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The Danielsville monitor. (Danielsville, Madison County, Ga.) 1882-2005, February 06, 1925, Image 1

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The Danielsville ITonitor. VOL. XXX I! LOCAL I jfAPPENLNG^ Mrs. J. D. Thompson, Misses Re ba Thompson and Marie Barrow were visitors in Athens Saturday. Miss Kathleen Snelling of near Comer spent the week end with home folks. ’ Mr. Aycock of the State Highway Department was here on business Monday. n Mr Hall of Calhoun Falls, S. C. spent several days here this week v-ith his son, Mr. E. E. Hall. ' Mr. and Mr*. A. S. Dalton were in Athens on Wednesday. Sheriff W. H. Hall made a busi ness trip to Tampa, Fla., the first of the week. Miss Moore of Elberton, Ga., is tbJ guest of her sister, Mrs. E. E. Hall, this week. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. David were visitors to Athens on Saturday. A kinsman of Buffalo Bill, known as “Three Fingered Cody,” spent the night here Monday night, on his 10,- 000 mile trip, from Van Couver, Wash, to Washington, D. C. While here he parked his wagon in W. D. Meadow’s yard, slept and cooked there in wagon, as that is part of bargain. He had only 530 miles more to make before taking the SIO,OOO purse to be awarded him for his trip. Mr. Gip Burroughs of Ila was a visitor here Tuesday}. Mr. and Mrs. Hone Mealor of Ft. Lamar, and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Gra ham of Rogers were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Collie Graham Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bond and chil dren of Royston spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bond. A number of friends annd rela tives attended the funeral services of Mrs. S. W. Fitts at Janes Chapel Sunday morning. DANIELSVILLE METHODIST CHURCH I am glad to state that after being Out of my work Ifor eight weeks en account o t an operation underwent in St. Mary’s Hospial on the 9th of December, that I am again to resume my work. i We wish to express our apprecia tion to the friends who have been so kind in remembering us during our) trouble, also to commend the faith ful and efficient service of the Doc tors and nurses while at the Hospital. I will preach at Danielsville, 11:00 o’clock, Feb. Bth, in the morning; there will be a church conference im mediately before the preaching ser vice . .... We have plenty of people within easy reach of our churches to fill them so let’s come out and show the preacher that we appreciate him and he will preach betted. Listen, church member! Have you stopped to con sider what you owe to the church? Tou might like to have a better pjeacher; well, the best way to have one is to cooperate with the one you have and make him better. M. C. ALLEN AUCTION SALE Desirable Residence Lots, Daniels ville, Ga The Trustees of the Madison Coun-1 iy High School will offier for sale on the first Tuesday in March, at the f curt House in Danielsville, at 11:00 0 oiock A. M., to the highest bidder, W cash • the Lott known as the Old School House Let, in Danielsville, on is situated the old School Building, said lot being on Athens, St., and contains four acres, more or less, sale subject to confirmation T.< the Trustees of said School. TRUSTEES M. C. H. S. MADISON COUNTY TOURNAMENT At the first meeting of the Madison Caunty Tournament committee, Monday, Feb. 2nd, at Mq. R. C. David’s office, it was decided that the basketball tourney should fee held at Danidsville, Feb. 20th and 21st, if the weather permits. In case of bad weather the tournament will be held the following Friday and Saturday. Any school in the county desiring tc enter a team may do s on the following conditions and regulations: The players participating must be bona-fide students of the school they represent, i. e.,they must have at tended school regularly for not less than six weeks during the scholastic year 1924-1925 and previous to the time of the tournament and they must not have attended any school other than the one they represent during the scholastic year 1924-25. They must be doing passing work in at least three major subjects; All teams must he entered before noon of February 13. i. e., a list of the eligible players from each school, signed by the principal or superin tendent