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The Weekly news and advertiser. (Albany, Ga.) 1880-1???, August 13, 1892, Image 2

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MEDICAL. What is Castoria is Or. Samuel Pitcher’s prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, -and Castor Oil. 5t Is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty yours* use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria kills "Worms. Castoria is the Children’s Panacea—the Mother’s Friend, Castoria. ^ m i i tJastwIa cares Colic, Constipation* Soar Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation, *SiT«3 healthy sleep and promotes digestion, Without injurious medication, . ' Hi* Centaur‘Comp«ay. Castoria. ** Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it as su perior to any prescription known tc me.” H. A. ARCHER, M, D, v 111 So. Oxford St., Brookly*, IT. S. ■17 Murray Street. S. T. IDST HAVE ROOM A JEALOUS COW. ■ i. She Gores Her 3Iaster Because He Nursed a f'i:i And to get it I will sell for the next 30 days at cost strict ly, for -the cash, anything in THE FURNITURE LINE. - ° This is a matter of business and if you want Furniture .you will find it to your interest to eoine and see my large and complete Stock. I will not charge you • ONE^NICSLE above cost if you come and buy for cash. I want the trade and am going to have it if low prices will get it. Come and see me. Sheet Music and all Musical Instruments, Save Pianos and Organs, at absolute cost for the next 30 days. Also, the White Sewing Machine, the best in existence, sold at cost next 30 days. R. L. RACRALS, Agent. NEW DISCOVERY MCCIDENf In compounding f* solution a part was accidently spilled on the hand nnd on washing alterward it was discovered that tne hair was com-/ pletely removed. We at oncfc.pui this wonderful preparation, on the market and so great has been the demand that we are now introducing it throughout the world under the name of Queen’s Anti-Hairine. IT IS PERFECTLY HARMLESS AND SO SIMPLE ANY CHILD CAN USE IT. Lay the hair over and apply the mixture for a few minutes, and the hair disappears as if by magic without the slightest pain or injury when applied or ever afterward. It is unlike any other preparation ever used fora like purpose. Thousands of LADIES who have been annoyec with hair on their FACE, NECK and ARMS attest its merits. GENTLEMEN who do not appreciate a beard or hair on their neck; find a priceless boon in Queen’s Anti-Hairine which does away with Shaving, by rendering its futnre growth an utter impossibility, ^rice of Queen’s Anti-Hairine $1. per bottle, sent in safety mailing boxes, postage paid by us (securely pealed from observation). Send money or stamps by letter with full address written plainly. Corres* ^ondence strictly confidential. This advertisement is honest and straight forward in every word it poDtains. We invite you to A lew years ago I bad a quiet tnileh cow, Rose, whieh was fond ofThofuas, the stable-tu-m, and also showed an aversi >n to dogs. One morning I had just begun to dress, when I heard my puppy barking in the 1 cow-shed. The next minute I heard a roar of unmis takable fear and anguish—a human roar, I dashed down stairs, and at the same moment arrived my §pn, pitchfork in band. There lay Thomas on his face in a dry gutter by the side of . the road to the cow house, and the cow butting angrily at him. We drove off the cow, and poor Thomas scuffled across the road, slipped through a wire fence, stood up and drew breath. “Well, Thomas,” said I, “wham’s the matter with Rose?” “Well, sir,” said Thomas, “I heard the pup bark and uutied him, and I was just coining out of the cowhouse with the pup iu my arms when Rose came around the corner. She knocked me down and would have killed me.” Thomas bad,/indeed, had a narrow escape: his trousers .were ripped up from end to end, and red marks. all along his legs showed where Rose’s 'horns had grazed along them. “Well,”’ said I. “you’d better not milk her this morning, smee she’s in such a Tury.” “On, I’ll milk her right enough, sir, by and by; just give her a litlie time to settle down,” said Thomas. “It’s only jeaiouiy of thst ’ere pap, sir. She couldn’t abide seeing me a fondling of it.” . v In about twenty minutes Thomas called me down to see the milk/ The cow had Stood quiet enough to be milked. But the miik was deeply tinged with blood, and in hals an hour, a copious red precipitate had settled to the bottom of' the pail. Till then I had doubted the jealousy theory. After that I believed.