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The Tri-weekly times and sentinel. (Columbus, Ga.) 1853-1854, March 18, 1853, Image 4

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The Soil of the South ! For 1853. A .MONTHLY JOURNAL, Devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, and the General Planting Interests of the South. JAMES M. CHAMBERS, Agricultural Editor. CHARLES A. PEABODY, Horticultural Editor. Published at Columbus, Georgia, on the First of the Month at the low rate of One Dollar a year , in advance. TERMS: One Copy, one year, $1 00 Six Copies, one year, 500 Twenty-Five copies, one year, 20 00 One hundred copies, one. year, 75 00 All subscriptions must commence with the volumO CHARACTERISTICS. Both the Editors of this Journal are engaged in the cultivation of the soil of the South. In the Agricultural Department, our list of contribu tors embraces many of the most successful agricultu rists of the South; and each number, for 1853, will contain a contribution from one of the most distinguish ed scientific agriculturists in the United States. In the Horticultural Department, Mr. Charles A. Peabody, who has attained unrivalled excellence, ha? secured the co-operation of Iverson L. Harris, J. Van Buren, and Dr. Camak, distinguished horticulturists of Georgia, who have pledged themselves to contribute regularly to our columns. With a rapidly increasing subscription list, the Pub lishers hope to be able to have the next volume beauti fully illustrated. Every Southern man who cultivates a plantation, works a farm or garden, or grows a tree or flower, will find the Soil of the South an invaluable companion. N. B.—The cash system will be rigidly adheied to, and in no case will the paper be sent unless the money accompanies the order. We return our thanks to our subscribers for 1852, and hope each one of them will send us his dollar before the close of this year. The first number for the new volume will be published by the Ist of January. LOMAX & ELLIS Dec. 1, 1852. Columbus, Ga.. Drugs, Medicines, PAINTS AND OILS. ~ I AM now receiving a large and fresh assortment mjoi every thing usually kept in a DRUG STORE, tlf and will offer inducements to purchasers that will 43 be satisfactory. I have Schieffelier’s extract Pow ders and Extracts, and every thing of the best quality. Prices to suit the times. Choice TEAS, Black and Green. April 23,1852. R. A. WARE. CHOICE CIGARS. THE finest selection of HAVANA CIGARS that has ever been offered in this market, can be had at Dr. Ware’s Drug store. Those who like a good smoke, and a good Cigar, can be accommodated. April 23, 1852 _ R. A. WARE. “EXTRACT OF COFFEE. NOTHING to do but to have Boiling Water and a Teaspoonful of the Extract stirred into it, and you have as fine Coffee as can be made. For sale by R. A. WARE. April 23,1852. FISHING TACKLING. LINES, Hooks, Rods, Flats and Thongs. For sale by R- A. WARE. April 23, 1852. WHITE LEAD AND LINSEED OIL JUST received and for sale by April 23, 1852. R. A. WARE. LAMI’ OIL. WINTER Sperm, Bleached, Elephant and Lard Oil. Best quality. For sale by April 23, 1852. R. A. WARE. BEST CHEWING TOBACCO. FOR sale by R. A. WARE. April 23, 1852. Ti N D R E T ITS NEW CROP. JUST received and for sale by r a war( , ALSO, a lew Boxes Choice Flower Seeds, 20 varie ties in each box. *eb. 5, 1852. 6 ts WINDO W GLASS. ALL sizes usually kept—French and American—by April 23, 1852. R. A. WARE. BLANK BOOKS. I AM now receiving a large and complete assortment of Blank Work, of the best quality of Paper and Binding, consisting in part of Ledgers, Journals, and Day Books, of various sizes and styles. Also, Cash, Invoice, Letter. Bill Books, Records, &e. &c. J. W. PEASE. Dec. 9, 1852. 50 tl RIPLEY’S War with Mexico. Forsale by A. C. FLEWELLEN & CO. June 18, 1852. 25 IRVING’S Complete Works—uniform edition. For sale by A. C. FLEWELLEN & CO. June 18. 1852. 25 ABBOTT’S Young Christian, and Way to do Good. For sale by A. C. FLEWELLEN & CO. June 18, 1852. ___ _ 25_ ARTHUR’S History of Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia. For sale by A. C. FLEWELLEN & CO. June 18, 1852. 