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Columbian centinel. (Augusta, Ga.) 18??-????, December 13, 1806, Image 4

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POETICAL SELECTIONS. NUTTING. A much admired song, as sung by Mrs. Moun tain, at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. AUTUMN shews the careful swain ’Tis time unto the golden grain, The sickle to be putting; And gaily in the hazel shades, See all the village men and ma ; ds, Each ev'ning a Nutting. A Nutting, GT c. " Dear, dear!” cries aged Tabatha, “ Where can the girls be gone to-day ? “ 1 cannot keep my slut in ; 11 Let me say whatsoe’er I will, •• Behold the spinning-wheel stands still, •* ’Tis all the plaguy Nutting?” This Nutting, ifc. “ Zounds !” quoth the farmer, " where is Dick “ The night is coming on us quick, “ ’Tis time the Sheep were shut in; “ But I must fold ’em I suppose, ‘‘ While this young idle rascal goes With Margery a Nutting.” A Nutting, Lc. “ But Polly’s pocke f full betrays, “ And what is that” her mother says “ On either side so jutting? “ ’Tis no use hussy to deny— “ Or tiil in vain a wicked lie, “ You know you’ve been a Nutting.” A Nutting, (Jfc, In winter, round the cheering fire, At eve the villagers retire, Content some humble hut in ; And crack their Nuts and reckon o’er, How many months will be before, Again the time of Nutting. Os Nutting, Ufc. Singular Military Hpftcarance ! At Portland, in the district of Maine, lieutenant Ingraham was lately tried by a Court-Martial for punishing one Noah Harding, a private in his com pany, !:y taking his arms and accou trements from him, putting him under guard, marching him thro’ the town, and placing him in public view on a Wooden Horse erected for the Pur pose, See....ln the lieutenant’s defence before the Court, aft r detailing a num ber of provocations given by the said Noah Harding, he thus describes Har ding's ludicrous appearance in the ranks 'on the parade :.... “ It is fully proved by the testimony that in pursuance of previous threats made as public as possible, Noah Har ding, the complainant, did appear on parade, on the said muster day, in a dress that could not fail to excite pub lic ridicule and derision, and which was intended and stupidly belirred by him to throw odium and contempt upon the company to which he belongs, and on his proper officers. It is fully proved by the same witnesses, that he appear ed wearing a pair of spectacles of an unusual size and appearance, fastened round his head with black ribbon or some!liing resembling it, and it fully appears that spectacles of any kind are not usually worn by him, neither were they such as could assist or relieve the sight of any person to whom specta cles might be necessary....and it is ve ry apparent that those were not intend ed for any such purpose, but were pro cured not to relieve the sight, and could be only fit to decorate the forehead of Noah Harding; that he wore a straw hat with a yellow band procured for the occasion....that over a white neck hand kerchief of the usual kind, he wore a bandanna handkerchief, so called, twist ed up to the resemblance of a cord that he wore three waistcoats of unu sual and unequal lengths, all of different colors, in such a manner as to expose them to view as much as possible; and to render his appearance still more ri diculous and contemptible each waist coat was confined with only one or two buttons at the breast, so that they might be easily blown about by the wind that having either very long suspenders or none at all, his pantaloons filled up his boots so as to make his appearance awkward beyond description....and had it not been for !he length of his waist coats he must have exhibited at his waistband an appearance exceedingly indecent it not obscene. His canteen was very awkwardly hung upon him with a profusion of what is called qual ity binding, which further decorated his dress with long strings or bows.... His b"ots had been kept for a number of Weeks in his cellar, in order to contract a mould which might render them a suitable addition tb the other parts of his dress....he carried what he called a knapsack, but which was rather a bag, or pack of unusual size whimsically