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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, September 08, 1889, Image 2

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THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. JOHN TRIPLETT, - - - Editor. S. B. BURR, - Business Manager. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER s, issn. Daily Timks-Kstkiu'i:isk ii every morning,’(Momlay r-\c-q>n-<l.) ^ The Wkkkly Timvs-Enteiu'bisk is published every Saturday morning. Subscription Rates. Daily Tjmes-Entkrpuise, . W eklv il > • • $5 00 Rati Daily Auyeuti Transient Rates.—$1.00 jar s first insertion, and 50 certs tor quent insertion. One Square, one month, - - One Square, two month? - - One Square, three montin, - Or.o Square, six months, - - One Square, twelve month?, - Subject to change by special ; M. II. IM IKK, KnNineM The Georgia legislature will adjourn —well, when they, get through with the business. Just as wc expected: The Georgia editors got into the Ohio penitentiary: but they got out again. The democrats walked away with the 3rd Louisiana district this week, by 7,000 majority. How is that for high? Now let Foraker froth at the mouth. It is whispered that oflicc holders in 'Washington, as well as pensioners throughout the country, arc using the new elixir to prolong their lives. Blast the elixir. From some old musty records it ap pears that Virginia lias a mortgage on the White House, for SI.30,000. The democrats have a mortgage on it, also, and they will foreclose on the 4th of jftarch, 1892, by taking possession. Huff and Patterson have both left Atlanta, and it is supposed they will fight a duel, somewhere in Alabama. •Atlanta duels—fought in Alabama have been very bloodless affairs. Let us hope that this one will prove bloodless, also. The time has long since passed for settling disputes in this way. lie is equally brave, who declines a challenge. And now Edison is making a tele phone by which you can see a man several miles.—Memphis Appeal. The average voter in Indiana can Betterments. Is it better to settle the betterments question now; better to postpone the betterments question; better to sub mit the betterments question to arbi tration; or Letter to carry the better ments question into the courts.'' Which is the better plan for settling the betterments question? It is better that the plan for settling the betU r- ments question he understood. Whichever is the better plan for set tling the betterments question, ’tis better that that plan ho adopted. These remarks may appear a little hazy, bnt we know of no better sug gestions for the adjustment of the betterments muddle. If these scatter- thoughts serve to throw any new- light On the question ( which we bon cstly think they do not), or give any better idea as to the better plan for fettling the betterments question, then we deserve well of our country. If .vc could submit any better plan for fettling this betterments muddle, we should gladly do so. Tis clear, however, that we’re get ting no better, last, on this better ments question. A\ e have a dim idea that the lessees ought not to he paid for anything which already belongs to the State; and that the State ought not to take anything from the lessees which is legally theirs, without giving them fair compensation. The whole thing, as will he seen from the foregoing lucid seintilntions, is as clear as—mud. Our only motive, if we know our self, iu putting these sage suggestions and scattering remarks as to the better mode of disposing of the betterments issue, into cold type, is to the end that the legislature may be given addition al light on the subject, ^ Wo do not expect to he “invited to a seat on the floor” for this service. Our labor is one of [love and philanthrophy. No compensation is asked or expected. Startling Figures. The New York Herald quotes from its