—Mondon Spec tator. — . • yH PEARLINE. The Armless Wonder. j He uses the harmless wonder, Pearline, for bathing. A tea- | spoonful on the sponge or wash rag is enough. • You’ll find the I directionL on every package. Try it. It’s as clean and refresh- I ingas a Turkish bath—almost nothing to pay --no danger, no more than with good soap—but there’s no soap as good. It does more, it’s more effective—in the bath as in everything else. And it washes everything—in hot or cold, hard or soft, salt or fresh water. It makes no difference if you use Pearline. In the laundry and for house cleaning Pearline makes aoaying of dollars for every penny of its cost—every grocer sells it. T~\ Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you, “ this l-C plTTn is as good as ” or “ the same as Pearline.” ITS FALSE—• U V V C\ A V_/ Pearline is never thing in place of Pearline, do the honest thin;:- IJ> clo as u*v. o4**»*w « — —— — — Pearline is never peddled, and if your grocer sends yousome- lionet thin"—send back. T 9* JAMES PYLE, Slew \ •'tfs* IRISH ••• SPECIFIC. The great and only certain cure for Acute and Chronic Catarrah n all its stages recommend in Cancer and all Mood diseases. This remedy was originally purchased- from one of the most emminent Physicians in Ireland. For sale by, 58. J. LAMAR A SON. nappies l(nul!a. It is a fact confined by the most ample txperieuc* that those who hab itually resort to Humphreys’ Specifics ror aid and.cure in their Illness, have less sickness, better health, better growth, longer aud. more vigorous lives, than those treated by other methods. The fact is explained in the eircumstance that these Specifics, be cause of the method of their composi tion, have a deeper and wider range of action than other medicine, and thus constantly tend to eradecate constitutional weakness unp disease. The list of Humphreys, Specific con tains preventives and cures for every form of acute iliness or diseases which it is safe or wise for the non-profession- ai to treat, and with each Specific such counsel aud directions and direc tions as will lead to the safest and happiest results. Acute diseases may come at any time from exposure, and and each has its Specifics,whose time ly use is invalnable-not only saving sickness, but often life itself. Two men in the town of Cooper, Me., disputed as to the ownership of a piece of land worth $15, and bad a fight with clubs and-picchforks. Then tbev went to law about it, and up to •date have spent about $400 in lawyers’ fees. The case is still on. Teachers, Ministers, Farmers, Me chanics. Iklercnants, as, well as their wives, daughters and sons, who would like to devote at least a part of their time and attention .to a work that would bring them in a lot of ready mon.ey during the next few months, would do well to look up the adver tisement of B. F. Johnson & Co., Richmond, Va., in another column, as it may be the means dT opening up to many new life and larger possibilities. These gentlemen have been exten sively and suceesslully engaged in business for many years, and they know what they are talking about when they tell you they can show you how to better your financial condition GEO. W. DAVISON. C. W. DAVISON. GKO. GRUNDSfANN K. E. DAVISON. Gteo. "W. Bayison & Co, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Melons i a i Specialty ,* - V __ - r,,\- . ' . ' ‘ Fruits and Produce. * ^5 and 47 Poydras, St. NEW liilMOB 2&.IXIK A BLEASAST J.UJIOXOKIiXI'l. For biliousness and Constlpatior take Lemon >.lixir. For indigestion and foul stomach. take<Lemon Elixir. For sick and nervous headache, take Lemon KUxir. For sleeplessness and nervousness, take Lemon Elixir. For loss of appetite and debility,take Lemon. Elixir. * For fevers, chills and malaria take Lemon Elixir. Dr. Moziey’s Lemon Elixir will not fail, you in any of the above named diseases, all of which arise from' a torpid or diseased liver, stomach, kid ueys' or bowels. Prepared only by Dr. H. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga. .A I’roailneiit Minister Writes. After ten years of ;>reat suffering from indigestion with great nervous prostration, biliousness,, disordered kidneys and constipation. I have been cured by Dr. Moziey’s Lemon Elixir and now 1 am a well man. Rev. C. C. DXvis, Eld. M. E. Church South, No.28 Tatnall Sc., Atlanta, Ga. In a London police court recently the Kev. Samuel Barnew was Con demned to pay $2.50 fine and $15 75 costs for cruelty to an old bay mare in having turned her out to graze when she was unequal to so much ex ertion. Portland, Me., exported $1,500,000 worth of lobsters during the last three months. It Is Not What We Say But what Hood’s Sarsaparilla does, that makes it sell, and has given it such a firm and lasting hold upon the confidence of the people. The volun tary statements of thousands of people prove beyond question that this pre paration