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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, August 11, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. JOHN TRIPLETT, - - - Editor. S. B. BURR, - Business Mnlinger. SI XDAV, ACGt'ST 11, liisr. The Daily Timks-K.vtkki'Iijsk ii pnl'lishe.l every morning (Molulny The Wekkly Timks-Kstkhi-imsk is pnblis'ini every Saturday morning. % Subscription* Hates Daily Times-Enterpuise, . . W EHLY “ • • 1 00 the K no 12 00 20 00 Daily Advertise Rates. Jft.insient Rates.—$1.00 per squat first insertion, and .‘>0 certs for ea quent insertion. One Square, one month. - - - One Square, two months - - - One Square, three month- - - One Square, six months, - - - One Square, twelve mont us, - - - .15 00 Subject to change by special arrant °nient. H. B. Ili un, ItiittfncNH Mniingrr, BI HIXEHN XOTH'K. Parties leaving Thomasville for the sum mer can have the Timf.s-Kxtkrimusk sent to himself by main force, any address for 50 cents per month. Ad dresses can he changed ns often as is desired Our Cause is Just. ' Bill Chandler and Ferocious Fora- Icer will “rare" and rant, and tear their hair, when they read about Lewis and Buck being burned in effigy in Atlan ta. It is unfortunate that circumstan ces demanded this action, but as they did, the people showed themselves equal to the occasion. They would not offer these men personal violence, but they could—and did—show their utter detestation of the men, by burn ing them in effigy. There is an unmistakable, mean disposition on the part of the republican party, to lorce social equality on the South, to humiliate the southern people in every possible way. God has planted, plan- led'deep down in the hearts of every true southern man and woman, a prin ciple which no Northern horde of lanatics can ever up root—that of the supremacy of the caucassian race. yVaves of oppression and reconstruc tion may again, as in the past, sweep over the South, but confident in the justice of her position and cause, and LATEST TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. GEN. CLEMENT A. EVANS DYING. A Negro Suicidos in Jail at Isabella —John Chinaman Slipping in at the Back Door -A New Method of Ap pointing Trustees of the State University — Lee’s Birthday Made a Legal Holiday Johnstown's Dead Still Being Found. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. !>.- Gen. Clement A. Evans, who has been critically ill with typhoid fever, is reported dying to night. Ty-Ty, Ga., Aug. !).- Frank Gordon, the negro who shot and kill ed the woman, Gcorgiana M ilson, at Willingham a few days ago, was found dead in his cell in the Isabella jail yesterday. He tore bis blanket into strips, made a rone of it, and hanged Ilis feet were touching the floor, and his hands were clenched against his knees, as it was his determination to’ the last to end his existence. When found he was warm and limp, but life was extinct. Chicago, Aug. !>.—A special from San Francisco says: “Chinese are swarming in by every Hong Kong steamer hound for Mexico. No less than sixty came a week ago, and six teen arrived last night, all destined for Mazatalaii and l’nnama. They aic reshipped hero without landing, hut once in Mexico there is no diffi culty in smuggling them over the southern herder. It is much cheaper to run the coolies into California by Mexico than by British Columbia, as the dominion government collects a head tax of So, whereas Mexico wel comes them. Atlanta, G a., Aug. It.—The I louse passed the bill to reorganize flic board of trustees at the university. The bill provides that the board ol trus tees of the university shall consist of ouc member from each congressional district, and two from Athens. All are to be appointed by the governor lour years, three for six, and three for eight years. Col. Reilly’s bill, making Jan. 10, Gen. R. 17. Lee’s birthday, a legal holiday, passed unanimously. Johnstown, Aug. 0.