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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, June 06, 1889, Image 1

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VOL 1-NO 21. TEOMASVILLE, GEORGIA, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE fj, 18 Special OFFIEINGS -FOR This Week, News Notes About Town About People You Know, or May Not Know. PUT IN PITHY PACKAGES. Fish are biting well. Boom the city buildings. Court was in session yesterday. AT 5,000 yards Checked Nainsook at 5c, worth loc. 5,000 yards Checked Nainsook at 8c, worth 12 1-2. 5,000 yards Checked Nainsook at 10, worth 15c. 5,000 yaids Figured White Lawn at 12 1-2C, worth 20. This is a special drive and is well worth your atten tion. 5,000 yards white India Linen at 5 c i worth ioc. 5,000 yards white India Linen at 8c, worth 12 r-2. 5,000 yards white India Linen at ioc worth 15. We have the best and largest assort merit of white lawns ever offered in this market. Would call your special atten tion to our 20o Number, which in width, fin ish and sheerness of woof, surpasses any thing ever shown at this price 25 dozen bleached damask towels, knotted fridge, at 15c, well worth 25c. 25 dozen Huckabock lowels at ioc, worth 25c. For 25c we can give you the very best towel, 1 1-4 yards long, all linen and last colored borders, ever shown in Thomasville. Our new and elegant selection of Challies are still all the rage, and are selling at a very satisfactory rate. In summer silks we have still some very choice patterns left, which we are offering at greatly reduced rates. Our remnant counter lor this week contains some very desirable bar gains, and mothers would do well to take advantage of thr All lines complete. Stock acknowledged to be the largest. Prices lower than ever. Do not fail to conic and inspect. We are anxious to show you our goods whether you buy or not. F. H.Lolmstsiii, Pop guns can be heard all over the city. Collections are reported better this month. Clayte Wethington is • visiting in Jacksonville. Paradise park will be full of color- iso pi ed folks to-day, Mr, Ed Fearn was a little improv ed yesterday. A beautiful rainbow was visible yesterday afternoon. Deklo & Cook’s store will soon be completed. The pear shipping season ,is no* very far off. Mr. Geo. Roscnfield, of New York, is at the Stuart. Three new brick stores are going up in Boston. The streets were full of teams yes terday afternoou. Atlanta is putting up the money for a handsome park. Mr. J. A. Bowen, of Atlanta, is nt the Stuart. Some painting is being done on the front of the Pearl. The rain yesterday had a cooling effect on the atmosphere. A dry May means a wet June, s' the old saying goes. Mr. J. B. Mills, of Whigham, was in town yesterday. The Now Jail Thomas is to have a new jail. The present one is to he moved and will no longer be an eye sore to the public, which is a matter for profound congratulation. More than this, Thomas county will have, when the new jail is com pleted, the best one in the state. The plan submitted by the Pauly Compa ny, of St. Louis, and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, will be as secure as modern ingenuity can make such buildings, and will he as thoroughly ventilated and with as perfect sanitary arrangements as the best regulated residence. The Pauly Company will, it is un derstood, make a hid on the building, taking the contract in its entirety, in which case the contract for brick and wood work will be sub-let to home contractors, the company only putting in the iron and steel work. One of our young attorneys was observed very busily engaged in legal work, the other day, and iu consulta tion with a man generally supposed to he matrimonially inclined. This will answer for the indictment, and for plea the fair Susan lias made no an swer. The trial of the case will he referred to Cupid’s court, in which tlic young attorneys are supposed to do most of their business: .tohn nor. vs. scsanSioe. John Dor,complains of Susan Itoo That she, with scheming art, If,-is stolon from the said John Dor Ills valuable heart. Thursday Named as the Day. Mr. George Jones, captain of the lo cal base ball club, received an answer to their challenge to Monticello from Dr. Theodore Turnbull, secretary of the Monticello club, yesterday. He says that it will he impossible for them to play on the day named iu the chal lenge, hut will be glad to cross hats with them next Thursday, IStli iust. He says that the exchange of visits between.the clubs, in friendly contests, will hind the two towns together more closely than even at present. Sentence Commuted. Gov. Gordon has pardoned Lewis Montlort, who was convicted in Thom as cdunty last December, for bigamy, and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary. Montfort has served six months, and upon petition numerously signed from this and Marion county, the governor pardoned him. After the Fish. Several citizens from Boston and Cairo were in the city yesterday. Mr. Joseph Jerger has returned from a protracted visit to New York. • Judge