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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, May 31, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. JOHN TRIPLETT, - - - Editor. S. B. BURR, - Business Manager. The Coming Man. Grover Cleveland, having passed through one administration without a Wot or tarnish on his official course, The Daily Timks-Entkrprisk h published every morning (Monday excepted.) The Weekly Enterprise is published every Thursday morning. The Weekly Times is published every Sat urday. • Subscription Rates. Daily Times-Entkrprisk $5 00 W . ekly Enterprise, 1 00 Weekly Times 1 00 Daily Adyertis no Rates. Transient Rates.—50 ctr. per square for the first insertion' and 40 cei ts for ea h subse quent insertion. One Square, one month, - - - • $ 5 00 One Square, two months - - - - 8 00 One Square, three montln, - - - 12 00 Ouc Square, six months, - - - - 20 00 One Square, twelve months, - - - 35 00 Subject to change by saecial arrnn$ ement. H. R. BI’UR, IlnNinoNM Miningcr, fiPECIAL ROTICE. In order to insure pn mpt insertt« n, all Advertisements, changes, locals, etc., should oe handed in by noon be ore the day of pub lication Hr*IXK*S XOTICE. Parties leaving Thomasville for the sum mer can have the Times-Entkrprisk sent to any address for 50 cents per month. Ad dresses can be changed as often ns is desired. FRIDAY MAY 31, 1881. Rather Difficult. As most of the “big dailies” are now full of harrowing accounts of murders, suicides, embezzlements aud matter of that sort, which, properly, should not be printed, it is rather difficult for an editor, 'who has a proper regard for his readers, aud the morals of those into hands his paper falls, to fill bis columns, now-a-days. It is very much to be regretted that the tendency of newspapers is towards the nensa- tional, and the most scandalizing the subject the more it is elaborated. As it is to be presumed that tlic news papers would not carry out this policy save in respouse to the craving of a depraved appetite on the part of its readers, it is all the more deplorable. Newspapers arc, to a greater extent than any other, not excepting, in this age, the pulpit, the educators of the people, the moulders of oiuion, the exponents of good or evil; it is there— sore the more importaut that they should guard well their columns; eschew all evil and promote the good. A safe rule iu the conduct of a news paper is to permit nothing in its col umns you would he unwilling to read at the fireside or in the family circle. This has been our rule, ever, and while we may not have given our readers a paper as acceptable to all classes, as it might have been if we had pandered to the more vicious tastes of an ordinary reader, we have the self-consciousness ol having done our duty, and no regrets that we have in any way promoted evil or encour aged the taste for the had, so common. Familiarity with evil lessens its |hor- rors. Let it be avoided as much ns possible. * The New Cotton Bagging. In the matter of the cotton hogging business we sec how a great trust can deteat its own ends. The Georgia farmers having been put on notice that the bagging trust was in opera tion, concluded to take two million yards of cotton bagging. . This itself would make a large hole u»-the trust, but it lias been supple mented in a way that will give it ex traordinary effect. The South Caro lina farmers have concluded to order the same amount, and so have the Louisiana farmers. This six million yards of cotton bagging will make a big hole in the estimate of the bag ging trust, and there is no doubt that if the Alliance stands up to its prom ises, the jute manufacturers will find themselves considerably in the lurch. This is the natural outcome of an outrageous attempt to rob the cotton planters of the south, and any result that will save them aud destroy the trust, will he welcomed by good peo ple in all parts of the country. The manufacture of cotton bagging, which will take the place of jute bag ging, will establish new industries and create a demand for the low grades of cottou. With these new factories in operation the farmers can increase their acreage without fear of over-running the market.—Constitu tion. On the 41I1 of July there is to be a grand rc-uniou of all the confed- rate veterans in Decatur and adjoining counties a' Bainbridge. Governor Gordon and ex-Govenior Perry, of Florida, will be present. They are going down to dinner. He—“May I sit on your right hand?” She—"Better take a chair. He takes and having been defeated of rc elec tion by the use of hoodie, stands to day the recognized leader of the De mocracy, and will, in 1892, lead his party to victory. In the recent banquet tendered Mr. Cleveland, at New York, by the Young Men’s Democratic Club of that city, the most distinguished members of the democratic party were present, in all about 500 guests. Speeches were made hv Gov. Ilill, ex-Gov. Hoadloy and others. In re sponse to the toast to Mr. Cleveland, offered by President Arnold, of the