—Two more day- bodies were taken out of the sand to day. One was identified as that of Alexander Hamilton Jr., a promii resident of the town. It is evident to be found in the cellars places, where there are piles employed by the state will soon idrawn, and if that is done t will bo many bodies that are now only „ . v w feet under the sand that will lie there until their bones are expoesd by accident. Iina^um, uiiimiiuu.v, — ana continued ny u. formation, at all hazards, to protect tcrni of office will « emsclvcs and their fair women Irom qt\ irec 0 f th c trustees Jin: iu uc ;i suit and depredation, come these p 0 ;„t c d f or two years, three for fb suits from whatever*’quarter they * ■ • ' iay, the South will never yield its od given, inalienable right, to man ge and control its own social affairs, ny interference with this right they ill resent at any cost. The South oes not intend to be turned into a an Domingo or a Haytc. She i: uc to herself, true to her people ue to her common country, true to ie noblest and purest instincts ol uman nature, and true to the union, ill the Chandlers, Forakcrs and Can- ields in the country, cannot drive her rom this position. Upon this plat- arm she will dely her enemies to the cry last. About Pears. Our pear raisers have had very insatisfactory returns from their sliip- nents—though they are loth to tell heir experience in the premises. The solution of the question of tear crop.- and shipments, lies in ship* >ing them under orders and in cur ling aud evaporating the surplus. Hie former plan can he readily adopt 'd, aud wc see that Cairo has already .akcu steps to protect herself as ride the following from the local paper: The pear growers and shippers of Cairo organized an asSbciation last Wednesday, and will petition the ather localities of the pear belt to do likewise, aud then meet at some cen tral point and organize a general sociation, the purpose of which will be to devise ways aud means to pro tect their industry. The latter plun is also being adopt cd in several places in the pear belt. Cairo is running au Evaporator day and niglit—anil hundreds of bushels arc being thus put into a shape that will increase their money value an hundred fold and keep them an inde finite time. Quitman is also runuiugahuge can ning aud evaporating factory and lias been a year or two—with most satis factory results. The wholesale trade of Savannah and other cities take their entire output and the demand is not half supplied—we learn. The plain truth is if the South would utilize her wasted fruits and other natural resources, in a few years she would become the the richest sec tion of the Union, and the most sought after place as a residence. Her fruit crop this year, saved and utilized, would yield millions on millions of dollar*.—Bainhridge Democrat. Chicago Will Cure Hydrophobia. Chicago, III., August 7.—Resi- cuts of Chicago and elscwhci may he unfortunate enough Pasteur. The county’s health committee yesterday, on recommen dation of the hospital committee, apart two unused rooms in ward L be used by Dr. Antonio Lagcrio the treatment of hydrophobia accord ing to the Pasteur method. Lagcrio is a Chicagoan by birt lie spent five years as a student Pasteur. The hospital niedien undertake it. the best roads in the county,” Tax Receiver McCann, a day i since. “The road commissioners, erscers and every one else, is doinj their duty, and, as a consequence, have well graded roads, thrown up the middle, with side ditches and all work necessary to make them first class.” Ways district is setting ai ample to other districts which should he followed. Good roads are essential to the convenience and prosperity of any community. A beautiful rainbow, bright bow ol promise, spanned tiic east yesterday afternoon. 1 Loved You Better than You Knew. •Twos the ai mini of the year; ] Tin -trow l-i- rv’o Ira vus were red and sear. ] Oi-toluTX nil were fresh and chill, i When. j»ausi lg on the windy hill, a The hill thot overlooks the sea, Von Inlkc! - mlidingly to me. Me. whom y. iir keen, artistic sight Has not ret arm-! lo li-a.l nli S ltl, Sinn- 1 li.u i- \riled ni) lirart from you, A rut >• a hrtlrr than you knew. Von Inlil m- *1 your toilsome past, 1 It tnrily 1 •jr; won ul hist; or 1i:i!