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Winder weekly news. (Winder, Jackson County, Ga.) 18??-1909, December 16, 1909, Image 2

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We can Help you The Christmas Spirit is on at the Big Store of j ‘Ls k* A' * Our Store is the Christmas Store of Athens. Something useful to select from. Parasols, Umbrellas, Suit, Cases, Hand Grips, Shopping Bags, Trunks, Blankets and Comforts. What would any woman appreciate more than a nice set of Furs? We have the nicest Sine of Furs to select from in the State of Georgia. Furs from all parts of the globe. WI IAT WOULD THEY LIKE? Something that would suit Grandfather A nice pair of Bedroom Shoes, half dozen pair of Socket. We have them at 1 dc, 25c and 25c a pair. Something that would suit Grandmother A nice slumber Hobo. A nice Cape or Jacket. A nice pair of Woolen (Moves. A nice Shawl, ora half-dozen Handkerchiefs. This is what Mother would like A pair of nice Blankets, they won’t cost so much after all. We have them from $3,00 to $15.00. Say for instance a nice Bed Spread. Say for instance a nice pair of Sheets. Say for instance a nice pair of Billow Cases. Say for instance a nice Hat that will please her. $3,000 worth of Ladies’ and Misses' Cloaks To close out less than Manufacturers’ cost. In all colors. All our Ladies’ $5 00 Cloaks, Quick Sale Price...s3 50 “ “ 850 “ “ . “ “ ... 400 “ “ 9.00 “ “ “ “ ... 500 “ “ 10 00 . 000 “ “ 12 50 “ “ “ “ ••• 700 “ “ 15 00 “ “ “ “ -8 50 “ “ 17 50 “ “ “ “ ... 900 “ “ 20 00 “ ...1100 " “ 25 00 ...12 50 All our Misses’ and Children’s Cloaks will be closed out in the same proportion. Ranging in sizes from oto 18 years old. Our loss your gain. Ladies' Hand Bags for Christmas SI.OO buys the l>ost Hand Bag ever offered. Beautiful Seal Skin Bags, lined with fine quality of kid 2 50, 3 50, 4 50, 5 (X), (00 up to $lO (X). Goat Skin Bogs, $2.50 to $lO (X). Gloves and Mittens for Christmas Children’s Gloves in red, blue, white and black 35c Children’s Mittens in pink, blue and white, to sell at 15c, 20e and 25c. Children’s Bootees 20c 25c and 3oc in pink and white, blue and white. Children's Handkerchiefs for Chtistmas 1(H) dozen Children’s all Pure Linen Initial Handker chiefs seworlh 1() cents. 100 dozen Children’s Handkerchiefs, all Pure Linen 10c, worth 15 cents. Santa Claus Handkerchiefs, ti in a box, oOe. Teddy Bear Handkerchiefs, 3 in a box, 2->e. Until Christmas Open Evenings. DA VISON-NICHOLSON COMPANY, Athens , Georgia. Father would like to have this A nice Umbrella —we have them from §1 to 810. A luce Shaving Set. A nice Shaving Mirror. A nice Handkerchief. A nice Muffler. We know Sister would like to have this A pretty Shopping Bag SI.OO to SIO.OO A pretty Parasol 1.00 to 10.00 A box of all Pure Linen Handkerchiefs. A nice Back Comb SI.OO to $5.00 A nice Coat or a, Coat Suit. A nice Bottle of Perfume. Our Brother will appreciate this A nice Umbrella. A nice Suit Case. A nice Comb and Brush. A nice Box of Handkerchiefs. A nice Muffler A nice Necktie. A box of Hose. Kid Gloves for Children This is something every Child will appreciate for an Xmas Gift. We have them in all the wanted shades, SI.OO. A guarantee goes with every pair. Furs for the Little Ones A nice set of Furs will delight the little ones. We have them to sell from SI.OO to SIO.OO. Gentlemen’s Umbrelas for Christmas Largest and best line to select from in Athens, 98c to $lO Very Special in Ladies' Parasols Just received 200 of the prettiest and best Parasols for Ladies ever shown in Athens. Special price $1.50. Real value $2.50. Silk Hose Special 500 pair Ladies’ Silk Hose for Xmas Gifts 98c. All colors inciuding black. Black Silk Hose for Christmas Gifts Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice pair of Silk Hose. We have just received a line of Silk Hose to sell at $1.50 to $3-50. Old Brass, Hammered Brass for Christmas Gifts Every Novelty in Brass can he had here. Jardinieres, Candle Sticks, Fern Dishes, Umbrella Stands, Fern Stands. Ink Stands, Pin Trays, Flower Pots, Candaliers, Hanging Fern Pots. Something our Baby will want Dolls Teddy Bears. Baby Blankets. Go.-Carts. Baby Comb and Brush Sets 50c to $5.00 Baby C aps $l.O )to 3.50 * Baby Cloaks 3.50 to 10.00 Baby Caps 35c to 7.50 Your Lover .will like this Military Sets. Comb and Brush Sets. Shaving Mirrors A nice box of Handkerchiefs. A nice Suit Case. A nice hand Grip. Something for your Sweetheart A nice Set of Furs. A nice Hand Bag. A nice, pair of Gloves. A nice Parasol. A nice Puff Box. M nice Jewelry Box. A niee Silver Hand Mirrror. A nice Silver Hat Pm Holder. An Evening Scarf. A nice Beaded Purse. Rich Cut Glass Don’t think we can’t save you money on Cut Glass. We can sell you Cut Glass cheaper than you can buy elsewhere. Very special —8-in Berry Bowl, beautiful patterns $2.95. Others ask you $5.00 for the same Bowl. Cut Glass Tumblers 49c worth 85c Cut Glass Water Pitchers...s2.o9 worth $5.00 Cut Glass Ice Tubs 2.50 i Celery Dishes $1.50 to $3.00 Olive Dishes 1-00 to 2.50 Cut Glass Flower Pots 3.50 to 5-00 Cut Glass Vases 1.50 to 395. Cut Glass Puff Boxes 3.50 to 5.00 Scissors and Scissors Cases Scissors 25c to $2.00 Scissors Cases with 4 pair Scissors $2.50 to $7.50 Special Offering in Handkerchiefs For Economical Christmas Shoppers —Ladies’ Hand kerchitfs. All Pure Linen Handkerchiefs 10c, worth ...15cl All Pure Linen Initial Handkerchiefs 10c, worth...lsc All Pure Linen Initial Handkerchiefs 15c, worth...2sc All Pure Linen Handkerchiefs 25c, worth 35c 100 dozen Ladies’ Embr'd Handkerchifs 25c, worth 35c 50dozen Ladies’ Embr’d Handkerchiefs 35c, worth 50c 50 dozen Ladies’ Embr’d Handkerchiefs 50c, worth 75c Gent’s Handkerchiefs Gent's Cambric Handkerchiefs sc, real value 10c “ All Pure Linen Handkerchiefs 10c, real value 15c “ “ “ “ “ 15c, “ “ 20c “ “ “ “ ,l 20c, “ “ 25c “ “ “ “ “ 25c, “ “ 35c “ “ “ “ “ 35c, “ “ 50c? Lots to Pick from