club, Mr. Cleveland responded at length. Among other things, ho said: I conic to you with no excuses, no apologies, with no confession of dis loyalty. It is not given to a man to meet all the various and conflicting ideas of party duties and policies which prevail in the organization, where individual opinion is so freely tolerated as in the Democratic party, because these views are various and conflicting. Some of them must be wrong, and yet, when they arc hon estly held and advocated, they should provoke no bitterness or condemna tion, but when they aie dishonestly proclaimed, as a mere cover and pre text for personal resentment and dis appointment, they should he met by the exposure and contempt which they deserve. If, with sincere design and intent, one charged with party representation has kept party faith, that must answer his party obligation. No man can lay down the trust which he has held iu behalf of a generous and confidiug people, aud feel that at all times lie has met in the best possi ble way the requirements of his trust; hut lie’is not direlict in duty if he has conscientiously devoted his efforts and his judgment to the people’s service. I have deliberately placed in close connection the loyalty to Democratic principles aud devotion to the inter ests of the people, for in my view they belong together and should mean the same thing. But in this dny of parti san feeling and attachment it is well for us to praise and recall the truth that the onlv justification for the ex istence of any party is the claim that in principle and performance its ob ject and purposes arc the promotion of public good and the advancement of the welfare and prosperity of our entire country. There never was a party platfirm' or declaration of principles which did not nrotess these thiugs and make them the foundations of party creed, and any body of men who should openly proclaim that they were asso ciated together for the purpose of gaining supremacy in the government with the sole interest of distributing offices and spoils of victory among as sociates, would he treated with ridi cule nnd scorn. Tlius arc we brought face to face with the proposition that parties should, no more than individ uals, he untruthful nnd dishonest. Of course in the supremacy of party there arc advantages to its members, and this is not a mistake, hut wheu high party aims and professions are lost sight of, or abandoned, and the benefit of office-holding and personal self are all that remains to inspire party activity, not only is the confi dence of those relied on for patriotic slipport forfeited, liut the elements of cohesion and of effective and lasting political strength gone. Honest differences of opinion, that must always exist upon questions of principle and public policy, should furnish abundant occasion for the existence of parties, and point out their field of usefulness, Study nnd discussion of these questions cannot fail to result in more valuable citizen ship and more intelligent nnd better equipped partisans. When we seek for the cause of the perpetuity of the Democratic party ana its survival through every crisis and emergency, and in the face of all opposition, we find it in the lact that its corner-stone is laid in devotion to the rights of the people aud sympathy with all things which tend to the advancement of their welfare and happiness. Though heresy may sometimes have crept in to its organization, and though party conduct may, at times, have been in fluenced* by shiftiness, which is the hahitunl device of opponents, there has always remained deeply iu its na ture and character that spirit of true Americanism, and that love of popu lar ricrhls which has made it inde structible iu disaster and defeat, and has contributed a boon to the country in the time of its triumph. The great founder of our party, as he consecrated himself by solemn oath to the faithful performance of the Presidential office, and pledged himself to the preservation, protection and defense of the Constitution, after presenting to his fellow-countrymen the cause of congratulation, found in the condition of our country and the Character of our people, impressively added: “With all these blessings what more is necessary to make us a happy aud prosperous .people? Still one thing more, fellow citizdns, a wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one anoth er, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own 'pursuits of in dustry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, nnd this is nec essary to close the circle of our felici ty.” In the lexicon of true Democrary these words arc not obsolete; hut they still furnish the inspiration of our effort! and anticipation of our po litical faith. Hnp.ily the party faith which we profess is not within such narrow lines as that obedience does not permit us to move abreast with the advanced thought of the country and to meet and test every question and apply the principle to every situ ation. True Democracy, staunch in its adhesion to