- lion (*, of ronquests gained, s Tin- io,|o. -l-i ,i- 1,0011 III' hum’ nlhiim-il, J 1 knew that ' i , ' 1 " 1 T’ u That lift."! y mi away from me, That every s ep of high emjirisr, Uni ii-n no-1 iv, lit r in your ryes. I walnln.l i!t •lLHiii'e as it grew. Ami lm-1-.i VI i: "■! S i- Ilian von knew, < Von Gi.l :..,t cf tiir l-itter trace a Ofanjui.’ii -- run across my fare ; Von ili-1 iml ,< my proud he »rt heat 11 caw and si iv. beneath your feet. You thought ot honors yet unwon, Of glorious d ■edas yet undone. 1 A ml I, the v. ii!,- i »ir talked to no- 1 1 ;v1111■!if -1 111 gulls float lonesomely, i Till lost ami- the Iiungry blue, a And lovfd y• ii Letter than you knew. d Von wiilk 111 • Uiiuy side of fate, • The wise wo Id .-miles and calls von great. 1 Till- oolii, II 1 nit age of success ' Drops at you feet in plcnteousncss. l. And veil l:a\ • Lie—ings manifold, Renown and pov. er and friends and gold. ^ Tli.-v 1'iiil.i ,i wall betwixt- us twain. j Which mav t.i t*e thrown down again. Aim- ! lor 1. ! ir long years through, Have loved \ mi Letter than you knew. r Your life's n mid aim, your art’s high truth, il llnvr k.-l-t -1 ■ promise of your youth. * j Ami wlii'i- ; •ii've won tho’erown, which s t Kivnk, in 1-- - L'mid upon your brow— | Mv soul rrie. ,’trongly out to you ( Across !li*- o. • iGi.'e y( arning blue. 1 tVliil t mi:-. ‘•inhered and afar, ' 1 \\:11 <-11 \"o ti is 1 watch a star. Tlu-omjl, -i.iv vue.-s struggling into view. And love ynt Letter than you knew. ^ i n-.-,L I-. -m-- mi in all these years, > (M* patient G< lii and silent tears ; J That love' s rung hand would put aside , The harriers ■ f plaee*;iml pride— \ U'ollM l-' i'.- l: : 11 -■ i-oiliU'S.v dnrkm-A! tliroii"!i ' Ami draw in ... t -ottly up to you. ( But that is p ist--it you should stray ;l mv -ji iv e some future dnv, v IVl-i Iniimi- Hi • \ iolets o’er my dust ,s Would half. 1 -tin.v llivil- liniivil Irusl, £ And sav- tin ir blue, eyes lull of dew. ‘•She loved \ ou better than you knew." Casli Milliii(M*y. a My cash prices on millinery arc so siKTOsful I have ordered ji Jot of no- ■ ticiiis, Lundy articles, needed every day. Head the list and save money. ’ll.un-i-iN cask— Leather, nickel frame, -1 r.uekets, -1 doz. hair pins, as- ' sorted size s and styles, 5 cents. .Sell everywhere at, 10 cents. N Kl'.lil.)- casks—Folding, •> papers and 1'i lai gc tvisortcfl, including bod- kin, ID cents; regular pi ice ’JO cents. Fi.okiha Watku—ii nz. size, juirc and refreshing, in demand this weath- er, ID cents. Von never paid less than ‘-’o cents. Sfavini: Machine J oz size at 5 cents. Any other house in town charges vm lo cents. Bay lit m—Best quality, 4 oz. Lot- ties at Hie . Vim pay 2-ie. everywhere. Cno.'iii •r Nkki'I.k Cask.— Leather, nickle frame,pockets, has glove hut- toner, stillc-tto and 4 crochet hooks, 10 • c., regular price '20 e. Hammocks—Full size, complete, To cents. 1 .") cents, SI. 1 Table c nths, doylies, towels, hand- ’ kcrchieis mil lots of other tilings you • need ever ■ day. , Cannot quote prices o( all here, but will savF von money every time. Cali and see me, 1 want your trade. t Airs. 1-Si‘iiiiif (Turroll, > Lower Broad Milliner. EAKI.Y OATS. 1 will li.ivo a few luislii-ls of curly mils t„r sale. These mils arc .ihmit lliree t weeks earlier than the red rust proof, yield well, weigh heavier than the stand. 