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Watch Newnan Crow Che JMewnan 3tlcckl\> )Scm Watch Newnan Crow VOL. VI. Oi'dinnry-s OfH ce — NEWNAN, GA., FRIDAY. JANUARY 19. 1906. NO. 41 Trade With the Hustling Merchants Who Advertise in the Newnan News. School Board will Take No Action. The Newnan School Hoard will take no action in the matter of differences with patrons about the payment of contingent fees. This information was given to the News by a member of the Board. The Hoard will take no action whatever, but will go right along as it has been doing heretofore. The children of those patrons who refuse to pay contingent fees, will not be expelled from school but will be allowed to continue in at tendance. The Hoard claims it is taking the only action possible under the circumstances. Some members have expressed a desire to have certain changes made in the school system; but, it seems tin* entire Board concurs in believing that nothing can be done at present. Briefly, this is the position of the Board. On the other hand, certain patrons of the school con tend that they are only asking the Hoard to act strictly in accordance with law in managing the schools. They contend that a free school, without any contingent fee attach ments, must be maintained at least five months in the year and be lieve that the city ought to main tain the school free for ten months of each year. They also object to the admission of non-resident pu- B pils to the schools on same terms f as resident pupils; claiming that it 1 is wrong to tax citizens of New- 3 nan to educate the children of citi- | zens of Coweta county, outside of f Newnan, or pupils from other if counties or states. Mr. P. L. Sutherland and Family to Reside in New nan. Whitesburg. There wore lively times in Whites- burg Inst Suturdny, Many words pass ed that could not appropriately spoken in Sabbath school. Feelings for each other seemed to bo heart-felt; the rule of strong emphasis was placed on many words. Even to this sweet hour some crackling heart-throbs are oohoing threats that would not make pleasant reading. The election for special school tax was fought lioro Saturday. The spooinl tax won by lil more than two- thirds majority. Whether this scribe is Mr. P. L. Sutherland, of Jack sonville, Florida, this week closed a trade with Mr. T. (5. Farmer for the Willcoxon residence in this city. This residence is situated in the outskirts of the northeastern part of Newnan, and is a line, old ante bellum mansion, constructed of red brick in the famed colonial 1 snti8fled with tl,e r0(mlt or not - wo wiU . , , try to take to ourselves oidy such an style. It is one ol the most at-, . „ . . • amount ns a merry heart and u dull tractive and desirable residences j nlilld CB11 digest. We will await the ill the city. _ promised optoinistio results with sad, Mr. Sutherland paid #8,000 for j lonely forebodings, the house and 22 acres of land. ° nr society young people were re- .. J joiced to lmve Mioses Murv Camp and Mr. 1-armor retains about 200 k lary LoIlg| two of Carrollton’s prot - acres ol the original \\ illcoxon tiest girls, with them last week, plantation. This laud and the Miss Uuuu Alinoii, of Roopville, a land and home sold to Mr. Slither- j charming young lady, is in our city land was purchased by him last; vildti,, B her aunt, Mrs. fields, yearirem Mr.A.W. Powers tor I |urued hoIU0| uftor avisit , of three #10,000. j weeks at East Point. These facts indicate the coil- Marvin Bowen, of Newnan, is visiting tilllious and rapid advancement of die family of Mr. and Mrs. Welcome real estate values in and around lJ| “ kH ’ i Paul Brown, of Oarrollton, is stop- visit the latter’s sister, Mrs. Judsou South. Mrs. Sarah Parker was taken siok last. Thursday night and hns been confined to her bed since. Elisha Hendrix moved with his fam ily to Sargent, last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Mobley have a son about ten days old. Mr. Earlo Loverti and Mr bride, from Bnnniug, were in our midst Inst Satur day and Sunday, the guests of the for mer's brothers, T. tt. and E. B. Loverti. Tom Ozmore, who lias been closely eoulinod at home for so long, is able to stir about, some. Crantville. Briefly, these are some of the . „ _ , .... , .. .... ... , vance