Together with a full si"!; <>l all all goods in our line of lnisinerM. ms tr Brown’s Hotel, MACON. GA. | K long experience and a thoimigh l.nowl I edge of the business In all il illvcinillnl branches are essential to the keeping that which the public has long heard of hut hlum w, A GOOD lIOTl’l,, the undersigned flatter thcmselve llnd, Ihuy are fully competent to discharge their obliga tions to their patrons; but they arc not only experienced in hotel keeping, they modestly would claim to have the BEBT ARRANGED and MOBT COMPLETE LY AND EXPENSIVELY FURNISHED house throughout, In the State, which is locu ted exactly where everybody would have it sit uated IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT AND ADJACMINT TO THE RASSENGKIt DEPOT, where travelers can enjoy the most sleep and less liable to bo left by the perplcxingly constant departure of the trains. To all these important advantages is added a TABLE that is well supplied with the heat and choicest dishes the eity and country can afford : nor would they omit to mention that their servants, trained to the hii-.iiie- s, have never been surpassed for polltcm- and atten tion fit guests. For the truth of these statements, we refer the public to our patrons Who reeide In every State in the Union. E. E. BROWN A SON, Proprietors. Macon, Ga. , April 15, 1872. 78-101 DAVIS SMI' .H, (HuffCHhor t/> the lftlo firm of Hinilii, Wu tuott. <Sc Cos., and of Smith, MHJliDdum & Cos.) MANUFACTURER AND IT.A.'IV SADDLES. HARNESS, BRIDLES, SADDLERY AND HARNESS HARDWARE, Carriage Materials, Leather of all finds, hoc Findings, Children’s Carriages, RUBBER, OM BAND*, ETC,, Together with every article usually kept in a haddleryluraw. 109 U’HEBHY NT., BBACOA, GA 1W I FOK THE FALL AND WINTER TRADE 2 a /V.WTOIV Ac I r r i : , • Hi Street, (!\>xt Bour (o ff.uwlon V Willingham.) pr pared In furbish the Lrado with (JCtOCEiKHiti. PltfiriNloiM, I'MM ATIffY SI PPI.IPN, BAG UI.YM, THIS, f! IT., on ft* iv.i mmkiMo terms us any house In Georgia. W> will keep constantly on hand, BACON: LARD, (•'< >KN, OATS, HAY, SUGAR, COFFEE, BAGGING and TI/ES, and a general assort ment of s’,it !i .M l; m arc kept in a first class Grocery House. Give ns a call. We are.running the IMGLDFIjOIJUING JUII.LS, and direct-special attention to our “CHOICE,” “EXTRA,” “FAMILY” Flours. They will be found exactly adapted to the trade, and we guarantee every barrel to give satisfaction. Our prices are as low us those of the same grades can be bought In the South. CORN ME VL, bolted and unbolted, always on hand, of our own make and of the beet quality. 120-188 H. BANDY & CO. TANARUS N AND MII3.ET I RON ROOFING, ~ Bitteriifc, Flmtfu ail Bepairiii, iIP ! i “ ,w> n y TIN AND GALVANIZED IRON CORNICES (* n i ■ 1 1 j j \ lq \ Executed :it short notice and satisfaction \ IJ \ y I guaranteed. j) \ i 1 No. I<> Tliinl Street, Maeon, lilt. I | Piutieulnrifftmtlmi given to Guttering put up V V >vlth V ' WOODRUFF’S \ IMI’IiYI' lit VII FANTfiNINGN. its-augtt IMPROVED GIS GEAE. ;■ tGW. iiP : IISEDBB 4 , OfMII HORSE POWER n ?s no m orro!! ,n i .1 Uoor has no Nvl I:mO, u, /. Kliitf Post of Iron and all 5 tiii* wo)’ 1 • !i• dto iron. I t ..4 \i , i , \\ T f> T< > Hf’N T'Vl • 1 V I’! V I , .il l. ! ION II K THAN ANY OTHI.-i '• ovi ■{ ; W • • * 'all and <• for yoilil--If. 1 mild ,4 im i , ' t i \ Mini •!. ... r . *, i.m •>v *nt -u, tin* work wii Hi ■ i . • din ' i'.,N i <it ui'M; i‘ All Ivin is of M ..’hii, rt timilc and i-i anv ■ at :l B WOICK, l(i i-, • Uio i . .I. • aeon <. oigiu BROWNE &ALIEETI No. 8 Cotton Avenue, Is the place where all the differ ent styles of pictures are made at greatly reduced prices. W. <fc E. P. TAYLOR, Cor. Cotton Avenue und Cherry Street, DEALERS IN Firnii, mm, rugs, OU, OI.OTIIS, WINDOW SHADES, etc. ’ : ‘ ’ OBt&Satm - " ; 'V' -tt ■/' - , -- Metaiic Burial Cases Sc Caskets, Fine and Plain Wood Coffins and Caskets. 79tf 2 ; a by Telegraph promptly attended to. _ JA JWi 11. DLOfJST. ISAAC HARDEMAN. iii,oi;vr a. iiabokmaai, ATTORNEYS AT SLAW, MACON, GEORG’A. OFFICE, at entranco Ralston Hall, Cherry street. 49-360 Barber Shop For Rent. rpriE Basement room, formerly occupied by 1 Mike Napier, In Brown’s Hotel building Is for rent. This is one of the best stands for a Barber Shop In the city. Apply to *ep26tf BROWN’S HOTEL. Volume I. —Number 202 INMAN LINE 1 Steamship Companv dispatch ‘wo i ßeam era per week. The qulckeat tim coo* acroL the Atlantic. Kvery comfort aud^ v " r f ;;t''BT"v&N. p^nt.