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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, December 26, 1872, Image 4

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The Daily Enterprise. n ito\, UA., ■>:'. ns, iNa. St. Thoma*' Day. December 21 at was St. Thomas’ D-y- Ht. Thomas is regarded a* the (tatrori saint of architect* and bulldera. A pretty, re ligious parable comes to us in this con nection. When St Thomas was at (,'a a ria the Savior appeared to him and told him to go to Oondorfus, the King of the Indies, who was looking for workmen to build him a liner palace than that of the Emperor's at Home. The money St. Thomas got for the building of the palace he dstrihuted among (he poor. The King had been absent in a distant country, and when be returned and found wind St. Tbeuiaa had doue lie ordered him to I < thrown into prison. The King • ft■ ’' ■ r in the meantime died, and ulter being id fonr days appeared to Qondorliet and told hlui he had seen In heaven the palm 1 si. Themae bad built with the King money. Hi. Themae was, of course, released from prison and appropriately lectured IheKin;- II is said that the Saint suflcrcd niaityi among the Indians at Mnlapooi. and vaa burled in a church erected by him in that city. Christiana and Hnraceu* make pilgrimages lo th* place, and ii i,c h - are wrought at the tomb The band the a|>oatle put Into the Havinui - 11!.ei til* Hcsurrecli*n is placed in 11 Ve el Iwaide the tomb, and the story is licit when the merchants in the province dispute about business, each disputant id , it bis story on paper, both paper- me pbc , and in the Saint's baud and the hau l tlnow - aaide that paper wliicb lias li e unjust version of the trouble. In Kilglaml Hole used to boa custom among the poor peo pie in tiie country pails of going n-uml on St. Thomas' Day to collect nine- The day was, therefore, In some places culled “Dolsling Day" nad in otliera "Mumping Day " This custom still prevails in Sial fordabire,where representatives Iroui eveiy parish go 011 wbal they call a goodiug, wliicb means going in quest of alms In the sum* county also the 'SI Thomas Dole' is still given 011 the Sunday nearest lb* festival Itself The dole is part nl the ooiitrihulions given by the wealthy to the elsrgyman of the parish tor distribution. Tiie old custom of rtrnking praying ex pi dilions on Ht. Tboinas' Day prescribed that the recipient of an uluis should give to the donor a sprig of holly or mistletoe. U 1,0011 as Dirt.—Attention having been drawn by Professor Pantltu, of the Uul varsity of Copenbageu, to Hie amount of nutritious matter contained in blood and usually entirely lost. Dr Nelson, of that city, lias been endeavoring to solve the problem of fixing blood in (bruts suit able for food, ami at the annul time capa ble of preservation, namely : First, ns sausages, puddings und cakes—being mixed witli fat meal, sugar, salt, and a few spices—to serve as a much cheaper compensation or substitute for meat, and intended moro especially for the use of the pouter classes; und, second, ns blood chocolate, more especially suitable to be used in hospitals, ns w ell as otherwise in niodleul practice, in which latter form it lias been recommended by Prof, l’uiititn, at u mooting of physicians at Copenhagen, nud is uow being employed in some of (lie hospitals of that oily. (ioorgia bus twenty-four cotton mills. NO XTOXMDBTTGS- ! 