neighbor, .Science, a mathe maticabealculatiou of the prospective population of this country one hundred C10 I years from now, which is very inter esting. In the course of its argument some statistics of the past are given, and they are well worth looking over. For instance, our population in 1750 was 1,290,000, At the end ot thirty JTEST TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. A DUEL PROBABLE, Huff amt Patterson Both Out of Atlanta Three Hundred Killed—The Geor gia Farmers and Foraker— Heavy Frosts in the West. Backlcn'i Arnica Halve. The Best Salve in the World for Cuts Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores,. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and nil Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guar anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by S, J. Cassels, Drug Store. . Antwerp, >Scpt. 0.—Dynamit.0 ex ploded to day in a cartridge factory in the vicinity of the bourse, killing 301) pel sons and doing nuicli damage to properly. Atlanta, Oa., Sept. 7, 2 a. nu ll is believed here that the legislators, — W. A. Hull and R. W. Patterson, will meet on the dueling field near Opelika, Ala., to-morrow. Mr. Pat terson has been iu Tennessee for two days. Mr. IIufTand two seconds left here to-day. Wei.unoton, O., Sept. 0.—The Georgia farmers, having finished their investigation of the state fair this morning, called upon Gov. Foraker, who received the party at the cxccti" live department. lie spoke very kindly of Georgia and extended a cordial welcome to her citizens. Col. XortLen responded in an appropriate speech. The state fair was a success. There were horses weighing 2,100 pounds and cattle that tipped the beam at 2,500, hogs that weighed from 700 to 800 pounds, and one sheep that weighed over 300. Kan-as City, Mo., Sept. 0,—Re ports from points in Kansas and Mis souri show that a light frost prevailed throughout the northern parts of those states Wednesday night. No damage to the corn crop is reported. NEBRASKA NIPPER. Pla it-mouth, Neb., Sept. 6.—A heavy frost occurred here last night. Much corn was injured as only on the dry high land was the crop out of danger. DAMAGE IN MINNESOTA. Dodge Center, Minn., Sept. 6.— A heavy frost occurred in the north- en part of this country last night, and did considerable damage to the corn SAVANNAH, FLORIDA AND WESTERN RAILWAY. RlRE BARGAINS. - t ‘ U1 years, 1780, it had reached 2,945,000. 'be seen” without the aid of one oi ^ ^ ^ . f tMl . ty yc;irs morc> t U c life-time of a generation, 1810, it stood at 7,230,882. In the course of another generation, or in 18-10, it Edison’s instruments. In ’80, they were “scon” by Dudley, through the medium of crisp 82 hills; fn ’88, they were “seen” by this same Dudley, in “blocks of five.” It is fair to presume that ?5’s 810’s and 820’s, were substi tuted in this last instance, lor the two dollar Williams of ’80. Jos. L. Beverly, (Successor to Fife & Beverly.) METGS, - - G A, Let Her Roll. From the Camilla Clarion, As our brethren of the State Farm ers’ Alliance propose for the farmers to make a corner or form a trust and hold cotton and get 12). cents tor it, wc propose an amendment. Let’s put her up to 20 cents at once. 1 hat will bring us around all right and we can snatch the rest ot the world bald headed. To put cotton up to fifteen cents is absolutely in the power of the farm ers. Let them reduce the crop. Four million bales will do the work. Get every farmer to join the alliance. Make a calculation as to how much each man must plant to keep the crop within paying limits. Then de vote the rest of the land, labor and time to raising provisions and hay crops, mules and horses, fruits and vegetables, and we will have a dead sure thing. Wc can make our for tunes before new schemes can he de vised for increasing the production of cotton. If wc don't adopt some such plan as this we can never get out ot the present plan of taking anything we can get tor the products of our fields. How in the world can a man whose crop is mortgaged hold his cot ton tor 124 cents or any other numb her of cents? This 121 cent cotton has opened up new visions to the writer as he walks through his little cotton patch. He sees new clothes marching on iu the distance. 