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The Daily times-enterprise. (Thomasville, Ga.) 1889-1925, October 17, 1889, Image 3

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-YOUR- Special Attention IN INVITED TO Oi'lt Handsome Stock Men,. Youths and Boys. If you contemplate the purchase of ANY-:-GARMENT Clothing Line We will make it to your interest to see us before buying. Our stock is New, Nobby, Stylish, Attractive and Cheap. WE LEAD IN GOODS. By far llie hands ffl stock of mar, THE DAILY TIMES-ENTERPRISE. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 188£. SIGNAL SERVICE BUREAU AT R. Thomas Jr's-126 Broad Street. C. S. Bondurant Vounteer Observer Weather Bulletin for the 24 hours ending at 7 o'clock P. M., Oct.’lti, 1889. TEyi'BiiATcna. 7 a. 47 2 p. 77 7 p. 65 Maximum for 24 hours 77 Minimum “ “• “ 40 Rain-fall 00 Fair, stationary. GO TO THE MEETING TO-NIGHT. Fifty six arrivals registered at the Stuart Tuesday. Mr. S. B. Zeigler, of Boston, was in the city yesterday. Mr. W. A. McVail, of Baltimore, was in the city yesterday. Mr. Horner Young, of Metcalfe, was in the city yesterday. The E'tly & Bricken company passed through the city yesterday. Mr. B. F. Beverly and wife, of Blakely, was at the Stuart yesterday. An tlectric light was put iu the pump room at the water tower yes terday. Mr. Fred Bihb, now a merchant of Boston, was in the city yesterday visiting friends. The Stuart breakfasted eighty-one gu v. is yesterday morning. Travel is picking up. The doors tor the new Gulf House, being made by Reynolds, Hargravi & Dayis, are beauties. Mr, S. G. VnnBuskirk, ot' Monti cello, was in the city yesterday, cn route home from tho west. The “Held By the Enemy” com piinv went from here to Macon, where they played last night. Mr. Carl Moller Jr., and bride, of Savannah, is visiting' the groom’* father, Mr. Carl Moller, Sr, at his home near tho city. Mr. E. M. 'Mallettc comes out to day in a new column “ad,” in which CURTRIGHT & DANIEL -ARE SOLE AGENTS FOR- Xlxe. Ctelebre.t@cL JUja-ozs: Eats! Also the finest line of shoes to be found in the city. 108 BROAD STREET, THOMASfVILLE, Q-A Held By tho Enemy. This American play was rendered at the opera house on Tuesday night, to a fair ordinance. It is a war play, dealing with incidents, scenes and situations, brought about by tho conflict of arms during the late war. Some of the scenes were quite realis tic, though the fighting was hardly up to the genuine performance, judg ing from the noise made and the casualties which followed. Mr. Been, as Leslie’s special artist, was a success. Mr. Walter Perkins, as Uncle Rufus,” was fairly good, rep resenting the old time darkey, with- all their devotion to old “massa” and missus.” Lieut. Gordon Hayne, of the confederate army, in the familiar gray, was heartily applauded. “Susan captivated the audience by her art fully artless manners. Miss Deagle, as Rachel McCrcery, played her part very well, if she did, in the end, marry the yankce officer. Most of the young ladies in the audience sym pathized with Lieut. Hayne, but the fortunes of war and love were against him. Railroad Meeting- After consultation with a number of gentlemen interested in the construc tion of the road from hereto Augusta, I have concluded to call a mass meet ing of all the citizens of Thomasville at the' Court House to night at ^ o’clock. If we ever intend to do any thing, now is the time. Let every lriend of the new road, and every friend ol Thomasville, attend. IT. W. Hopkins, Mayor.’ The Work ofBoys. Some very rude boys, we learn, are in the habit of wrenching, breaking and otherwise injuring tho drinking fountains, recently established in various parts of the city. It is almost impossible to keep some of them iu order. Citizens living in the immediate localities of these fountains, and who get water from them, ate complaining about the action of these he makes many interesting offers ot j | )n y S . A special oidinance, fixing a real estate. Read it. isrj 1ST THE CITY. OUR LOVELY NEW NECKWEAR Just receive*! is l)r. A- D. Bender, of Cincinnati, O., who came down with his sister, Mrs. Titus, who will spend the winter here, left yesterday. Mrs. A. S. Silverberg returned yesterday from a visit of some time to New York. Her brother, Mr. N. Krauskofl, returned with her. The ladies were out in great num bers yesterday; a lovely autumn day, and two openings, were enough to bring the fair daughters