possesses wonderful medicinal power. “Yon can’t have any pie, Tommy. It wouldu’c agree with you,” said Tommy’s mother. “Bur, mamma, I’d be polite,” said Tom, “and agree with it.” How lo gel H'luii. The only safe and reliable treatment (or obesity, or (superfluous fat) is the “Leverette” Obesity Pills, which gradually reduce tne weigntand meas urement. JTo injury or inconvenience —Leaves no wrinkles—acts by absorp tion. This cure i3 founded upon the most scientific principles, and has been used by one of the most eminent Physicians of Europe in his private practice “for five years,” with the most gratifying resnlts. Mr. Henry Perkins, 29 Union Park, Boston, writes: From the use of the "Leverette” Obesity Pills my weignt has been reducep ten peunds in three weeks and my general health is very much improved. The principles of your treatment are fully indorsee by my fa n-ily physician. In proof of my gratitude I herewith give you permis sion to use my name if you desire to do so.” Price $2 00 per package, o- three packages tor $5,0) By registered AH orders supplied direct from our office. The Leverette Specific Co,, ‘W3s» Washington St.. Bc*tori,Mass. I. H. ShacMord Do BKOAD ST., ALBAIW, UA. WHOLESALE:- — -:RETiIL PEAI ESS IN Tobacco, {Cigars £ AKO- £ia Liquors, - We are solo Agents for tbs follow ing celebrated brands of Nelson Coun ty Kentucky Whiskeys. •T * s H;. OWM, guaranteed eigne _ years old. . b. u. HOLLINS hand made Sour Hash. ODD PICKET and ASTOE, which . are e’imiated of ail fusil oil, and for a stimulant or tdnie they have no equi’, and are highly re -<unmcnded . by physicians for me ical purposes. Also a full line of BKANDIK?, GINS, KEY and CASE, pure corn whisky. IMPORTED AND H0HESTII! WIRES which (hey-are offering at prices to suit the times. , Special attention given to the jug trade. Call on us < r send 113 an order and we guarantee satisfaction. E,H Shackleford & Do, E M Yo ocher Sarsapari! by whi/h Hood’s S ir- such a firm hold of tin people. IA ha* liie merit ■ipariUa ha= won upon the. confidence ) deal with ns and von will find evervthing as represented. Cut this out and Kind to-day. Address QUEEN CHEMICAL CO., 174 Race Street, CINCINNATI, O. You can mosu-r your letter at any Post Office to insure its safe delivery. We will pay S500 for any case Hf Jnaune or slifirhfestinjury to any purchaser. Every bottle guaranteed. ®flr|WI! —To ladles who introduce and eeU among their friends 25 Bottles of Queen's Anti-Hsirfna arcfrlfli. w-0 Win present with a SILK DBESS. 15 yards best silk. Xxtra Large Bottle and sample* of silk to select from sent with order. Good Salary or Commission Jo Acente. 1 Ask your druggist for Cheatham’?' Tasteless Chill Tonic? Distinguished from the old origiusl by the word “tasteless” printed in red on all care toons and labels. A new departure, but the result of years of careful study and experimenting. “Xo cure no pay.” Take it and be happy. The church of the Pilgrims in Brook lyn has a piece of the Plymouth rock in its wall. • The new imperial crown of j ieen Victoria has its entire surface com pletely covered with jewels, several of which are famous in history. 1,000 Cenulne Tyler Curtain Desks S2! an _ ._ S24 Net Spot Cash, o. 400 T Antique Oak Standard Tyler Defiat aft. flin. Ions "by 3ft. Din- high. Mice and Du. Proof, Zinc Bottom under drawers; patent; Bra- ?ine I Curtain; Polished Oak; Writing Table; GTuc tier lock; one lock securing all drawers; 8 beav mrdboardFilingBoxes; Cupboard in end; Panelr, Finished Back; Extension Arm Slides; ‘Weicl iiOO ltJ*. Price, F. 0.33. at Factory, S34 Ac; Also 1,000 Antique Ash Desks. No. 4009. Same as above,except made of Soli Antique Ash, good as oak. “Weight 200 11-, Price P. O. B. at Factory, 821 Net. Shipp i from.onr Indianapolis factory direct. Made and sti folely by the TYLER DESK CO.. St. Louis, M I - ioOpage Catalogue of Bank Counters, Desks, etc., in coir ever printed. Books free; postage 25 cents. PARKER’S - HAIR BALSAM Cleanses and beautifies the hair. .Promotes a luxuriant growth. Never Pails to Bestore Grau “ Hair to its Youthful Color. Cure3 scalp diseases & hair lailinz. 50c, and $1.00 et Druggists YOC* v a! $500 Keward. WE pay the above rewaru ■■ ■ i <sn • uee of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, ■ Heartache, Indic^st'on, Constipation or • ostiveness wc cannot -jure with West’s Vegetable Liver P Us. when the directions a v e ctr..*.t;y com plied wit*. They are purely \'^getabi’e, and never fail to give’satisfaeti" *ugar Co: Large i»x?s, containing 80 Pi:! zu cents. Be ware oi 5-uiptorfeits an-’ imit-ti ns. T*e genuine manufactured onl\ v Tj?K JOHN •J. W£8T COMPANY. OHK *.CO, ILL. >;o!d bj Hilsmat & Agar Co.. A ?b*Tj ■ . 2-21-<l*:TlVT