5 und er comes a new buggy—a two horse buggy at that, like that he used to drive when gotten was worth 20 cents. Then wc can go to town and sit around and talk big or go fishing or bird hunting. We can buy a new dress for the women folks. The girl- can get new hats and our hoys wear boots and liny a saddle'. Won’t it he glorious ? was 17,009,4-53. At the present time the figures run up in the neighborhood 05,000,000. It this ratio of increase is a fair basis for prediction, wc shall have, at the time when the ten-year old hoy of to-day shall lie. forty years years of age, in 1920, something like I, 000,000,000 of people in the United States, and when that man ot forty reaches his seventieth birthday, 1950, we shall have close upon 400,000,0(111. That man’s sen, who will lie in the “vouth of his old age, ’ in 1990, one hundred years from now, will he the citizen ot a Republic of more than 1,000,000,000. . The Herald says discount this esti mate 50 per cent., and you will have five hundred millions as the result of another century of national life. The Herald predicts that the Dem ocrats, which will win in 3892, will .till hold the reins of power in 1992. As wo will not he here iu 1992, we arc perfectly willing to compromise on getting back into power in 1892.— Chronicle, Augusta. —~ All Dead. , The three men who were killed by lightning near Albany, on Friday, were II. H. Rouse, John Shiver and J. W. Shiver, all of Worth county. A correspondent says: When they were found by 4\ illiam Jeffers, a few minutes after being struck. Rouse was laying with his head to the northwest, young Shivers to the south and old man Shivers to the east, with their feet at the root of the tree. Rouse’s clothes, were torn from his body, young Shivers’ shoes were torn off', and their hats and um brellas were torn into shreds. One of the mules was killed ^ and a horse was badly stunned. The skin on Rouse’s face was broken and blood was oozing from the nose of each of the men. Rough & Dressed Lumber, Mouldings, TURNED AND SCROLL WORK, AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE. 1 carry in stock irom four to six hundred aousnud feet of select dry lumber of all sizes, ml eanpromutly fill any order wanted. I Mean Business. aid propose to down anybody on matched ooring and ceiling of the best quality, o.’ any- hing in my line. It will always pay you to see r write ■‘uc before placing your orders. JOS. L. UEVIRLY. Brown’s Iron Bittors furnishes aid to the stomach to accomplish its work. Only a medicine which has a specific action upon the stomach will do. you any good, and Brown’s Iron Bitters will act directly upon that organ, ton ing it up and giving it strengtli to do its work, relieving the pressure upon the nervous system, strengthening the nerves, quickening and improving the appetite, removing flatulency and heartburn, restoring the appetite and dispelling the dizzy spells which are so annoying, and may prove very dan gerous. Wonderful Cures. D. Hoyt k Co., Wholesale-and Retail Druggists of Rome Oa., says: Wc have been selling Dr. King’s New Dicovcry, Electric Hitters and Jincklen’s Arnica Salve for four •s Have never handled-remedies that sell as well, or give such universal satisfac tion. There have been some wonderful Hires effected by these medicines in this •ity. Several cases ot pronounced Consump tion have been entirely cured by use of a few bottles of Dr. King’a New Discovery, taken in connection with Electric Bitters. Wc guarantee them always. Sold by S. J. Cassels. WAYCJR0SS SHORT LINE. Time Card in Efferct Feb* 17* 1889* All trains of tills road aro run by Central Standord timo. Pussongor trains will leave dally as follows. FAst Mail and New Orleans Express. i Jacksonville .... 