of Eve. Cards are out for an entertainment, Simply Superb. ' at the country residence of Mr. Carl Moller, on Friday evening. The cn- Agents for the Celebrated CROMWELL HATS, Imported'from London | tertainment will be given in honor oi i Mr. Carl Moller, Jr., and wife, of Sa vannah. The next attraction will be Fisher’s musical comedy, “A Cold Day,” Fri ! day night. The box sheet was open- j ed yesterday. It will be the first comedy of the season, and will no me STRICT STYLE. | doubt draw a good house. | Mr, E. M. Mallette has sold a farm ■ - | near Patten to Mr. Wm. Varnier. | Lands in that section are advancing j,! every year, and it is well for intending j buyers to purchase without delay. • 1 I They will never be as cheap again. Elegant Stock of J Everybody was glad to see Mr. j Charley Davis in town yesterday. ^^T■I4 1 f'•■I4 , . ? He will be up at the fair and bring r'lUlOJli 'J'-'UJJO some o{ his fine colts to contest for the premiums. Thomas county will for Suits and Pantaloons to order. haye to huglla around t0 beat Charley. A gentleman of Berrien county , , , j came sixty iniles to reach here Tues- ery°e U v r ening e,S S glad" see ,0^ ' *«?«»« the date of day or night the Stock Breeders fair was Oct. 15th, ' instead of Nov. 15th. We hope he will come again on the 15th of Novenr her. Rev. Dr. McCall and Rev. Dr. McIntosh, of Macon, spent Tuesday night in the city, the guests of Rev. W. J. Williams. They were en route to atteud the meeting of the Mercer Bap tist Association, which began at Big Creek church yesterday, Leaders of Styles and Low Prices. I 109 & 111 BROAD ST proper penalty for interfering with these public fountains, and- it strictly enforced, would probably check the evil. The attention of council is called to tho matter. At Miss Laura Jones- Yesterday was the formal opening day for fall millinery at the well known and popular millinery estab lishment of Miss Laura Jones. All day long the establishment was crowd ed with ladies, intent upon seeing the latest and most stylish things out in the line of millinery. And they saw it, for. Miss Laura had on exhibition one of the handsoment and most fashionable lines of millinery ever seen in Thomasville. Our pencil would have to be guided by some fair hand to properly describe the many fashiodable hats and other ar ticles, in the millinery line. Married. Mr. Carl Moller, Jr., and Miss Em ma Hilterich, both of Savannah, were married in St. Johns church, on Mon day, 14th inst., at 8 o’clock. The grootr. is a son -of our esteemed citi zen, Mr. Carl Moller, so well known by all. The Time’s-Enterprise tenders congratulations and a wish tor much happiness The party left Jacksonville on the early train, arrived here yesterday at noon, and will spend a short while hers, from whence they go to their home in Savar.nah. At Steycrman’s. “Isn’t everything beautifal?” is what ninety-nine out of every hun dred ladies said, who entered the splendid establishment of the Messrs. Steyerman, yesterday. And indeed the display was worthy of the ejacula tion. Exquisite taste waa shown in the arrangement of the lic)^ fabrics. A handsomer display has rarely, if ever, heen seen in Thomasville. The corps of clerks who arranged it, cer tainly deserve high praise for the skill and taste displayed. To-Night. Mayor Hopkins calls a mass meet- g at the Court House to-night. All arguments have been exhausted, If Thomasville ever expects or hopes to loosen the grasp ol monopoly, now is the time for action. Come, and at least show by your presence that you are for your town. Everybody is in vited. It would be a shame and a re flection on the town to allow this op portunity to get ah important line o railway to pass. We cannot, will not, believe that the men of the place will longer hesitate. It is NOW or NEVER. A Cold Day. This amusing play will be rendered by a first-class company at the opera house on Friday night. It is the first really amusing entertainment of the season and will draw a full house. •The Wilmington (N. C.) Messen ger, speaking of the performance in that city, says: Fisher’s Musical Comedy, “A Cold Day, or the Laplanders,” a play with out a plot, produced by a company of comedians selected especially for the parts assigned them, which occupied the boards ot the Messenger Opera House Tuesday night was one ol the most side splitting amusements ever presented here. They played to a large house and did no cutting, liic