3 50 COOKING - STOVES! STEWARTSmTOtMI .jy SOUTH. BOX and OFTICR STOVES. GRATES, GRATES. BASDWAira, Pocket and Table Cutlery, Hollow Wair, /motion and WILLOW WARE. TIN WARE. OLIVER, DOUGLASS & CO., No. 42 Third Street, Macon, Georgia, 179-iBftHHl _ __ __ HTSURE YOUR LIFE! Provide tor those dependent upon you.lhy ..<1 i • "ulitia ry business transactions. ' Insure Your Life in a Company under the nmna ment of reliable business men, who understand their business, and wh * previous suc cess is a guarantee for future safety. Insure Your Lift in a Company that selects its ri; iu:viufly, and seeks no increase of business without that regard to safety. Insure Your Lift in a Company whoso mortality 1 expenses are small. Insure Your Lift in a Company whose extent of < .-eta r ■ c-avrs a surface that s< cures the advantages of average inert a: y. Insure Your Life in a Company that makes no < b ">vti risks taken either North or South. Insure Your Lift in a Company whew operatic: ;... alarly sub ject to the strict investigation of State Department . N . > >uth and West. Insure Your Lift in a Southern Con pevrj, that m you every advantage offered by either Northern or Western C . with this addition, that it is truly a Home Company, and u * i iv< tments in the State from which it dtrives its revenues. Insure Your Life in a Southern Company, \\’> . . a> mode rate ns any good Company, whose management is : inival, invest ments safe, reserve ample, surplus abundant, and wh • always pay their losses promptlr. Seek such a Companv, and you will fuel in the PIEDMONT & ARLINGTON MIT. IN SIT AN E COMPANY of Virginia, all that you • and ! secure the l<enef.v • ' !*r yourselt and your dependents, there! i , Insure Your Life in the Pjetoit 4 Arlilffl Life iasrace Cciipy if Fa.. Branch otlice 92 Mulberry Street, Macon Go. T. STANLEY BECKWITH & SON, General Ag-uts. JOS. A. ROGERS. Tncnl Agent. Browns Hotel, MACON. GA. rF long rxprrinx • : i Ji know)- 1 edge of the buin null i' diverniflcd hrarn 1i r lire cMncntial to th> !.■ ning that which the public lam long h< /• j' hi,! -' I m a i; 011:1 , the umlcndgned I!..tier 1. •1m that they urn fully competent to >'• it. i ilicir obliga tion* to Un ir puliout i tin • riot only experienced in hof.-l Ib* y modestly would claim toha I BEST ARRANGED * < ‘ MRLKTE i.Y AND EXPEN; IV, VI t KN1P1IKI) liouhc throughout, in I'd -Mate, which in loca ted exactly where cm-, .-It would have It #it uated IMMEDIATELY IK i I) A 1 ACKNT TO TIIK I* At*. - <j II DEl’O'l. where traveler* can < 1 >y •)> and Ima liable to hr bjl b) th ,i. > rotihLant departure of the imi: To all the r lino": ’ • , i- ud(Jcd a TABEK that L a . iih the hot mid choirci t dihlr -i . niintry ran litlord : lUir would r • I < Idiou that their nervuiibi, tr h< have never been mitjm id .mil attrn lilMl to gUl'rlK For thr truth of 1i• ■ < ♦, we refer the pnhllc to our j atr ■- i -Idr in every Bt.itc in the Union. E. E BKOV. i’ .p.lrtor*. Macon,Ga., April 7H 104 l ltc Great IN ! unial, im: m . vokn WFKK I, V N K \VS. BENJ. WOOD, Ei I Proprietor. A Mammoth Eight Pi Sheet, Fifty six Columns of Hi a in;; M titer. % Contain* alt tin w •< <, f mcigti, domehtic, po litical und trrneral,wltli full und reliable market report*. Each number ulso contains several abort rtorie.M, und u gnat variety of literary, agricultural and k i-n ti:i inattrr, etc , etc., constituting, It Is ronliilrnlly u-serted, the most complete weekly n \ paper in till.