1 mil, and m f: ’. imve- been entirely freo | from disea ,1. T. Chasta in- ' New cream cheese at S 1 Pickkit’s Cash Stoui-;. Can a man sell wotlh ol goods OH the credit plan arid lose leas i than to per cent in slow, very slow 1 accounts. KveryLudy knows that it , can’t be done. Then, what is the reason Pickett can’t save you io per cent? lie has no books, and gets - cash for everything that goes out of £ the storo. o TAILORING. - an mul to all tilings so tin; ug clothing luailc at 81 Cleaning and repairing latest manner. Give me John Kisnny. in ^tiii III refill HANDS AND OllGANS W. S. Drown, the Jeweler, lias se cured tlie agency for alt tin; lirst-class Hallos and Organs, which lie is selling aL the lowest prices for cash or on long time. Those desiring to purchase will do well to learn Ills prices aud terms. TAKK A lii-ST. irsiim lickets at lew rales will ho i all summer resel ls tlireiigT'inl die * Mast Tennessee, Virginia and ^nilunv, commencing .Jniie 1st, i or la-fore I ietola-r hi st. Fn-( train serviee with Pullman ears, 11. W. WUEXX, Gen. Pass, and Tula! Ag I-'iuniliiie, Carpets, iiediliiig, Children's -jiri-inges. Wall Paper and Window Shades draw mailings, lings, etc. The la-si slvle, ml lowest prices in the city. GKO. W. FoKISKS, i;.] i-usi ,i'f Masury linihliiig- Renew Her Ymilll. Mrs. Plin-lie Chesloy, Peterson, Clay Co., own. tell - tin- following remarkable story, lie |nitli of which is toin-lii-il for he the esuients of : •■! am ..'I years old. ave hi-eii troubled with kidney riimplaint ml laim-iii-.-s lor many years; eiiuld mil ress m v-s-lt without help. X(-\v Inin tree rom all pain and soreness, and am aide lo n nil my own housework. I owe my thanks I) Klee trie Hitters for having renewed m.v out li, and removed completely nil disease „d pain." Try a dottle, and ?l,iit Cassefs Drug Smr-. GATAIilili erlilH, health mid sweet Ten til secured, hy Siiidd s( alurrli heiuedy ’rieo 50 cents. Nasal Injector free Their llii-im-s Ilmniing. Prnhahiy nothing lis - caused such a general c\'ival of trad.- at 8.-I. Cusscl- Drug Store s their giving a way 1“ their cii.-donn-rs of o liliuiv lice ilia! hotlh-s ol fir. Kings Xew li.-eovery lor Consumption. Their trade is imply enormous in this very valuable ar- ever disappniitc romdiitis. Croup iseases qiiiifly 'miglis, Colds, Asthaliia inil all throat and lung ired. You can test i tting a trial bottle free v bottle wan-allied. lienee Up. depressed, apprlilc leadaihc. rail v out You are fa-din poor, you an- bothered ou are lidgely, nervous, and gem- _ I'sorts, and " ant to lil-ilee up. Ilni. i- up, lit not villi stimulants, spring medicines, i- hitters, which have lor llu-ir basis I-I-V cheap, had whiskey, and whirl! slim- Inteyou fbran hour, then in worse condition mil before. Wlmt you want is all alterative Hit will purity your tilooii, slnrl healliiy ■tion of Liver mid Kidneys- restore your ,-itulity.niid give reite-wed health and si migdh i-dieille you will fill'! md only r,0 cents a buttle at S Drug Store, Kleetrie PIMPLES TO SCR0FULAR. i Positive Cure for Every Skin, Sea and Blood Disease except Ichthyosis. la s years. IIrail, Ann* ami Urea's I- a Naiiil Moali, liar It covered with Norc*. Ilcitl Honor* mul iYIrtli- clues fail. Cured by <*uli«*«iru at n cost of §!l,73. 1 have used the Uuticura Remedies \vi11» the icst. results. I Imve used two buttles <dtlio mu i.iiii* cake of Cuticura soap i terrible scalp and skin di; •d ol eight >( known.'.. ,.. I would get. otter and worse at times. Sometimes my head ■ould be a solid scab, and was at the time I he- an tlie use of the Cuticura Remedies, My rms werec«reied with scabs rrom my elbows i, mv shoulders, mv breast was almost one sol- l seal*, ami my haek covered with sores vary- ii. r jn sizo from a penny to a dollar. I had doe. lilt'd with all the host doctors with no r dief, ml used many dUl'erent medicines without ireet. My case was hereditary, and I began t<> liink, incurable, but it began to heal Irom the n,t.i.pUc..lonoftu.lm.n. AKnKiwEf<i Deshlcr, Ohio. SUlu IMspasc O Yeiirn CHir’d. I am thankful to say that l have used thcCu- Icura Hemedics for about oit months with rcat, success, and consider mvscll entirely ured of salt sheum, from which 1 havesullered or six years. I trletl a number ol lueilicines ,nd two ol tlie !*est doctors in the country, hut omul nut.liiiii? that woiihl oll’cct a cure until i Tlie Worst Cn»r of Srrofiilnr C’i We have been selliii}; your Cuticura K purclia “'■“TAvilon .V TAYLOll, Dniggi-t i'ranklort, Ka Cuticura Kcniciiie*. overy tpecios of a;xoniziim humiliatinj:, iteliing Imi-liing, Keitly, and pimply diwaiHM pt • • ■ 1 with loss ol hair, .