7 3o a m 7 30 a m j Waycross .... 9 45 a m i) 45 a ill Brunswick ....12 50 p in 12 50 p m Thomasville l 40 p in Jesup .10 50 a in Chattahoochee. 4 04 p m Savannah .. 12 23 p m I'cnsacola 10 00 p m Charleston ... .. 5 20 p m Mobile 2 10 p m Richmond .. 6 54 am ....; Orleans. Washington. Baltimore.... i’hilndelpfiia.... New Y ork .11 21 a m . 12 40 p m .. 3 10 p m 5 50 p i Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars between New York, Jacksonville and Port Tampa. Vestibuled Train. Mnoday, Wednesday and Friday. Leave Jacksonville 0 40 a m Leave Waycross 11 47 am Arrive Savannah ... 2 24 p m “ Wilmington 120pm “ Richmond 8 12am «• Washington 1155am K Baltimore 1 02 p m “ l’hiladeldhia 3 20 p m ** New York 0 00 p m ATLANTIC COAST LINK EXPRES8. Leave Jacksonville 115pm Leave Chattahoochee 7 05 a m Leave Monticello 10 55 a m Leave Thomasyille 12 50 p m Leave Gainesville . 9 40 am Leave Live Oak 12 50 p m Leave Dupont 3 05 p m Leave Waycross 4 25 pm Arrive Savannah 7 45 p m “ Charleston 125am “ Wilmington 36 a m Weldon 2 40 pm “ Richmond.. 0 00 p m “ Washington 11 00 p m “ Baltimore 12 35 am ** Philadelphia 3 50 am •• New York 0 50 a m Pullman Bullet Sleepin Car from Jack sonville and Waycross to New York; also from Thomasvillc to New York. GEORGIA CENTRAL EXPRESS, Leave Jacksonville*. -- 7 30 am 010am Leave Waycross 10 00 a m 9 00 p m Leave Gainesville 9 40 a m Leave Lake City 9 45 am Leave Live Oak 12 50 p m Leave Thomasvillu 9 20 a m Arrive Albany 2 00 p m 12 22 a The Farmers’ Alliance is too good an organization, and lias too much at stake to allow itself to become the tool of politicians. Those who desire to use it tor the purpose of stepping into political places should lie given the cold shoulder—Bainbridge Demo crat. PIMPLES TO SCR0FULAR. A Positive Cure for Every Skin, Scalp and Blood Disease except Ichthyosis. i>a>i< s War*. Head, Ann* and rast a Soiisl Stall, Hack covered III Sores*. Uc-st Doctor* and Uledi* ie* fail. <red by 4'uticurn Itcmc- [>» at u cost of avc used the Cuticura Remedies with the results. 1 have used two bottles of the .lira Resolvent, three bottles of Cuticura .m- fiUeoi Cuticura soap, ami am cured of icalpuml skin disease known as pso- ars. 1 would get iomctiines my head I had ii for eight y n<i worse at times f solid scab, and was at the time I be i the use of the Cuticura Remedies, My ii.i were covered with scabs from my elbows to my .-boulders, inv breast was almost one sol id s.qii), and my back covered with sores vary ing in sizo from a penny to a dollar. I had doc. toted with all the best doctors with no relief, and used many Uliferent medicines without eifect. My ease was hereditary, and 1 began to think, incurable, but it began to heal from the hi st application of Cuticura. “ AltOtKlt RUSSEL, Deshler, Ohio. Skin Dineane ii Yeura fur^l. 1 am thankful uisny that I have used theCu- * i......lies Tor about eight months with and consider myself entirely cured for si v found .il y salt sheum, from which ? have suffered years. I tried a number of medicines , of the best doctors in the country, hut ,otliing that would effect a cure until i Mil MRS. A. M« CLAFLIN, Morette, Mo. Tlie Woi'Mt Case of Mcrofulnr Cured. We have been selling your Cuticura Remedies „• sears, and have the first complaint yet to >ceive from a purchaser. One of the worst eases of Serofular l ever saw cured by the use of five bottles ol Cuticura Resolvent, Cuticura and Cuticura soa^Dj^ ^ TA YLOR t Druggist, Frankfort, Kan. Ciilieurn Itemed I oh. cCure every species of agonizing humiliating, itching burning, scaly, and pimply diseases of the hkin, scalp and blood, with loss of hair, from pimples to scrofular, except possibly ich- 11 Sofdeverywhere. Price,Cuticura, oc.;Soap, 25.; Resolvent, $ 1. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Co., Boston, Mass. crff-Send for “How to Cure Skin Diseases, 04 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials. TLLS, Oiack neaus, rets, luugii, I ami oily akin prevented by Cutl.ura Soap. WEAK, PAINFUL, BACKS, Kidneys and Utorino Pains and )Weaknesses, relieved in one minute by the Cuticura Anti-Paiu Plaster, the firstVml only pain killing plaster. Now, instan taneous, Infallible. 25 cents. Young Female College, Thomasville, Ga. Fall Session Begins Wednesday, September 4H1, 1889. Full Collegiate course, affords every facility tor a thorough education. Location healthful, grounds extensive and attractive. Collegiate course, term of 20 weeks, - - - §15.00 Preparatory Department, 20 weeks, - - 10.00 Music, per month, 4.50 Drawing, per month, ... - 3.00 Painting, “ “ 4.00 Board in College per month, - - - - 15.00 Tuition payable one-half iu advance, balance at expiration of first quarter. JA’O’. E. BAKER, au<v23- ‘ President, Headquarters lor Drugs! REID & CULPEPPER’S 120-122 Broad St., - Thomasville, Ga : School and Blank Books, Stationery,: Of every style. Pianos and Organs, Sheet Music, Etc. <! BEAR IN MIND> THAT THEY HAVE THE Handsomest and Best kept Drug Store IHSr GEORGIA, Where you can find fresh nnd pure drugs an! got prescriptions compounded nt nil hours, day or night, by competent Pharmacists. They use only Squibb'* preparations iu the prescription department and guarantee goods and prices. , REID & CULPEPPER, 120-122 RroadSt CLOTHING Continued at, Cost Until Sept. 15. We are pleased to announce that the heavy reductions we have made in prices of our Clothing, Furnishing Goods and Hats, has enabled us to reduce our stock considerably. Being anxious to dispose of it all before Fall season, wc will from now on inaugurate special reductions in various lines. —L o o k; i— 9 00 a l i 6 43 in 7 00 a m 1 55 p ni 7 20 p in 7 45 p m 2 27 am 0 52 a m 7 25 a m cars to Macon via C R R. 6 10 p m v « “ AtlantaVin C R U.10 00 p ni 1 10 p “ Chattnooga via W and A R lt .. 137 a n « Cincinnati via (J S, HR ; “ Mobile via L & N R R “ New Orleans via L & N HR. Nashville via L & N R R...... * « Louisville via L NR R ** Cincinnati via I* 4NRR <• St. Louis via L & N R R •• Pullman Bullet Sleeping „ ami from St. Louis via Montgomery and Nashville. Pullman sleeping cars between Thomasvillc and Cin cinnati. Pullman and Mann sleep ing cars from Jacksonville to Cin cinnati, via Macon. Through coach es from Jacksonville to Chattanoo- na. TENNESSEE KXI IlISa. Leave Jacksonville 815pm 105pm LeaVe Gainesville 0 40am 9 40am Leave Lira oak 12 50 pm 12 50 pm heave Waycross 12 10 am 4 13 p m LeaveJesup 2 50 am 540pm arrive Macon 835 a m 10 30pm “ Atlanta -1225 pm 160am *« Chattahoochee 0 25 p m 7 40 a m “ Nashville 5 15am 7 05am “ Louisvilllc,Lo So.. 7 00am 7 20 pm “ Cincinnati G-lOam 0 42am Pullman ami Mann sleeping ears from Jacksonville to Cincinnati. 105 p m train lias through coaches to Chattanooga. Sleeper to Wash ington and Cincinnati mi 8 15 p m train. SAVANNAH EXl’ItESS & ACCOMMODATION, Leave Jacksonville 8 15pm 0 05am Leave Thomasville 0 50pm Leave Waycross 1210 am 110pm Arrive Jessup 240am 244pm “ Savannah 5 45am 520pm Charleston 12 00 noon Palace sleeping car between Jack sonville and Savannah on 8 15 p. m. train. 900 train stops at all stations between Jacksonville aniLSavannah on signal. Through tickets sold to all points. Baggage checked through; also sleeping car berths and sections se cured at Company’s Office, 82. West Bay street, at passenger station, or on board People's Line steamer, II. B. Plant, Wm.P. IIakdkk, General Passenger Agent It. G. Fleming. Superintendent. DKESS GOODS. Real Linen Chambries at 10 cents. Figured Challies at (if cents. Fall Challies, the latest style in Cot ton Goods, at 8 cents. All other Dress Goods in proportion. TABLE DAMASK. 