* country. . TERMS, $2 A YEAR. limliktiiioiKs Cos (lulls: Five copies, one year $ 00 Ten copies, one year, ai.d an e\tiu copy to the aemlor 15 00 Twenty tuple* one u t:, and an extra copy to Bender 25 00 Fifty eopicM one year, and an extra copy to sender 55 00 Partin m ruling • ’ < . >j ntuiii 20 jHrrmf. of flu v//<>< / , as tom lumxtUum. lVnon* with specimen bund’ , v p dun'll <T*pie**ent free to anv add re \\\ lett* i lionla be di reefed U> NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWS, Box : 1,705, novld tf \ V : ' v /b.s/ OJfhr. THE ENTER PPT^E JOB t* mi*r 11 m c ESTABLISHMENT IH now PHEPARED TO EXECUTE ALL KINDS OF PRINTING! SUCH AH GAUDS, BILL HEADS, Cl ItCUEARS, LETTER HEADS, STATEMENTS, BILLS OF FARE, NOTE HEADS, INVITATION CARDS, HAND BILLS, DODGERS, ETC., ETC., And in a ulylo equal to tiny. Extensive additions are daily being made to our STOCK AND MATERIAL Whu i very effort will be made to render satisfaction unto all who may favoi ns witli their jmtaonags. PROMPTNESS! IN THE EXECUTION AND DELIVERY OF ALL WORK. CHEAPNESS! AT AN REASONABLE PRICES AS CAN BE DONE SOUTH OF MASON AND DIXON’S LINE. NEATNESS! OUR WORK IS GUARANTEED TO GIVE SATISFACTION IN THIS PARTICULAR, AND WE CHALLENGE THE STATE TO EXCEL US. Address, I jin<‘K Wing- %r PROPRIETORS, MACON, GA. PRINTING It ha* linn tin* custom licittofurc, ami will probably remain so to a great extent, for our merchants and business men generally to send North to have their printing done, simply because it can lie done there at a little lower figure than here. If our people would discontinue patronising such men, they would soon see the policy, if not the jus tice, in having their work done at home. Calicos are not manufactured in the South, and hence tlie merchant must send where it is made, but here we have printing offices all around us, doing work at a very small advance on northern prices, and still the work is sent away. We hope* the time is not for distant when our merchants will awake to their in terests and patronize home institutions. It is a wrong practice and | should be condemned. FREE TO BOOK AGENTS An Klegaatlv Hound I'anvnss ing Hook for Ibo best und cheapest Family Bible ever published, will be sent free of charge to any book agent. It contains nearly 500 line Scripture illustrations, and ageubs are meet ing with unprecedented success. Address, stating experience, etc., and we will show you wliat our agents are doing, .'VVI'IO.A AI. IM II,ISIIIA< CO., Memphis,Teun., or Atlanta, tia. A i t L> vrpu'l s>()MKTIIIN(j NKIV, b ial- A"l 1 f? | nrlii-les, sell at fight. ■, , j -and one sample TTltlllOllv J free. .. . Vnrl, Muaul.e lu, ing Cos., 21 Courtland St.,. V. DON’T ll‘ Deeeivedy but for coughs, colds, *orc throat, hoursenuss and bronchial dillleultie.s, WELLS’ CARBOLIC TABLETS WortlileMß imilaaionw arc on tiie market, but the only bdentilic preparation of Carbolic Arid for is w hen eliem icully combined with other well known reme dies, as in these tablets, and all parties are cautioned against any other. In sill of irritation of the mucous membrane these tablets should he freely used, their cleansing and healing properties are as tonishing. 11#“ wfi i*nocl a utt-rr /irt/h'rf n eo/if, it is ea sily cured in its incipient state, when it becomes chronic the cure is exceedingly difficult, use Wells’ Carbolic Tablet- a.