25 PAPER! PAPER!! PAPER!!! JUST received from New-York, and for sale cheap. at the Agency of Rock Island Factory, a splendid article of ENGLISH CREAM and BLUE LAID letter paper, UNRULED. Also, FRENCH EXTRA SUPERFINE blue and white letter paper, ruled and unruled. • G. B. CURTIS, Agent. Columbus, Dec. 16, 1552. 51 lm GUANO. A SUPERIOR ARTICLE OF GUANO, just ar rived and for sale at GREENWOOD &, CO.’S. GEO. W. WINTER. Dec. 23, 1852. 52 ts. BLANK BILLS OF EXCHANGE, OF the best quality, for sale by .1. W. PEASE* Dec. 9, 1852. 50 ts ARVINE’S Moral and Religious Anecdotes. For sale by A. C. FLEWELLEN & CO. June 18,1852. 25 LANIER HOUSE, Northwest corner of the Public Square, LA GRANGE, GEORGIA. THE Subscriber has taken the well known House formerly kept by Mr. Samuel Curtright, in La his services as a TAVERN KEEPER, and from his long experience, ho hopes to receive a liberal patronage from the public. . „ „ R. LANIER. La Grange, May 21, 185*. 21 ts FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING JOHN SMIT H —IS NOW RECEIVING ONE OF THE LARGEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCKS OF— READY MADE CI.OTHIEG EVER OFFERED IN 7V// S MARKET. It has been selected with taste and care, and etery article offered is warranted well made, imssia, &sa® ®ir if id! iLAirsair swilss* THE t'O/.LOH JN'G EMBRACES A FFIV OF THE LEAVING A R THJJ.ES .YOU I.Y STORE: / 9 French and English Black Cloth Dress COATS : VESTB, of various styles and patterns, including Satin “ “ “ “ Frock “ Silk, Cloth, Cass, Marseilles, Ate. Ace. fliA u “ “ “ Sack “ f| HATS atid CAPS, from the best and most sash igttßfe •■*<■■ Grey and Mixed Sacks, Frocks and Pelts u ionable Manufactories in New York. IsSlaL Beaver, Mohair, West End, and Hemely Over Coals ; -rm,> prpviamve r, Black and Fancy Cass Pants; 1 ‘ Departmet is vell supplied with Grev, Blue and Mixed *’ Marts, Drawers Collars, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Cra vats, lies,Stocks, Leggings, Ate., Ate, —ALSO— mxkb-i<.o : © ’□sc _m:m. m. HIM w TRAVELLING TRUNKS , CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS , VA USES, Cotton and Silk gajLj .1 I.J UMBRELLAS, and every other article usually kept in a “ CLOTHING STORE.” ‘‘V C3F*Call and examine my goods before purchasing elsewheu*."©& VhuLIJ dealers supplied on lil oral term Col umbtis, September 17 —twtf JOHN SMITH. (i E N TLEMEX’S CLOTH ING fI! misuse ISTAIIISIIIIT Clothier and Merchant Tailor, {NEXT DOOR TO HILL AND DAWSON*) Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia. -4| IS NOW PREPARED TO SUPPLY GENTLEMEN WITH THE LATEST R FALL AND WINTER Styles of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, OS ’ MM'gak ’□■7 <9 ,'Mk tgm —ALSO— (MHPISif ©A®S t WaiLOSlgS % IffiMRItLILMH. . CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS, V of the latest importations, of French and English styles manufactured to order and warranted, under the direction of soft* miii u. mmwm, who has just returned from New York, and will be pleased to twcommodate his friends and A all others that may call, with such garments as cannot fail to please. r - ‘ Columbus, Oct 9,1852. t w&wtf EE* IF® DALEY, MEKCUA N T TAT LOB. ONE DOOR BELOW GESNER & PEABODY\6 DRUG STORE !BIE®A© SimSST, ©©iLiibllSlSSa :®l®jß®HA* —HAS JUST RECEIVED A COMPLETE STOCK OF— fmjl Mm worcnruos . _ a to which he solicits the attention of the public. Ilis stock comprises some of the most beautiful styles of otlis, figured, black and fancy colored French and English Cassimeres 5 klack —itiff- and fancy Silk Velvet Vestings of all shades and colors, which h is prepared to make up in the NEATEST and most FASHIONABLE STYLES. A ion experience in cutting, in some of the most fashionable citiesof the t/nion, makes him confident that his efforts lo please allthos who may favor him with a cad,will not be in vain. He is only desirous to have a fair and impartial trial before the public ind this he asks, feeling sure that it wUI be accorded, and once accorded be fears not the result. In audition to the various cloths, Cashmeres, Cussimeres At Drills enumerated above, he has on hand and is receiving a toeko READ Y--MADE CL O THIJYG, h lateststylcs, and of superior quality. In a wold he has everything suitable to a gentleman’s toilet Call and examine, as he is determined to give cheap bargain s.