ot Gen. Lee’s birthday un- H contentions ot those citizens who J Newnan. Additional Local. (’ol. Tsaac Jackson was up from Hogansville yesterday. Mrs. H. R. Davies, of Turin, was a visitor to Newnan yesterday. Miss Nora Page, of Turin, spent last week in the city the guest of Miss Nona Potter. Mrs. I. E. Walker entertained a few friends Thursday evening at a most delightful card party. At the court house at two o’clock this afternoon occurs the obser- disagree with the School Board. The News has expressed no ' opinions concerning the merits of | this case. So far it has done noth- jing but print the news. At a later ! date the News may say something [editorially concerning Newnan’s [school system. nlversary. J. FT. Cotter, Esq M of LuGrange, has notified his father, Rev. W. J. Cotter, of his u afe arrival in Pana ma, to which country he returned i after a recent visit to Georgia. ping here with bin aunt, Mrs. Bennett Evens. Miss Minnie Culpepper, of Pratt City, Alabama, is visiting relatives and friends in and near town. The Masons have recently roweathor- boarded their spaoious ball, oetled and papered it on the inside, uud also install ed a good heating Btove. Miss Judsou Latimer, of Atlanta, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. K. Lusitor, at Banning. Miss Vassie Sewell returned to New nan last week. Miss Sewell bail been stopping with her aunt, Mrs. William Copeland, lor several weeks. Rev. Mr. Latimer, of Atlanta, who was uccidently hurt a few weeks ago, is stopping ut present with his daughter, I Mrs. J. R. Lassiter, at Banning. Mrs. Amuudu Strickland, of Carroll ton, is here on a visit to relatives and friends. Mrs. P. A. Boykin visited Villa Rica tins week. Mllltown. Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Niokulson went to Maudeville lust week, where they will Youth and Old Age Wed. Mrs. Molly Ursey, an aged wom- i an of this city, and Grover Cleve- j land Pittman, a young man just 21 Hyears of age, were married last |1 Monday afternoon. Esquire Thos. EWSwint tied the knot which united iff this strangely matched couple. Mrs. Pittman is sixty years old, 7$ being about forty years older than | her husband. She has been estab- ;i lished in the clothes cleaning busi- | ness here for a long time. Her je young husband is a mechanic. 1 The present matrimonial venture M is Mrs. Pittman’s third experience. ® She was married first at the age of fifteen years,' and again at the age of twenty-two years. The mineral spring in this city, ] make theil . ll0DlB . which has been dry lor some time, , Miss Annie Lou Daniel was siok sev- is running again. The spring is a j oral duys lust week, popular place of resort and the Mr*. A. Musiok, who was very ill water is much used by people of at our ltt8t writing, is very much im the city. Mrs. W. B. Pringle will enter tain at a large card party Friday proved. Mr. Burrell bus moved witii bis fum ily to Carrollton. Mrs. J. E. Farmer has been quite siok ... . . ,. „. ,, , for the past ten days, but seernod to bo at ter noon in honor ol Mrs. Gordon | b(jtter w)ien laHt heai . d fr0U1 . City Court. City court was in session Mon day and Tuesday, and adjourned to meet again next Monday. The session was quiet, and no cases of a startling nature were tried. It is probable that the court will be in session but a short time next week. Summary of business disposed of this week appears below: State vs J. R. Brooks, selling liquor; not guilty. State vs Hester Wood, assault H and battery; nolle prossed. State vs Minnie Roberson, as sault and battery; demand for trial flowed. State vs W. M. Childers, bas tardy; guilty. State vs Sue Green, misdemean or; demand for trial allowed. State vs Vernanda Brown, as sault and battery; guilty; #10 and costs or six months in chaingang. State vs Ed Ayers, gambling; not guilty. State vs Alger Hall, Isaiah Hall and Altneda Hall, assault and battery; nolle prossed. Lee. Mrs. Lee will leave soon for Washington, I). C., to spend the winter. Andrew Shackleford and Fred Kearse, two negroes arrested last Friday for blind tigering, were ar raigned in the Mayor’s court this week and were fined #20 and #00, respectively. The fines were paid. Mr. A. W. Stubbs, Sr., a lead ing citizen of Fairburn, died Wed nesday, after an illness of several weeks, aged 08 years. He was the father of A. W. Stubbs, Jr., and Newnan Has New Postmas ter. Bcu Odom and two daughters, Misses May and Maude, are boarding with the family of William Bryuut. Grandmother Giles, whom we men tinned as being so siok last week, seems to be some better. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Allen have a now boarder at their borne. Came lust Thursday morning. A little boy. Mrs. Nannie Gwens is spending the week witii iter daughter, Mrs. Judsou South, at Urautville. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mobley have moved into the rooms reooutly vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richie. Quite a number of onr young people met ut Bob Motes lust Sunday afternoon Mrs. G. W. St. John, of this city. tt,ld H l ,eut “ few ll0urH iu j Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Crow have moved Temperance Legion. into the rooms vacated by the Misses Cassel. ■——— j Misses Bowen and Carmichael have a At the regular meeting, Jan.! sewing olub witii the little kindergarten 5th, the Loyal Temperance Legion i tolk8 ttlld ure teBcl,,u K tl,em t( ’ 8,iW - elected the following officers for | lMt week( iu regard t0 Br0 . (iailie8 . ap . firat quarter, 1906: pointments. He preaches at Lovejoy Robert Simril, Pres.; Ola Shan- Memorial the 8rd Sunday iu each mouth non, Vice Pres.; DeWitt Hollis, at li a. m. and 7 p. m. Bro. Layton was with us at the Chapel Rec. Sec.; Fay Mooney, Treas. Two new classes were organized. Each child present was given a temperance leaflet by Lady Man ager and asked to get as many per sons as possible to read it before next meeting on tbe following Fri day. These leaflets were returned properly signed and it was found that Robert Simril had secured the largest number of signatures; 52 iu all. last Sunday and preached two very in teresting sermons to good congregations His theme iu the morning was “Love,” taken from 1 John 3:1. “Behold what manner of love,” etc. In the evening liis theme was “Prayer;” taken from the 17 chapter of the gospel ot John. Bro. Layton will preach again tiie 4th Sunday in this mouth. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, from Grantville, spent a few days the past week in our midst, visiting the former’s ; mother and other relatives. | Mrs. W. J. Bryant silent laHt Saturday uight and Sunday witii her daughters in Hid&s Wanted—Will pay 10 1 Palmetto, cents per pound for beef hides, all Mr8, J ’ J- Hendrix . frorn Grantville, At an otlioinl mooting hold at tlio resi dence ot ,). R. Cotton Tuesday evening, the pastor, Rev. A. 11. S. Hugg, gave tut Interesting talk to the Stewards of the M. E. Church; plainly doiluiug the duty nml obligations required of them. Those present were Hon. W. A. Post, Messrs. N. (). Banks, ,). R. Cotton, Juo. T. White, W. A. Bohannon, F. T. Mcaohnut. After the business of t.ho meeting was transacted a delightful lunch was served by the hostess; con sisting of fruit, cake, wafers, dates and ambrosia. The records of the Stewards for tile M. E. Churches at Grantville and Lone Oak show that for the year 11)05 $1,800 was paid for conference claims and other church purposes. The statistics show that up to Deo. 81, 1005, 2,005 bales of cotton bad been weighed at the Hunks & Arnold ware house; us compared to 8,000 to Due. 81, 1004. 000 bales hud been weighed this season at the Colley warehouse. Miss Emma Belle Zulltirs left this af ternoon to visit her sister, Miss Estelle, at Agnes Scott Institute, Decntur. Miss Susio Parks, of Atlanta, is the guest of her cousin, Miss Gertie Post. Mrs. Sadie Sewell spent lust week with relatives at Lone Gak. Mrs. Anna Jeter uml Miss Willie Jeter visited Mrs. Steve Robinsow at More- laud Sunday. Miss Sarah Partridge, of Mountville, is the guest of Mrs.’,A. H. S. Hugg at thu parsonage. Miss Felioia Stallings left Monduy for an extended visit to friends und rela tives in Atlanta, Marietta and Newnan. Miss Marie Sewell, of Lone Oak, was thu guest a few days last week of Miss Gladys Whito. Mr. N. O. Banks loft toduy for a busi ness trip to Columbus. Capt. T. S. Parrott and wife, of New nan, were guests Tuesday of Miss Zel lers. Mrs. H. C. Farrington and Miss Bes sie Bohannon visited their