- a specific. .JOHN ty KKI.LOdO, is Platt St., New York, 4w Sole Air* nt for Uniiec State-. Price ‘-5 cents a box. ml for Circular. \ \ VI sell the MK.VHHU <;l ‘hOGKlt BKOgKK TANEY, Chi-i ,Justice of tin-Supreme Court of the Ciiit•.*(•!>tat>'S. J - No hoi.!; heretofore published in the country throws so much 1 ii*lit upon our Constitutional and Political History It is a work of extraordinary inlere.-t and of permanent value to the Historian, tie- Lawyer, Statesman, the Politician, and every class of ; intelligent reader- V ' sold by Subscription only —K.xe’usivv T* mior uiwe. Ko r Terms, d'ANKY —Life of Gen. LKK, etc , address at once, MCKPIIV W CU., Bublisbers, Baltimore. lo Kvlo |*4*i* nioiiih, every w here, male ami teinale, to intnaluer the HKM'JNK IMPOYKi; CcM.MON SKNSE SE W JMr MACHINE. This machine will i-titch, hem, fcli, tuck, juilt, cord, hind, Droid, and embroider in a most superior manner Price only sls. Euil licenced and warranted tor live years. We will pa\ SI,OOO for ai y machine that will sew a stronger, more beautiful, or more elastic seam than ours. It makes the “Elastic Lock Stitch.” Every second 'stitch can be cut, and still the cloth cannot be pulled apart without tearing it. We pay Asemts— Wanted agents from $75 to $250 per month and ex penses, or a commission from which twice that amount can be made. Address SECO.MB A: CO., Boston , Mom., Pittsburgh , Pa., Chicago, JII ., or St. himis % Mo. St. Clair Hotel, Baltimore, Md. This New and Beautiful Hotel is wow open to the public. Located on MONUMENT SQUARE, convenient alike to the business man and the tourist. It is the only hotel in Bal timore embracing elevator, suits of rooms with baths, and ail other conveniences. To accommodate Merchants, Commercial Travelers and others, the rates will be £2 per (lay for rooms on the fourth and fifth lloors, making the difference on account of the eleva tion. Ordinary transient rates for lower rooms, per day. Guests desiring to take advantage of the above rates will please notify the clerk before rooms are assigned. An improved elevator for the use of the guests is constantly running, from G a. m. until 11 p. m. HARRY H. FOGLE, Mam ger. < Farms! Free Heines! ON the line of the UNION PACIFIC RAIL ROAD. 1.,000,000 acres of the best Farming and Mineral Lands in America. 58,000,000 Acres in Nebraska, in the Platte Valley, now for sale. Mild Climate, Fertile Soil, for Grain growing and Stock Raising unsur passed by any in the United States. Cheaper in Price, more favorable terms given, and more convenient to market than can be found elsewhere. Free Homesteads for Actual Settlers. The best location for Colonies—Soldiers en titled to a Homestead of KiO Acres. Send for the new Descriptive Pamphlet, with new maps, published in English, German, Swedish and Danish, mailed free everywhere. Address, O. F. DAVIS, Land Com’r U. P. U. R. Cos., Omaha, Neb. 1 It is not a physic which may give temporary reliefto tliesutierer for the tiis-t few closes, but which, from continued use brings Piles and kindred diseases to aid In weakening the inval id, nor is it a doctored liquor, which, under the popular name of “Bitters” is so extensively painted otf’on the public as soveregn remedies, but it is a most powerful Tonic :inl all or ill iv pronounced so by the leading medical authorities of London and Paris, and has been long used by the regular physicians of other countries with wonderful remedial re sults. Dr. Well’s Extract of Jrnilela, retains all the medicinal virtues