2 pieces Turkey Red Damask at 30c. 1 “ “ “ “ “40c. 3 „ “ “ “ “ 50c. shoes. The largest stock and best goods in the city for the money. W get prices TOWELS. 100 dozen Towels at 5 cents each* 40 “ 10 “ 30 “ 124 “ 12 “ 15" “ 60 “ 20 “ 47 “ 25 “ BLEACHING-. One case 4-4 Bleaching at 64 cents. We also call your attention to our remnant counter, where bargains arc numerous. fc willibc pleased to have all who wish anything in our lino to call aud prices before buying elsewhere. Very Respectfully, L. Steyerman & Bro. r- rv. Just received, another lot of Hair Tin eases, 4 pockets, 4 doz. pins, as sorted, 5 cents. Sold out first lot in two days. Needle cases, folding, 5 papers and 15 assorted, 10 cents. Come quick; they will go with a rush. Sewing machine oil, 4 ounce size, 5 cents. This goes too. NOW FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Ladies’ handkerchiefs, new style, linen lawn, very sheer, licm-stitchcd, 4 tucks, 33 cts.; never sold for less than 50 cts. Another lot, all over em-. broidered lawn, hem-stitched, 3 tucks, nobby, 31 cts. Linen doylies, white lineu, fringed, 7 cts. You pay 124 cts. everywhere. New lot of ladies’ underwear, robes, skirts, chemises, aprons, etc. Haven’t room to quote prices, but will sell at sui prisingly low figures, far less than it. costs to Duy material aud make up these articles. Will leave for New York and Baltimore in two weeks to select fall and winter stock. Will be glad to attend to any special commission from my friends and patrons. Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Lower Broad Milliner. J. S. Real Estate Agent, THOMASVILLE, GA. Office over liciil 4 Culpepper’s Drug Store, liroail SI, I am now prepared to buy or sell, tor other parties, all kinds ot town or country real estate, and have oa my list a good assort ment ot both kinds. Strict and close atten tion to the business will he my aim, and I respectfully solicit a share of the business of the community. nugi’Stf Pemounl. Mr. N. 11. l-'rohliehstein, of Mobile, Ala., writes: I take great pleasure in recommend ing Dr. King's New Discovery tor Consump tion, have used it lor a severe attack of Bronchitis and Catarrh. It gave me instant relict and entirely cured me and I have not been afflicted since. I also beg to state that I had tried other remedies with no good re sult. Have also used Electric Bitters and Dr. King’s New Life Pills, both of which I can reccommend. I)r. King’s New Discovery for Consump tion, Coughs anti Colds, is sold on n positive guarantee, free Trial bottles at 8. J. Casacls Drug Store Rheumatism and Catarrh. Rheumatism and catarrh are both blood disease). In many cases they have yielded to treatment with B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm,) made by Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Write for hook of convincing proofs. .Sent free. K. P. Dodge, Atlanta, Ga., says: “My wife had catarrh aud nothing did her any good. Her constitution finally failed and poison got into her blood. 1 placed iter on use of B B. B., aud to my surprise her recov ery was rapid and complete.” W. I’. McDaniel, Atlanta, Ga., writes: “I was much emaciated nnd had rheumatism so bad I could not get along without crutches. I also had neuralgia in the head. First-class physicians did me no good. Then I tried B. B. B., and its affects were magical. I cheerfully recommend it as a good tonic and quick cure.” Mrs. Matilda Nichols, Knoxville, Tenn., writes: 1 had catarrh six years and a most distressing cough, and my eyes were much swollen. Five bottles of B. B. B., thank God! cured me.” John M. Davis, Tyler, Texas, wrjtes: “1 was subject a number of years to spells of inflammatory rheumatism, which six bottles of B. B. It., thank heaveu, lias entirely cured. I have not felt the slightest pain since.”