Hnnscll returned from Baiu- bridge yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brandon have rooms at the Stuart House. The colored folks expect to have a big time to-day and to-night. The reporter saw three plums yes terday that weighed three ounces. for the Tho time is nppioaching for th< Thomasvillo Gun Club to visit St. Si mons. The Guards are anxious to make up a military band composed of six pieces. seventeen This is the season the year locusts are 'due. Their first ap pearance was in 1872. Mr. C. S. Bondurant is agent for the Mutual Accident Association. The members pay their dues in monthly installments of one dollar. Mr. A. J). Maybee, of Tallahassee, was among the Floridians at the Stuart yesterday. Mr. M. B. Waite, the government expert, will return about the fifteenth instant. Mrs. Bulloch, of Ochlockonee, aDd Mrs. Hurst, of Camilla, returned to their respective homes yesterday. Mr. W. M. Bloult, a prominent merchant of Bainbridge, was in Thomasville yesterday morning. Mr. G. C. D. Herring leaves to morrow for his old home in North Carolina. He is so much pleased with our city that he will return in the fall, and expects to induce other young men to do likewise. 132 BROAD ST.. 00R. JAOKSOHl Jim Hadley, a colored moke about town, chiefly distinguished by the fact that he is a reproduction, iu color, of Quilp, tried to cat eight soda crack ers in five minutes yesterday, on a wager. In spite of tho masterly way in which he masticated the dry crack ers he lost the wager. A party headed by Sheriff Hurst, with Jim Reid as assistant nud Will Mitchell iu charge of stores, left for the Sheldon pond yesterday afternoon. If the fish do not surrender at the mere appearance of this combination, they deserve the worst fate that can befall them. For this to wit: that horotofore, To wit, Novembor nine, Sho called the said John Doe an oak And styled herself tho vino, And later on the aforesaid day, With mallco all prepenso. The said defendant ate ico cream At plaintiff’s great expense. And then and there to said John Doo Said Susan Itoo implied That she would go In coverture To be said plaintiff's bride. And this to do she has refused, And thus with cruel art Has stolen from the said John Doc Ills valuable heart. And so he prays this cupld's court To do him Justleo moot; Likewise for damages I10 prays, Therefore lie brings his suite. Melon Rates. When the melon convention mot in Albany it passed a resolution asking the railroads to publish the schedule of rates as early as possible. This lias not been done so far, and growers arc unable to know what the freight will he to even the principal points. While this is not a matter of vital import ance, it would he a favor to the grow ers to> know exactly what they would be required to pay. Weather Bulletin for the 2-1 hours ending at 7 o'clock P. M June 5, 1889. T la-” 1 91 7 p. ™ Maximum for 24 hours Minimum “ “ “ ....70 Raiifall Meeting of Stockholders Hon. Arthur Patten has succeeded iii placing all the stock of the Thom asville Title and Guarantee Company, and a meeting of tho stockholders is called for Thursday night, June 13th, at City Hall, for the purpose of or ganization. The ease with which the stock was placed is a high testimonial to the faith our people have in the paying qualities of the company as an investment. The stockholders num ber the best business men of the city and county. These Guarantee com panies are great successes elsewhere in the State, and there is no reason why the Thomasville one should not pay handsome dividends, besides affording security to purchasers of real estate. For the SufTerors. All contributions to the sufferers by recent floods in Pennsylvania, will be forwarded by Love Wilder, agent Southern Express Company, free of oharge, Delayed Mails. The recent terrible disaster iu Penn sylvania has deranged the mail ser vice, and no northern mail has been received here in several days. The damages will be repaired and regular mails resumed as soon as possible. Mr. M. Plymate, of Butts coun ty has a very old Spanish coin. It is about the size of an American silver half dollar. On one side is the coat of arms and crown ot Spain and en circling this is the following inscrip tion: “Hispaniarum*Rex.’’ On the other side is the head oi Carolus, with the following 'inscription: "Carolus IIII, Dei, G.” and the date 1793. This is an ancient coin, but we have one that will ante-date it by 54 years. We have a coin inscribed: l’hillipus V. D. G.