entire programme being carried out. The whole performance was a grand success and the acting splendid, the fun capital, the singing grand and melodious, the instrumental music ex cellent, and dancing just unsurpassa ble. The singing of Carlotta, the Richmond young lady, was especially fine—just the best we ever witnessed here. It is a first-class show, for the purpose for which it was gotten up, to make people laugh and have a jolly good time. "WE are daily receiving Fall -AND- Winter CLOTHING! and our line ot Attention is called to the card of the Tallahasseean. It is one of the best weekly papers published in Flor ida. It is our neighbor and should be patronized, liberally, throughout this section. Messrs. Reynolds, Hargrave & Davis, are preparing one of the hand somest office fronts ever constructed in Thomasville. It is of yellow pine, with brass cash gates, similar to that of the Bank of Thomasville, and is for a firm in Valdosta. We are glad to see our enterprising firms doing business in neighboring towns. A Town Illuminated. The electric lights burned brightly Sunday night and illuminated a beau tiful city. All of oi’r citizens are con gratulating themselves on the fact that Albany has electric lights, and that we have the incandescent system instead of the arc light. The incandescent lamps burn with a beautiful and steady brightness, and the flickering and flar ing ot the arc light is wholly avoided. The city of Albany is illuminated so beautifully and uniformly that it almost seems that a soft moonlight floods our streets.—Albany News and Advertiser. This reminds, us that the petition lately presented to the city council on the subject of lighting Broad and Jackson streets with -arc lights, will probably be acted on at an early day. A committee is now investigating the question. They will doubtless report very soon. Thomasville ought to show visitors and others this winter the central portion ot the city at least well and brilliantly lighted. See notice of locket lost elsewhere. In noticing, yesterday, that Mr. Charles S. King, of Knoxville, Tenn., would at an early day open a fine restaurant here, we said he was the son of the “late Joseph L. King.” This was, we are glad to know, a mistake, as Mr. King, though well up in the eighties, is still hale and hearty. Like many other East Tennesseeans, he has made his home in Georgia, living in Atlanta: and the shadows of tho evening of life are gently falling about tho old man,who, atone time, was one of die most prominent merchants and business men of Knoxville. “WHEN|I| BUY My new hat for this season, it must be in the latest style, wi h rich trimming, and elegantly finished; nothing shoddy about it. Am willing to pay well for it, but not for the reputation of the biggest stock and the finest goods, as some claim.” Thus talks a sensible buyer who is able to have what she wants. Another says: “Lillie and Julia and Eva must all have a new hat and baby a new cap. My ! expenses will run up and income small! I must really look about and get the best goods for low est price, where I trade without fear of being overcharged.” Any one who talks orthinks like this is my customer. They are looking for bargains in the millinery line and they will naturally incline to Lower Broad. WILL ARRIVE THIS WEEK. A nice new lot ladies underwear, all grades, styles and prices. This is be coming a popular department, because I sell these articles for less than they can be made at home. Millinery opens with a rush; 84 hats the past 4 days! This is a fair record to begin with. The goods and prices speak for themselves. Havn’t lime tor a formal opening. Am open every day in the week. Glad to see you any time, and so thankful for a share of your trade. Call in. Mrs. Jennie Carroll, Lower Broad Milliner. LOOK HERE. You can buy at Pickett’s Cash Store: 2 lb Tomatoes at 3 lb ‘ “ at Early June Peas at Sugar Corn at Lima Beans at Succotash at Salmon at Sardines—imported at 2 lb cans Alligator Oysters i6$c can 1 lb cans Alligator “ o8Jc can 1 lb cans Lunch Tongue 25c can 2 lb cans Corned Beet at 20c can 2 lb cans Eng. Lun. Meat 20c can Small cans Potted Ham 75c doz Cooper, Cox, or Nelson’s Gelatine 15c pkg Respectfully, i tf M. P. Pickett. 8c can ioc can 15c. canf- 10c can 15c can ijc can i6jjc can 15c can f Call and get Prices before buy ing at Cost Prices, a B and we !will YOU MONEY Clothier?, and furnishers, 10a St., LThomaBYiUe, Ga : :L