^!^ Columbus Oct8 —twtf J. D. WILLIFORD & CO., (At the old stand of 11. Middlebrook df Cos .) Two doors above J. Funis & Cos., Broad street, Columbus, Ga., ARE NOW RECEIVING A VERY T EXTENSIVE STOCK OF FIRST CLASS Heady Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, *&c. Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods of every varietj*. Every article in this establishment has been purchased this Fall. The garments have been cut by the most experienced and fashionable tailors. All sizes of men and boys can be easily fitted with Ready made Clothing. Gents’ready-made garments of every conceivable variety and style. BOY’S CLOTHING—It is impossible toenumerate the different articles of Clothing for boys and children. LADIES’ CLOAKS —Anew and elegant article—Ladies’ Silk, Merino and Cotton Vests, Ate. Hats and Caps—Of the best make and latest fashions. *8 CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER. We are prepared to makeup Clothing at unusually low rates—and in a style not inferior to any. Every garment war ranted to give satisfaction. Our assortment of Cloths, Cassimres, Vestings, Furnishing Goods, Ate., will be found complete in every particular; and a careful examination of all our goods is respectfully solicited from those who may read this notice. N. 8.-- A deduction of five per cent, will be made for ah bills not less than ten dollars. Jas. D. Williford. Daniel Rowe. Oct 27—twtf PUBLIC MEETING. AT a meeting of the citizens of the 4th district of Early county assembled at their Justice Court Ground on the 20th inst.. the following preamble and resolutions were submuted and unanimously approved: — Whereas, the citizens of this district, and of certain other ad joining districts in this county, and the counties of Baker and Randolph labor under manifest inconvenience on account of the distance of their county capitals. Resolve?, That we, the citizens of the 4th district of Early countv, will use all honorable exertions to form a new county. Be it further Resolved, That the citizens of the 4th, stli and 6th districts of Early, th 3rd district of Baker, and the sth and 7th districts of Randolph, be notified by publication of these pro ceedings in the Times and Sentinel and Albany Patriot to meet the citizens of the 4th dis'.rict of Early at ABNER DYSON’S, in said district, on the third Saturday in April next, to take into consideration the importance and propriety of form ing, through the proper authorities, anew county from the said districts. JOSEPH D. HARDY, Chairman. A. Dyson, Secretary. January 18. 1853. 3wt2oap. D. B. THOMPSON & CO., (AT THE SIGN OF THE HEART,) Below Ilill, Dawson & Cos. TIN, Copper, Sheet Iron, Steam Boat work, all manner of Gutters, Piping, Conductors and Roofing done to order, substantially ana warranted. Nor. 343—ts “HOME INDUSTRY.” JOEL T. SCOTT, l G A R MANUFACTURER, (A FKIV DOORS WORTH OF HALL & J\tOSES.) Broad Street, Columbus, Georgia, A LWAYS on hand, at Wholesale and Retail, all desirable Tx. varieties of HAVANA AM) AMEBIC AN CIGARS, which will be sold on low terms. A liberal discount will be made to those who buy to sell again. A generous share of the patronage of the public is respect fully solicited. All Cigars warranted to be such as represented, Columbtis, October 2—4 owly MARBLE WORKS, East side Broad St. near the Market House COLUMBUS, GA. HAVE constantly on hand all kinds of Grace Stones Monuments, Tombs and Tablets, of American, Italian and Irish Marble. Engraving and carving done ‘ on stone in the best possible manner; and allkindsouiran ite Work at the shortest notice. JOHN H. MADDEN, i P. B.—Plaster ofParisand Cement, always on hand for j sale. Columbus, March 7, 1850. 