— 1739. Hispianiarum— Rex. The republican organs are informed that the democrat press is not worry ing about the coming appointment of a supreme court justice, although there is apparently some cause for worry. The two men who seem to lie favorites with the President arc Judge Woods and Attorney General Miller, the first of whom, from all accounts, is not capable of filling the position properly, and the other of whom rests his claims upon his services in shield ing Col. Dudley. No; the democrat ic press isn’t worrying. It doesn’t expect much of the Harrison admin istration, and it doesn’t think the ap pointment of either Woods or Miller would help the Republican party. More of (hose slices still left at Pickett’s and wc need the money and wilt knock the bottom out of prices. Lot of table lincu at Pickett’s and it will be sold at from loc to Me per yard, about half what it cost in .New York. The World Akin. The hearts of the people all over the country have been touched by the stoiy of the disaster that has befallen the people of Johnstown and neigh boring towns. New York has sub scribed over $450,000 to (he, relief fund and Philadelphia $360 000. Other towns are organizing to send money and it is likely that the amount raised in the country will exceed what was ever given to atiy single cause of charity. Ho! For Athens. The Macon & Covington railroad, the new short line lrom Macon to Ath ens,‘has placed round trip tickets for sale between the two points for 84 20, The tickets will be placed on sale from the 13th to 19th ot June, good to re turn through the 20th. T he following is the schedule from Macon lo Athens and return : Leave Macon 7am Arrive Athens 12:35 p m Leave Athens 1 pro' Arrive Macon 6pm The commencement re- union exer cises of the university will be very in teresting 'his ycar.anditisto be hoped that the S , F. & W. Ry. and the Cen tral system will give reduced rates. Thoniasville will send a good del ation to Athens. Mr. Charley Hawkins, brother of Mrs. John Coyle, of this place, died nt Marianna, Fla., .Sunday. Mrs. Hardy Ward, ot this city, lias received the sad news of the death of her mother in Savannah. Mrs. Eugenia McDowell, of Eufaula, Ala,, who has been visiting her cousin, Mrs. Capt. Hammond, for some mouths, left yesterday for home. into Cas- A country darkey went sols drug store yesterday morning and enquired for his mail, mistaking the place for the post office. The blind leading the blind was an unusual sight seen on the street yes terday. Capt. Van Kirk, laud ageut for the L. & N. and P. A. railroads, was in the city'yesterday distributing copies of the Gulf Stream. He went from here to Savannah. Those who will take part in "Trial by the Jury” to he given by the South Georgia College during commence ment, arc practicing their parts almost daily. The thermometer that registers the temperature in tho cotton belt region from this place lias been moved to a more favorable place at the depot. Meskrs. A. 13, Solomon and Maurice Deitsh, cf Savannah, and G. 13. Gib- sou, of Twiggs, were registered at the Stuart yesterday. A party will he given to the young ’ to morrow night at the "Wit- l-’cw more pairs Old Ladies Bus kins and shoes to be sacrificed at Pickett's. Magnolia Hams llic at. Pickett’s Cash Stoic Picket guarantees to make prices on groceries a little lower than any other house in town, lie sell-.' only for cash is the reason he can do it. Try one of Pickett’s Magnolia hams at 13c. They are elegant. Help tho Sufferers Wc mentioned yesterday that othor towns in the country are moving , to raise funds for the sufferers. It would be a peculiar graceful thing for Thomasvillo to send her offering to the sufferers by the greatest calamity that has ever befallen any section of our common county. Who will move in this matter? Rcpalriug tho Bridges. Chairman of street committee Whid- don is doing some good work on the bridges around town. Council, at the Monday night meet ing, authorized the purchase of 3,000 feet of lumber for this purpose, which will put all the bridges in thorough repair. Mrs Julia Scott, who has' been spending some time up the country, returned home yesterday atternoon. Mr. B. 1'. Fudge left this morning for St. Augustine, Fla , where will join his family. The gentleman will go on extensive marooning expedition while in Florida. The editor of the Times-Enterprise and Mr. John T. Chastain returned yesterday afternoon from their jaunt with the Georgia newspaper men. Mr. Kcdar Powell, a prominent young business man of Cairo, passed through the city yesterday. He told our re porter that the new academy in our thrifty little neighbor wifi soon be ready for occupancy. The postponement of the election on the park question does not dimin ish the importance of the acquisition of the property by the city. It is well enough to hear this in tnind. Mr. W. R. MacIntyre is in Savan nah on business. He may go to Iowa before lie returns. Mr. II. J. MacIntyre will leave in a few days lor an,extended trip to At lanta and other points in upper Geor- Mr. William Miller and Mr. E. O. Thompson leave next Monday for Nacoochce Valley. They go by buggy through the country. It is needless to say that the gradual change from the wire grass belt to tho mountains will make the trip a very pleasant one. Messrs. L. Stapleton, of Atlanta, ami J. II. White, Jr., of New York, are among the Northerners and South erners at the Stuart. I-'lour $5.90 per barrel. Pickett sells the best flour known to the trade. -AT- ONCE. Fifty pieces Dress Ginghams, assorted styles, at 6 3-4 cents per yard. Levy’s Mods Hoist Mitchell House Corner