fundamental doctrine, is at the same time, in a proper sense, progressive. It recognizes our growth and expansion nnd the birth of new thought and sentiment. It will judge them all by the safe standards, and in all phases of national develop ment it will be prepared to answer as they arise every need of the people ami every popular want. True De mocracy honestlv advocates national brotherhood to the end that all our fellow countrymen may aid in the achievement of the grand destiny which awaits us as a nation, and it condemns the pretext of liberality and harmony which, when partisan ad vantage is to be gained, gives way to inflamatory appeals to sectional hate and passion. It insists upon that equality before the law which conced ed the care and protection of the gov ernment to simple manhood and cit izenship. It does not favor the multi plication of offices and salaries merely to make partisans, nor use the promise and bestownl of a place for the pur pose of stilling the press and bribing the people. It seeks to lighten the burden of life ill every home, and take from the citizen for the cost of government the lowest possible trib ute. AVc know that we have espoused the cause of right and jnstice; we know that wc have not permitted a duty to the country to wait upon expediency; we know that we have not trafficked our principles for success; wc know that we have not deceived the people with fnlsc promises and pretensions, and wc know timt we have not cor rupted nor betrayed the poor with the money of the rich. Who shall say that these tilings promise no re ward, aud that triumph shall not fol low the enlightened judgement and sober second thought of our country men. There are to-day no weak nor weary and despondent members of true Democracy, aud there should uot be. Thoughtful attention to po litical topics is thoroughly aroused. Events arc, day by day, leading men to review the reasons for their party affiliations, and the supporters of the principles wc profess are constantly increased by intelligent, young and sturdy adherers. Let us deserve their confidence in shuuning nil ignoble practices; let us remain steadfast to the Democratic faith, and to the cause of our country. If wc arc true and loyal to these, the day of our triumph % will surely nnd quickly come and our victory Hhall ho fairly, nobly won, through the invincible spirit of true Democracy. Drunkeuncss is on the decrease. It requires no elaborate table of statistic al information to prove this, for any one can see that sobriety is more gen eral than twenty years ago; but the Philadelphia Recorder has given in support of this view these interesting figures: “In 1840 the total consump tion of distilled spirits in the United States per capita of population was 3.50 gallons; in ’S8 the consumption had fallen off to 1.53 gallons per capita —a reduction in consumption of a little more than one-half.” Milner, Ga. I have had weak Lungs nearly all wy life, have taken quite a number of Expectorants without any aparcut benefit. 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A low condition of health is common with many who allow themselves to worry. Mental anguish causes bodily sufferings. Anxiety and cure lias broken down many constitutions. A train of disorders usually follow mental distress. Heart affections, nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, liver complaint, kidney troubles, etc., are amoug the list. A sure remedy for relieving all mental and physical distress is Brown’s Iron Bitters. It at once strengthens every part of the body, making work a pleasure and care unknown. YOU MAY BIS TOO MODEST, But you certainly arc not afraid to ask for something to relieve you of a torpid liver—of bad blood. You need it right now, and Calisaya Tonic is tin* article. A leading physician writes : IllDUKVILLK, S. C. Dear Sir: You will please send me two hollies of your Calisaya Tonic. The hot tie you gave me has given sat isfaction bevomi my expectation. * * Hoping you very great success with your tonic, I am vcrv trulv yours, W. B. Wav, M. YL This Standard preparation is sold by all druggists at fifty cents and a dollar a bottle. MAKE A REST. Excursion tickets at low rates will be sold to all summer resorts throughout the coun try by the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, commencing June 1st, good to return on or before October 31st. Fast train sir vice with Pullman cars. B. W. WRENX, (ten. Pass, and Ticket Agt. E P O. Don't waste time and-money and undergo needless torture with the knife when E-iliio- pian Pile Ointment will afford instant re lief and certain cure iu every case of blind, bleeding, itching, internal and external piles. Itangum Root Medicine Company, Nashville, Tenn. 50 cents and $1 per bottle. Sold by McRae k Mardre and S. J. Cussels. Enpepty. This is what you ought to have, in fact, you must have it, to fully enjoy life. Thou sands are searching for it daily, and mourn ing because they find it not. 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