\ccpt possibly ieh- Hoid everywhere. Price, Cuticura. oe. ;S<«ap, 25. • Resolvent, gl. 1’repareil by the I ottei L)ruK and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass rrff.Send for “How to Cure .'skin I Use a: I nagei*, .to illnstratnnis, niul 100 testinioni; il-I.KS, liltiL-k liroils, l-eil, rough, eliunpeit midoilvnkin prevented by t iitniurnhiiap. TEAK, PAINFUL, BUCKS, , Kidneys and Uterine 1’ains and JWeaknesses, relieved in one minute by II VD the Cuticura Anti-l’ain Piaster, tlie first ami only pain killing plaster. New, instan taneous, infallible. 25 cents. B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm.) If you try this remedy you "ill, ^\y as many others liave saitl, that it is the rest blood purilier ami tonic. Write Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga., for book of convincing testimony. J. P. Davis, Atlanta, Ga, (West had), writes, “I consider that !•• 13. 15. has perma nently cured me o'*rheumatism ami sciatica. U. R. Saalter, Athens, Ga., says: It. Ik Ik cured me ol au ulcer that had resisted all other treatment. K. <1. Tinsley, Columbiana, Ala., writes : “My mother and sister had ulcerated sore throat and scrofula' Ik Ik Ik cured them. Jacob F' Spoucler. Newnan, Ga., writes : B. Ik Ik entirely cured meof rheumatism in my shoulders. I used six bottles. Clias. Reinhardt,'No. 2020 Fountain Street Baltimore, Md., writes : “I suttered with bleeding piles two years, and am glad to say that one bottle of Ik B. Ik cured me. J. J. Hardy, To-eoa, Ga., writes : ‘ Ik IkB. is a quick cure for catarrh. Three bottles cured me. I had been troubled several years.’ , A. Spink, Allanta, Ga., says : One bottle of B. Ik B. completely cured my child of eczema.” V/. A. Pepper, Fredoiiia, Ala, writes : B. B. Ik cured my mother of alee rated sore throat.” Resolve ■cd b\ lb.- Headquarters tor Drugs! REID & OtTLPEPmUS 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga :School and Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Slieet Music, Etc. <1 HEA R IN MIND THAT T1IKY HAVE THE Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store IN GEORGIA- . Where you can find fresh and pure drugs and get prescriptions compounded at all .hours, day or night, by competent Pharmacists. They use only Squibb's preparations in the prescription department and guarantee goods and prices. 5SJEIM A €I!LPEP1»ER, 120-132 Broad M. Sullivan Ss Elrain. Ah Sullivan knocked out Kilrain in 80\enty-tivc rounds, L. SteyermuLn & Bro. Propose to knock out high in Clothing in the next twelve months Wc oiler clothing at present at prices that make other houses dread the name of Stcyerman and Bro. Owing to the large trade bestowed on us this spring, our Mr. Simon Sleycrman will leave for New York Monday to take advantage of the market*there. He will leave nothing undone as the CASH talks. His instructions to us while lie is away are to Bell Clothing at Cost and Below, purchases. Call and take advt L. Steyerman & Bro. To make room for his fall purchases. Call and take advan tage of this opportunity. THOMASVILLE IIH nuih, ...j. - - from pimples to seroluia L. SCHMIDT, Proprietor. Headquarters for pure rarbonated bever- cd, at wholesale ami retail. Best sotla wafer with pure fruit juice llavors. Ice Cream Parlors •iiilly lilted up for the acconimodaliou of the Ladies. MARVELOUS MEMORY I21SCOV2RY. Only c Jenolne Srntrirt ni flXemory Tralnln*. I'our Ii»?wrr»Pil in onn reading. Mind wniidrrina cured. Uvery child and ndalr arenily lieneflued. * indaevttuentn t«» C »p*»**p'>alcoco Claaaei. Ppjenoct.js, with o-,n.#vs „( |lr. Win. A. IInm* month the w.rl.l-f-1 O I ‘ .’.-BistTn Mina Diaeaeefc i, If (jri>i“il<- • , | , i»m;ii**on, thojtnJat FarchuL j. Vi. lilt •>, l». |».,«t l.toraf the Christian A'lr'onit-. X. V, It.* tinr l Frariar, the Scientist, lions. \V. \\. A . or, J udge <«H»»oU| Judah P. 1 l l’roi!