peculiar to the plant and must be taken as a permanent cura tive agent Im tlirir want of notion in your I.lvor and Spleen V Unless relieved at once, the blood becomes impure by deleterious secretions, producing scrofulous or skin dis ease, Blotches, Felons, Pustules, Canker, Pim ples, &e., ike. Take Jnriibrim to cleanse, purify and restore the vitiated blood to healthy action, llnv r you a Dyspeptic Stomach ? I nless digestion is promptly aided the svstem is debilitated with loss of vital force, poverty of flic Blood, Dropsical Tendency, General Weak ness or Lassitude. Take it to assist Digestion without reaction, it will impart youthful vigor to the weary suf ferer. Harr you WcakneM of llie In. leslines? You are in danger of Chronic Diarrhoea or the dreadful inflammation of the Bowels. Take to allay irritation and ward off tenden cy to inflammation? Have you weaknew* of llie I - or I rin ary OrgausV You must procure instant relief or vou are liable to j suffering worse than death. Take it to strengthen organic weakness or life becomes a burden. Finally it should be frequently Liken to keep the system in perfect health or you are other wise in great danger of malarial, miasmatic or contagious diseases. JOHN Q. KELLOGG, IS Platt St., New York, Sole Agent for the United Suites. Price Cine Dollar per bottle. Send for Circular. THOMSON’S WOULD KLSOWXED PATENT (i LOVE FITTING CORSET No CORSET has ever enjoyed such a world wide popularity. The demand for them is constantly increas ing. because mnmmsk tion i An* Handsome, Durable, Economical aud ! A PERFECT FIT. Ask for THOMSON'S GENUINE GLOVE FITTING, everv Corset being stamped with the name THOMSON, and the trade-mark a ' Crown. SoU\ by all Fint-Class Realm. 16$ IW. ‘Hand Ntfump*” all varieties. Circulars ree. ti* Mun led. W. 11. H. Davis & Cos. Mfrs. 70 Nassau, N. Y. 4w BUHDERSi HIM Catalogue on Building. A. J. Bickxki.l ik C0.,27 Warrea Bt., N.*Y. 4w BAILROA D TIME SCHEDULE. Ciiangc of Schedule. SCI’KKINTH>:DKNT’S OFFICE, j tkii'Tii-Western Kailboab Cos., > Macon, Gu., June 13, 1871. ) ON and after Sunday, ltttli hist., Passenger Trains on this Bond, will be run as fol lows : PAY EITAVI.A I‘ASHENGKK TRAIN. Leave Mueon .... 8:00 a. m. Arrive at Eufauia . . . 4:4i l*. M. Arrive ut Clayton . . . 0:15 r. M. Arrive at Albui ... ~:40 i. m. Arrive at Fort (i lm s . . 4:40 p. m. Comieelimc wiMi the Albany Branch Train at Smithvilie and with 1 *: t Caines Brunch Train at Cutlibei t daily. Leave Clayton . 7:20 a. m. Leave Eufauia . . . 8:50 a. m. Leave Fort Gain . . 8:05 A. M. Leave Albany .... 10:45 a. m. Arrive at Macon . . . 5:25 r. M. ELF AULA NIGHT FHEIGIIT ANI) ACCOMMODA TION TRAIN. Leave Mueon .... 0:10 p. m. Arrive at Enfaulu . . 10:20 a. m. Arrive ut Albany . . . 0:45 a. M. Ai rive at 1 < rt <>■ . . 11:52 a. m. Connect t Sn.illiville with Albany Train on Monday, 'i't.esii \ bur. da\ and Friday nielits, and at ‘Cut!;!" i! tJ j, Tuesday and Thuasday.— No train h-toe.-- • !i .^;itid(i;t\ niulit.-. Leave Euhuila . 5:15 P. M. Leave Aibiuiy ... 8:40 l\ m. L'-ave Fi i t 11.':. . . 1:10 I*. M. Arrive at Macon . . . 5:20 A. M. Otl.l MIU'S DAY I'AS-ENGI B TRAIN. Leave M icon .... 5:45 a. M. Arrive at Cidumbus . . . 11:15 a m. Leave ('olnmliu- . . . 4:10 I'. M. Arrive ;it Macon . . 