painted and marked No. which was a very large salt fish selected on account of its size from a pile of ten quintals, so large that the tail of the fish appeared above his shoulders out of the mouth of the bag,” Sec. &c. SOMERVILLE. THIS valuable and desirable Retreat, containing upwards of 3000 acres of land, lying on the heights of Rae’s creek, within five miles of Augus ta, may be had on Lease or Purchase, and possession giv’tyr the first day of January. ALSO, To be Sold or Leased, On liberal terms, the Old Court Housa lot, on the bay, near Mr. Harris’s—and a lot on the back street, at present oc cupied by Mr. T. C. Russell. Apply to John B. Wilkinson, Esq. in the ab sence of SEABORN JONES. October 25. 13 NOTICE NINE months after the date hereof, application will be made to the honorable the Inferior court for the county of Burke, for leave to sell all the real estate ot Thomas Spights, late of said county deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. CHARLES WARD, Adm’r. November 22, 1806. 18 Notice is hereby given, THAT after the expiration of nine months, from the date hereof, an application will be made for the divi sion ol the estate of Elizabeth Chad wick, lute of Richmond county dec. by the heirs of said dec. Tomas Everingham. July 12, 1806. 55 Book Binding . THE Subscriber informs his friends and the public, that he has Just received a supply of MATERIALS for BINDING, and still continues to carry on the above business in all its various branches, with neatness and dispatch ; all orders left at this office will be thankfully re ceived and duly attended to; —Also, Merchants Account Bo#ks of every des cription elegantly ruled and bound to any pattern, either plain or with patent iron backs. William Butler. November 15. 17— NINE months afterdate, application will be made to the honorable the ; Inferior Court of Richmond county, for i leave to sell a tract of land lying in said county, containing 245 acres, more or less, on Boggy Brach, belonging to the estate of Benjamin Davis, dec. and sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deceased. ANN BARTON, Adm'x. November 8, 1806. 16 WILL BE HIRED, At the market-house in Augusta, oy Thurs day the Is? of January, 1807, EIGHT NEGROES, BELONGING to Thomas Walton, the son of the late Robert Walton, dec. Thomas Glascock, Guardian. December 6, 1806. 20 CAUTION! IT has been discovered that consider able depredation has been commit ted upon the Pine lands in possession of Mrs. Walton, near Augusta, and back of Meadow Garden. Any person who may hereafter be found trespassing on the said lands, will be proceeded against as the law directs. Air. John Savage is now put in charge of the wood-land, and has been request ed to render information of any further trespasses. Anderson Watkins, Agent. December 6, 1806. 20 FOR SALE, A Chair & Harness, Complete.—Apply at this office. December 6. 20 AUGUSTA fc? SAVANNAH Line of Stages. THE Augusta and Savannah line of Stages will be continued by the subscriber, who trusts his unremitting attention to the LINE, in endeavoring to render passengers safe and comfort able, will secure him a coutinuance of public patronage. He at the same time informs them that the STAGE OFFICE is removed from Ashton’s Tavern, to Mrs. LONGSTREET’S Boarding-House. LEWIS CALFREY. September 20. 9 Jacob Danforth, Has Just Received, And is now opening a iMrge and General ASSORTMENT OF DRY GOODS AND Groceries, Consistbig oj such articles as are generally in demand at the present season, TOGETHER WITH A HANDSOME SUPPLY OF SADDLERY, HARD WARE, VJEN’s Fine & Coarse Shoes, LEATHER, &c. kc. ALSO, A QUANTITY OT NORTHEN CIDER, of an j excellent quality, CHEESE, POTATOES, kc. 1 All of which will be sold on the low- i est terms for cash or any kind of COUNTRY PRODUCE. November 22. 3m 18 Beggs & Barnes, HAVE JUST OPENED, at the corner store lately occupied by •Thomas barrett, A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF DRY GOODS AND Groceries, Which they will sell very low for CASH or COTTON. They have also Received on Consignment^ Fine Rose Blankets, London particular Madeira Wine, ! in half pipes and quarter casks, ' And a few casks of Hibbert and I Sons’Best BROWN STOUT. November 29. 