*A * LOIETTi:, 2ii7 FiAU Aye.»N. Y. “PRHI MIS.” Non-alcoholic, delicious, cooling, vitalizing. A NKIIVK TONIC. This delightful bever age is not only the most palatable drink ever dispensed from the soda fountain, hut is as well a perfect tonicaud system vitali/.er. It improves the appetite, aids digestion and maintains the normal tone of healthy func tions. Its Properties: Prepared fromjj the nutritious properties of pure fr.uil juices, con.hined with the ex tract Irom a small tropical plant found in lower Mexico, ot which the medicinal prop erties are invaluable, and its lav ir delicious. It Cannot Be Used to Excess. Not a foaming gas drink,causing belching ot wind and unpleasant clleets after drink ing. No etheral extracts or liquors, hut a solid thirst-quenching, delicious drink: an extremely pleasant and efficient tonic, over which nine out often persons are eii husias- tic with praise. Everybody Likes It, Everybody Wauls It, Everybody Drinks It. ‘-I-’ItKI Ml/.,’' tin- lilli-st lievi-rngi: in tl" 1 wort,I. iiish-:xsud;iiv Jj. M1H11DT, Proprietor Thomasville Bottling Works, Huelilcn’N Arnica Halve. The Best Salve in the World for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Fleers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, ami positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale hy S, J. Cassels, Drug Store. Worifi Knowing. Mr. W. II. Morgan, merchant, Lake City, Fla., was taken with a severe Cold, attended with a distressing Cough and iftiiiiiug into Consumption in its lir.'t stages. He tried many so-called popular cough remedies and steadily grew worse. Was reduced in lleslk, had difficulty in breathing and was unable to sleep. Finally tried Dr. Kings New Dis covery for Consumption and found immediate relief, ami after using about half a dozen bottles found himself well and has no return of the disease. No other remedy can show Such a grand record of cures, as Dr. King’s Discovery for Consumption. Guaranteed to •lo just what is claimed lor it.—Trial W>ttle Ircc at S. J. Cassels’ Drug Store. Thomasville Variety WORKS, Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, Prop'rs. Manufacturers and Dealers 1 to 11 (J J l &, I) 1 v ItiSS K D Fill M ill-:if. HAT I IKS, PICKKTS, SIIIXGLKS, MUH.mXGS, HltAGK l-'.TS, SCHOLL tVOKK, MAXTLKS, lJALI’.STICKS’ STAI it-lv A ll,S Nuwol I ‘ost s, OFFICE, CHURCH <0 STORE, Furniture. STOiiK FRONTS, Wire Screen Doors ami Windows, Sash. Doors and Blinds TO .ORDER. STAIIl flSUILRING, AND IXSIDIC HAltDWOOD FINISH A SIMCC1 AI.TV. Ber-UGIMIKSI’I l.XDICXCK ’SGLICiTKD “ KGIt UK.XT, The Episcopal Rectory, on McLean Ave nue. Possession given at once. Apply to Rev. C. I. EaRociik, tf. Fletcherville. Tlie Hnaiiiier-'s Sun. If you aresiillering with General Debility, feel sick, languid and good-for-nothing, don't fail to get ot your druggist a bottle ot Wcstmo-elaiid's Calisya Ton'u-. It will do you g<)oil. F.mryikw Post Offick, June 12, 1hh:i. Gentlemen: T bought a bottle of your Calisya fonic sometime ago for my daughter who was suffering with a headache almost constantly, l ad no appetite and was suffering with general debility. It gives me great pleasure to state to you that she is inw en tirely well, and did not take an) other medi cine except your Toific, and don't hesitate to recommend it as a good medicine. Very res pvt fully D. M. PKDEN. What will Brown > Iron Bitters cure ? If will cure dyspepsia, indigestion, weakness, i malaria, rheumatism ami all similar diseases. I Its wonderful curative power is simply be- | cause it purifies the blood, thus beginning at i the foundation, and l*y building up the sys- j tom drives out all disease. For the peculiar troubles to which ladies are subject it is in valuable. It is the only preparation of iron that does not color the teeth or cause head, ache. FOR SALE. Scraps of Song and Southern Scenes, by M. M. Folsom, for sale hy J. A. Holloway, 7 2i»-tf. Jackson street. 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