0:35 p. m. VIRGIL POWEHB, 00-1 y Engineer and duperintemlent. Oh nge of Sclietlule. WIOSTF.ItN ,k AT) ANTIC RAILKOAD, I Atlanta, Ga., April 17,1872. I Oil and alter the 21st Instant Train (outward) leaves Atlanta *8:30 a. m., Cmiueelintr at Kingston with THROUGH FAST LINE TO NEW ORLEANS Day Passenger NEW' YORK FAST LINE leave Atlanta 4:05 p m , Connecting at Dalton with EAST TENNESSEE THROUGH LINE TO NEW YORK TIME 4> Hours 30 MINUTES! Night Passenger Fast Line to New York, leaves Atlanta 11:10 i\ m., via East Tennessee and Georgia, at Dalton, or NASHVILLE & OUATTAttOOOA AT CHATTANOOGA TIME 54 HOURS. Day Passenter (inward) through from New York via East Tennessee, Arrives at Atlanta 3:50 p. M. Night Passenger (inward) through from New York via East Tennessee or Louisville, Arrives at Atlanta 1:30 A. M. E. B. WALKER, Master Traysporatiotn. Change of Schedule. OX MACON AND AUGUSTA KAILROAD. FORTY-ONE MILES SAVED IN DISTANCE Office Macon and Augusta Railroad, ) Macon, May 18, 1872. f ON and after Sunday, May 10, 1872, and un til further notice, the trains on this Road will run as follows: DAY TRAIN —DAILY (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). Leave Augusta 11.00 a. m. Leave Macon G. 30 a. m. Arrive at Augusta 2.45 p. m. Arrive at Macon 7.40 p. m. t-Sf*Passengers leaving Macon at 0.00 a. m make close connection at Camak with day pas senger trains on the Georgia Railroad for At lanta and all points West; also, for Augusta, with trains going North, and with trains for Charleston; also, for Athens, Washington, and all stations on the Georgia Railroad s3F~Tickcts sold and baggage chuned to all points North, both by rail and by steamships from Charleston. 24 lv S. K. JOHNSON Suo’t,. THE “LIGHT A “DOMKOTIO” S. TIT. CC>„ % Chambers St., New York, or Atlanta. Ga 122-200 L. T. WHITCOMB, Agt., IMPORTER AND DEALER IN West Mia Fruits, Tepta'tas, HAY, I5 Vn, IIA I', BT<\, 99 BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, CE'JROIA 107-185 Arrival and (Hosing of Dlallil .. „ . Arrive. Close. Macon ik Augusta R. R. Way and Milledgeville 7:40 1*. m. 7 p.m. Augusta and Carotinas ' 7 M ’ Macon & Brunswick 3:25p.m. 7a m Macon and Atlanta and West ern States (Night Train).,7:3oa. m. 4:3opm (Day Train) 0:10p. m. 6:loam Muscogee K. K. Way Colum , bus Cr. m. 7p.m. i S. W. R. K. (Day Train) 4:35 r. m. 7a.m. I Americus and Eufaula(Night Train) 7 p.m. C. R. R. Way Savannah and Northern (Day Train) 4:51p.m. 7 a.m. ; Northern, Savannah and Ea ton (Night Train) 5:15 a. m. 5:20 pm 1 Hawkinsville daily (Sundays excepted 10:30 a.m. 2fm Clinton—Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday 12 m. 12:30 pm : Jetlersonvillc and Twiggs villc, Wednesday 7 a. m. ■ Wednesday 2:25 p. INDIAN SPRINGS. ELDER HOUSE. ELDKK A SOY, Proprietor. Tills well-known hon?c is now open to all . "ko wish to visit the far-famed Indian Spring. Tlie Hotel Is nearer the Spring than any other, with pleasant andshadv walks lead ing thereto. KATES OF BOARD. For Day S2OO One Week 10 00 One Month 145 00 Children aud servants half price. ttf ELDER & SON. BYINGTON’S HOTEL, FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA, IS VIIE UREA Ii FAST IKK *1: For the Train from Savannah, Augusta and Ma con to Columbus. di v>i:u iioi si: For the Train from Eufaula and Albany to Macon. SI PPER HOOF Fr the Train from Columbus to Macon Sa vannah and Augusta. Large comfortable Rooms with Fire places and every Convenience. ILL 190 MACON BUSINESS DIRECTOR WholcHulc Grovers, a< . Burdick brothers, Third sue., tween Cherry and l’ojdar. ' t( ' W. trJ[L FK ’ Tlllrdßtrcct 'Wbmv T