sister, Surah LaGrange Female College, Monday. Dr. G. W. Glower went to Atlanta Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Gilbert, of Senoia, were guests a few days lust week of Mr. and Mrs. James Gilbert. Mrs. Anna Bohannon, of Newnan, spent Friday at the home of L. W. Bo hannon. Mrs. Lula Whito, of Atlanta, who has been visiting Mrs. C. B. Cotton, has re turned home. Mr. Lewis Dean severely burned his right hand on a hot bund near the dy namo, at the hosiery mills. Mr. C. A. Sims, of Alabama, spent Sunday at the home of J. R. Cotton. Hon. W. A. PoHt is in Atlanta today. Two line little boys arrived in our town a few days ugo—one at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orr, the other came to brighten the home of Mrs. Will McLaughlin, of Hogansville, who is visiting her mother, MrH. Aliuon, iu Grantville. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Parks entertain ed u few yoang people ut their borne Friday evening. Mi. Glen Hopson,of Loue Oak, was in Grantville Sunday. Mrs. Lizzie Stafford, who has been dwelling here for about 10 years, recent ly moved to Atlanta, where she will re side with iter daughter, Mrs. Walter Boyd. Mr. T. M. Zellars has purchased the Havis homestead und in the near future will erect 5 dwellings thereon. Major C. M. Burks is thinking of en tering the race for sheriff of Coweta county. Mrs. \\\ Y. Atkinson is now in (•barge ol - Newnan’s postoffiee. The commission wns received last week, ami the office was turned over to her last Monday by J. M. Milner, who had been in charge as acting postmaster since the death of his father, Postmaster R. F. Milner. With one exception, Mrs. At kinson hits an entirely new force of assistants in the office. F. Met’. Brown, formerly of Brunswick, is assistant postmaster. Mr. Brown served us postmaster in Bruns wick for twelve years, and is thoroughly [qualified to take the active management of the office. Hoy Askew, the only old clerk remaining in the office, 1ms been transferred from the position ol general delivery to mail clerk. W. G. Arnold is in charge ol' the gen- end delivery, and Hoy Ellis is stamp clerk. Mrs. Atkinson will seen re an additional clerk at an early date, if necessary. She will endeavor to give the people the best possible service, and will place the entire details of the office on a strictly business-like and efficient basis. Miss Freeman’s Luncheon. gold that only the stalwart, mili tary figure of Captain Hell keeps his uniform from banging one-sid ed from bis broud shoulders. Home of tbe other conductors have a period of service requiring seven stripes and experiences of almost as long standing ns those of Captain Hell. Those who are now having these service stripes added to their uniforms are Conductors Martin, Howard, Dillard, llarri son, Bellemy, Lynch, lliggin liotham, Ingram, Powers and Wil liuinson.—Atlanta <’(institution. Cotton Growers Moot. Miss Virginia Freeman was the charming hostess at u beautiful luncheon Thursday oflast week. The table had as a pretty center piece a vase of red carnations, und red tapers held in silver candela bra carried out the bright color scheme. The favors were unique )>on bon boxes iu red. A hot luncheon served in several courses at 1 o’clock was thoroughly en joyed. The guests were Mrs. Beau Mc Williams, of Rome; Mrs. VV. A. Turner, Jr., Mrs. T. H. Parrott, Mrs. Handers Gibson, Mrs. Cal houn Hill, Mrs. G. L. Wynn; Misses Katherine Powel, Hadie May Powel, Alma Arnold, Maie Campbell, Emmie Young Conyers, Kate Bnead, Julia May Hackney, Belle Vernon King, Roena Turner, Mary Parrott, Louise Peddy. New Orleans, La., January 15. —The Southern Cotton Assooia tinu held its min mil business meet ing today with almost a full board silting. The proceedings wore marked by tbe utmost burmony. Ilarvio Jordun was re-elected president, and Richard (’beatbum was re-elected secretary. F. 11. Hyatt, of Columbia, S. <’., was elected treasurer, and George T. Jester, of Corsicana, Tex., was chosen vice president, iu place of Colonel Peters, of Texas. The salary of tbe president was fixed at #5,000 a year. Secretary Cbeatbaiu’s salary was raised front #2,500 to #.’t,600 a year. The sal ary of the treasurer was fixed at #500 u year, and the vice president is to serve without salary. The sulary of the general finan cial agent and orgunizer, F. D. Smith, who was duly elected, ae cording to tbe suggestions of the muss meeting was fixed at #5,000 a year. Ex-Sheriff of Meriwether Dead. weights, No. 1 selection. Full weights and fair dealing guaran teed. T. G. Burpee. spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Homer Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Drue Goins went to Grantville last Saturday afternoon to Joseph McGhee, formerly sheriff of Meriwether county, died Mon day night, after a short illness, at a private sanitarium. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the chapel of Harry Poole & Co. The remains will be taken to Greenville for interment. Mr. McGhee was 87 years of age and was the son of O. W. McGhee, of Greenville. He comes of a well known family and bad a number of friends in Atlanta.—Atlanta Jour nal. Joseph McGee, who was one of the best known men in Meriwether county, and who was related by family ties and by marriage to some of tbe leading families western Georgia, will be remem bered as the man who created a sensation of large proportions last year by eloping from Greenville with Mrs. Albert Hill. Notice. A called meeting of the Junior Order will be held Saturday even ing, Jan. 20th. There will be de gree work; and all members are urged to Ire in attendance. John W. Kersey, Court. J. A. Wadsworth, R. S. Dr. Anderson, Building. Dentist, Sal bide tf In Service of A. & W. P. 45 Years. An order requiring the addition of service stripes to the uniforms of the passenger conductors of the West Point route has resulted iu quite a different appearance in the official clothing of some of the veterans of the railroad. The or der requires the adding of a gold stripe on the arm of the uniform f6r every five years of service with the road. As Conductor James L Bell has served more than forty five years, this meant the addition of nine gold stripes, which has made one sleeve sb heavy with Turin Thu Southern Cotton Association, which convened iu New Orleans recent ly, (luolarud (or 15 oonts. This meets with hearty approval in this section. Some farmers have not sold a bale. This slinw* we are going to back Harvie and bis crowd. Tbe John Hunter store-house will soon be completed. Mr. Z. Christopher has purolmsod the Dominic house and moved his fam ily here. Mr. Dominio is orooting a handsome residence opposite the Huu- nioutt corner. Mr. Will Johnson and family have moved to Turin, Mr. Johnson will run a food and sale stable. Mr. John Hunter is now occupying his borne purohusod from J. T. Artiall. Wo heurtily welcome all these new comers, as they are suooessful business men. Turin High School is in a flourishing condition, the enrollment being greater than in some time past. Miss Rutli Whatley is staying with her aunt, Miss Nettie Russell. Miss Rutli will conduct an art class here. Miss Alice Moses left this week for Malone to coniluot a music clues there. Turin Lodge, F. and A. M., installed officers as follows lust. Saturday night: L. T. Moses, W. M.; Mr. Stovall,8. W.; F. O. Watkins, J. W.; E. L. Morrell, See.; I. M. Starr, Treas. Sheriff’s Safe. GEORGIA—Goweta County. Will be sold before the court house door iu tho city of Newnan, said State and county, on tho first Tuesday in Feb ruary, 1‘JOO, between the legul hours of sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, the following described property: A tract or parcel of laud situated and being in the First District of Coweta county, Georgia, and known and dis tinguished us tiie west half of lot of laud No. 268; containing 101 1-4 ucres, more or less; and 16 ucres, more or less, of the northeast oorner of lot of land No. 245, in said district; bounded as fol lows: On north by J. B. Delk and W. K. McCrary, on east by M. H. Couch and W. C. Elmore, on south by Nixon estate, on west by B. F. Cock. Levied on as the property of W. M. Glass, and in his possession, to satisfy a fi. fa. is sued from the City Court of Newnan, Oct. term, 1905, in favor of J. H. Sliul- kay and agaiust said W. M. Glass. Tenant in possession notified iu terms of the law. This Jau. 10, 1906. J. L. BROWN, Sheriff. For Sale—A judgement against T. F. Shackleford. Apply to lock box 381, Newnan, Ga. tf