must be in possession of O. G. Lancaster, Sec’y, Comer, Ga. be fore that date. Drawing or nairing will take place at Supt. David’s office Feb. 14th. Each team to participate should have a representative there Feb. 14. A suitable trophy will be awarded the winning team. Also a trophy will be awarded to the most useful player to his team. This does not necessarily mean a player on the winning team). All communication relative to the tournament should be addressed to 0. G. Lancaster, Comer, Ga. Every school is invited and urged to send a team to the tournament. MINISTERS’ CONFERENCE The meeting of the Baptist Minis ters’ Conference of Northeast Geor gia, which meets at Athens, will meet at 11 A. M., Feb. 8. The subject for discussion is “Justification.” The discussion to he opened by Rev. Wade H. Park. INSPIRAHON- _ MjgjjU T ~,,.,■ li ~-i- m—mmmomm*mmmamm ——ww— ih>l!WW!lMMWpiJ Danielsville, Georgia, Friday, FEB, 6 1925 First Round I WILL BE AT THE FOLLOW ING PLACES FOR THE PURPOSE OF RECIEVING TAX FOR THE YEAR 1925. PLEASE MEET ME AND GIVE IN YOUR TAX. COLBERT February 16 10 to 12 HULL February 16 1 to 3 CARLTON February 17 10 to 12 NEWTOWN February 17 1 to 2 PAOLI February 17 3 to 4 BRIDGES STORE February 18 9 to 1# NEESE February 18 11 to 1 SAWDUST February 18 1 to 2 O’KELLEYS STORE February 18 3 to 4 PITTMAN COURT HOUSE *. February 19 10 to 12 ROGERS STORE February 19 12 to 1 ILA February 19 2tt 4 POCA February 20 10 to 12 FT. LAMAR February 20 ’ 1 to 2 TYNERS STORE February 20 2to 3 FITTS STORE February 20 3 to 4 COMER February 21 * 10 to 2 MILL COURT GROUND February 23 10 to 12 BONDS GIN February 23 12 to 1 P. C. SCARBORO STORE February 23 2 to 3 HARRISON COURT GROUND February 24 10 to 12 C. W. SCARBORO STORE February 24 1 to 2 J. E. VAUGHN’S STORE February 24 3 to 4 JEPTHA February 25 10 to 12 MAN PATTONS MILL February 25 1 to 2 CLODFELTERS STORE February 25 3 to 4 DANIELSVILLE MARCH COURT A. M. Hix, R,T,R,M. By SATTERFIELD PROGRAM MADISON COUNTY EPWORTH L AGUE UNION INSTITUTE Liberty Methodist Church, Ft. mar, Ga., Sunday, Feb. 'ls 1925 10:§0 Devotional —J. C,. Tabor 10:15 The different units of League Organization—James Christy. 10:30 Origin and History of the Epworth League—Miss Lucile Hig ginbatham. •• 10:45 League Motto, “All for Ch^st”— U. S. Woody. 11:001nspirational a.ddress —Rec. My C. Allen 12:00 Luunch 1:00 A League in the small church 1:00 A League in the small church —Lucy Gholston. 1:15 What the League has contrib uted to the Church and what it should contribute —A Colbert Leaguer. 1:30 What thorough organization' means to a League—A Gordon' Chapel Leaguer. 1:45 Business Session 2:30 Address—Rev}. F. E. Crutch er. 3:00 Address—J . H. Baker, Dist Secretary. . Special music to be supplied. Uncle 10-knl That our sweethearts must be •looked at is a mandate mighty true, but, when she has gal oshes on —wal, I dunno . . . do you? I seldom look at an kles, bein’ prudent—more or less—but When we’re forced to see ’em, then we ain’t to blame, I guess. I hate to see a tailored gal set out upon a trip, when there’s every indication that her snaps has lost their grip,— though galoshes might be graceful—even carry an ap peal, If they didn’t sag down, ornery-like, and loaf around the heel. I don’t enjoy my privelege of actin’ like a spy, when I need to elevate my chin, and let folks ketch my eye. And still, there’s urgent rea sons which command a feller's view—like the innocent attrac tion to a comely ladies’ shoe. I couldn’t think of nothin’ that improves the searchin' mind, like glancin’ at the beauties of a noble woman-kind; and while there’s laws of comfort that we hardly dare forget, I never liked galoshes, and —I wouldn’t NOTICE OF MEETING OF CREDI TORS In the District Court cf the United States for the Nortnern District of Ga. Eastern Division. AS A COURT IN BANKRUPTCY IN RE: .... Jno. M. Sorrow, Bankrupt, Colbert, Ga., R. P. D. To the Creditors of said Bankrupt: You are hereby notified that there will foe a meeting of creditors of the above named bankrupt on Feb l . 12, 1925, at 613 and 614 Southern Mu tual Building, Athens, Ga. at 10:00 o’clock A. M., for the purpose (of Examining bankrupt, allowing claims selecting a trustee and other legal business. .... HOWELL COBB, Referee Athens, Ga., Feb. 3rd 1925. ; j Number