AWTON & BATES, FuuitlTstrYt~T to J-uwtou A Wllllnghsins. ' “‘j 1 ' IV A- MAGRATH, IlolllngewortiTiiTk • Poplar Btreet, near Fourth. ' UrnggisiK, G‘Macon, ■ W-lti R. Avenue LL ’ con,er of snd Cy , Hunt, Rankin a lamak, n„. sg„, lliM Cherry-street. """y TNO. INGALLS, corner Poplar aud 1-, f J street, Hollingsworth block, ‘ I'aiiry Grocers. \\ T P. CARLOS, No. SC, Mulb.w-.trr.., it • opposite the Lanier House. Sewing; Hnchints, r> J. ANDERSON, Howe Sewin- v l • chine, < otton Av< uue. Hotels. I )RO\VN HOUSE—E. E. BLOWN a s , n ±J Proprietors, Opp Passenger l)i |-,.i "a qpotswood-t. it Harris; h,, , ..,, . O Opposite Passenger Depot. lloiimo and Xski l*ainteix w*a AM r Alturnvys :iI I OIIN IS. WEEMS, Olliee, Ral.b.nV tj over liasdal s. f| ®r WOOTEN, Olliee, 8S Wa, hj,,.,. „ • block, up stairs. {1 M. R* GERRY, Olliee, Court lii.use AO. BACON, Office, 86 cherrv-ttreut. • _ ' r B. GKEBI-lAM, olliee No ii-i y X berry street \ W 1 \venue STI u * ll(, e No. 21 ttu u i*liytlclui r F u ' , AIASON > Dftlee, over First Nui.u,; JL • Bank. Jewelers ami Wateh -llai.eris JII. OTTO, under Spotswood Hotel * If Honite l'lirnishing Goods Stox-csi, .Ve, OLD LL, DOL GLASS .V CO., Third Street between Cherry aud Mulberry. n Shoe Dealers. A 1 UV * KIRI LAND, 7* Cotton Avenue, l>i XtX Hurd Street. y PnriUMrje, Ac. W TAYLOR, corner of Colton Tvs Avenue and Cherry-streets. u Harness, Ac. I>ERND BROS., Third Street, between f ( berry and Mulberry -streets. tl Booksellers, Stationers, .V<-. l>RO*\N & Cos., 4U Second Street. ±L Music, Ac. D ’T ANDERSON, Music, Cotton Avenue. it * IKK Guilford, wood a ca.YT .\7uii7rn VjT Street. Hardware. j ( t AKHAIIT & CURD, No. 05 and 07 Churn V_y Street. * Dr. Crook’s Wine of Tar. 10 YEARS PUBLIC TEST a&jMfck' Dr. Crook’s WINE TAB To have more incrit than all j similar prepii 1:1- lion ever ollriTil l<> It is i-leh in the niedieinal qnai ilies of Tar, and unequalcd for diseas es of the Throat and Lmifjs per forming tiie most remarkable cures. Coughs, Colds, Chronic Coughs, It effectually cures tlirm all- Asthma and Bronchitis. lias cured so many cases it has been pronounced . speeiiic for these complaints. Tor pains in Breast Side or Bark (•ravel or Kidney Disease. Disenses of the l-'rinary Organ*, ■laundire or any .Liver Cam plain It lias no equal- It is also a superior Tonic. Kestores Hie Appeliie, Strengthens the System. Kestores llie Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to'Digest, Kemoves Dyspepsia and Indigestion, : Prevents Malarious Fevers, Dives lone to your System. Tr- Dr. Crook’s Wine of Tar. PURIFY YOUR BLOOD* For Scrofula, Scrofa- V lous Diseases of lb* Eyes, or Scrofula i" aP* any form. Any disease or eruption of JJ*® the Skin, disease of the Liver Rheumatism, Pimples, Old gTA Sores, Ulcers, Broket)-down ©dkg. Constitutions, Syphilis, or an.' disease depending on a deprav condition of the blood, try DR. CROOK S SYRI P OF v fiPoke Root, yjrf It has the medical proper!; of Poke combined with a pre paration ot Iron which goes a-. y/ once into the blood, perform ing the most rapid and wonderful cures Ask your Druggist for Dr. Crook's Com pound Syrup of Poke Boot—take it and -e healed. DOWIE, MOISE & DAVIS. Charleston, S C., Wholesale Agent? 31-Iy For Dr. Crook’s Keinedi* BOARD. IT will be to the interest or boarders to j'U> to this office, as reasonable board ““1",., ant up stairs rooms can be obtained to summer months in a delightful portion y •ity.