19 ' NOTICE. THOSE who may have demands against James R. Hicks, late of this place, dec. are desired to render them I to the subscriber ; and those indebted, to call and pay the same to Geo : S. Houston , Attorney for J. R. Hicks , dec. December 6, 1806. 20 NOTICE. WILL BE HIRED, at the market-house in Augusta, the hir ing to commence at 11 o'clock, forenoon, on Thursday the Ist of January, 1807, TEN NEGROES, BELONGING to Robert Walton, the son of Robert Walton, deceased.— Among the above negroes are one good boat hand, and one excellent sawyer. Augustus G. Walton , Guardian. December 6, 1806. 20 SHERIFF’S SALE. On the frst Tuesday in January next » at the Court House in H arren county, at the usual hours , Will be Sold, 130 ACRES of land lying and being on Carson’s Creek, adjoining Young Waggoner and others, levied on as the property of Wm. Smyth, to sa tisfy an execution in favor of John Mat thews, pointed out by the defendant. Jeremiah Beall , s. w. c. December 6, 1806. 20 CITY HOTEL. LEWIS M‘COY, MOST respectfully, informs the public in general, that he has taken fo r a term of years, that LOAG ESTABLISHED TAVERA, North-tide of Broad-street , AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, where his Bar is well supplied with WINES, BRANDY, RUM, GIN, PORTER, tfr. ETc. His L RDLR with the best provisions' the market affords His STABLE, which is large, airy and commodious, well stored with Corn, Fodder, and ev ery necessary for those horses which may be put under his care, atttended by a sober, careful and attentive hostler. From his unremitted attention to bu siness, the conn fort and satisfaction of his guests, aided by his family, be hopes to obtain a share ol public patronage ; " hich it shall ever be his desire to merit. ** * A number of gentlemen can be ac commodated with BOARD , bi, the week, month or year , on the usual terms. November 8, 1806. 16 SHERIFF’S SALE. ~~ On the first Tuesday in January next, at the court house in the county of Burke, between the usual hours, Will be Sold, 140 BUSHELS of CORN, more or less, levied on as the property | oi George Dickson, to satisfy sundry ! executions. ALSO, SCO Acres of land, more or : less, bounded on the east by 3. Neile, : on tlie south by lands of Mr. Scott. on j the west by Mobby’s Pond, on the north • by Elbert, land levied on as the proper- I ty ot Mathew Clark, deceased, to satisfy Joseph Henderson’s execution. ALSO, 300 Acres of land, oak and hickory, more or less, adjoining lands of James Gvvinn and James Martin, ly ing on the Rosemary Branch, being the plantation whereon Jeremiah Mil ler now lives, levied on as the property of the said Jeremi h Miller, at tile in stance of James Murren and others. Gross Scruggs, S. B. C. November 29, 1806. 19 SHERIFF’S SALE. On the first Tuesday in January next, at the Court house in Warren county , at the usual hours , Will be Sold,* 150 ACRES of land in the I County of W arren, on the waters of ; Joes Creek and Ogechee, adjoining lands of John Dickins, and others ; lev ' on as the property of Thomas Jack ' son, to satisfy an execution in favor of John Rushen; the above land pointed out by the defendant. Jeremiah Beall , s. w. c. November 22, 1806. 18 LOST, I A RECEIPT of Barrett &. Sims : for six bales of cotton lying in their ware house. All persons are cautioned against buying or trading for the same, as the said Barrett and Sims have alrea dy delivered us the cotton. I. Sc I. BUTT. November 29. 3t 19 EDGEFIELD Jockey Club Races. RESOLVED, that the Races for the ensuing year commence at the Cherokee Ponds, on the second Wed nesday in January next, free for any Horse, Mare or Gelding, from any part of the world ; the purses and distances as follows : First Day’s Running, three mile heats, for a purse of about two hun dred and fifty dollars. Second Day’s Running, two mile heats, fora purse of about one hundred and seventy dollars. Third Day, a sweepstake, one mile heats, for the entrance money* Weights established agreeable to the Augusta rules. STEPHEN GARRETT, Sec’nj. November 22, 1806. 13 JO" ALL subscribers are requested to pay their subscriptions to the subscri ber, on or before the first day’s running. JOSEPH HIGHTO TVER, Treas'r.