10 ts j sW®o© AG® FAKIOT ©TOC®. Broad Street, Columbus, Ga. 1 rass Instruments. % Guitars, Violins. Flutes, Clarionettes, Violincellos, Drums, Accordeons, Flutinae, Tamborines, Melodeons, Fine Italian, German ami English Violin ami Cello Strings, Guns and Pistols, Powder Flasks, Shot Pouches, Caps and Gun Wads, Diamond grain Gunpow der. Bagiev's Gold and Commercial Pens. SOUTHERN MANUFACTURES EAGLE COTTOH MB Wmi lACTOIY, COLUMBUS, GA. THIS ESTABLISHMENT is now in complete and successful operation. It is the object of the Company to supply the Southern demand for the heavier styles of Cotton and Woolen Fabrics, so far as their capacity for production will permit. They now offer to purchasers the following schedule of their Manufac tures. This schedule will be altered from time to time, as they add to the variety. 4-4 Sheetings, very heavy and superior. 7-8 Shirtings, do. do. 7-8 Osnaburgs, do. do. Cotton Yarns, assorted numbers, neatly papered. PLANTERS’ CASSIMERE —(Jeans,) colored, Black, Brown, Green, &c. do. PLAINS, do. ‘ do. do do. PINE KNOT do., very heavy, for negro wear. COLUMBUS FASHIONS —(Stripes,) very heavy, of a great variety of colors and patterns. MATTRESSES—Of any size or weight, made to order, and a supply constant!v kept on hand. COMFORTERS —Os a superior quality, made to order. do. designed to supersede blankets for negroes, heavy and warm, more economical than blankets. —HATTING—-Suitable for Quilts and Comforters. w ~ v 1 WRAPPING TWINE and COARSE SEWING THREAD. % ISIT” All the above goods are made of the best materials, and in the best manner, and can be recommended to purchasers with confidence. IEST* The Company pledge themselves to sell these goods on terms as favora ble as similar goods can be procured from any market in the world. The attention of buyers is solicited to them before making their selections elsewhere. Address J. RHODES BROWNE, Agent. WOOL. —The E. M. Cos. are prepared at all times to buy Wool. They will also manufacture it for Planters on shares, or at a stipulated price per yard. September 30, 1852- 40 ly LA CHANGE MUSIC STORE. wsmssAus mi® m. Just opened, in Thornton’s Rock Building, on the West side of the Court House Square, a large and WE WILL KEEP CONSTANTLY ON HAND, A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF MUSIC —SUCH A Sheet Music, Instruction Books, Port Folios, &c, &c. jaSEfeai PIMOS, with and without JJOLIAN ATTACHMENTS. ITiTTI DOLCE CAMPANOS, Hews’ American Action, and the LEAF TUR NER, patent of Knabe, Gachle & Cos., and from many other Factories. also, W # FLAGEOLETS, CELLOS, DRUMS, BANJOS, ACCOBDEONS, FLUTINOS, Music Boxes, of various sizes, and well selected Brass Instruments for BANDS ; Italian, Roman English best, strings for MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all kinds. All of which we pledge ourselves to sell as cheap as can be purchased elsewhere in the South. Z3T Dealers, Teachers and Schools, supplied at the lowest rates, and all orders filled withca-e LIGNOSKI, KENER & CO. P- M. All Pianos sold by us will bej kept in order lor one year, without cha r Durability guaranteed by Factors and by us. All new music received as soon as published Nov. 11. 1352. ‘ 4G t{ . P. & J. DeCORDOVA’S TEXAS LAND AGENCY. AUS TI N AN D HOUSTON. THE subscriber would inform the heirs of those who fell with Fanj.iv, Ward and Travis, that the Legislature has made ample provisions lor them in gratitude for the bravery of their ancestors. Full information can be had by addressing as above at Austin and Houston, Texas. >de refer to Gov P. H. BELL, Lt GovJ.W. HENDERSON, ‘ , Hon THOS DUVAL, Sec’ry of State. > 1 exus * Hon J. B. SHAW, Comptroller. J Qec 7—w3m D. S. HOLT, Georgia. TO CAPITALISTS! THE subscriber desiring to remove West, offers for sale his interest. One Fourth of an IRON FOUNDERY. The Foundery is situated in Greene county, Alabama, about six teen miles from Boiling Springs. There is plenty of ORE, which is pronounced by those who know, to be of the first quality.— The Foundery has been in successful operation for two years; makes the ELVES7’ CJI .S' TINGS, which have so far, and al ways will MEET WITH READY SALE. There is also now in course of construction a set of EXTEN SIVE MILLS, one fourth of which I also will sell, and which are located within half a mile of the Iron Works : healthy loca tion, good water, &c., Ac. A man with Capital and Energy could make a fortune therte For further particulars, address the subscriber at Orion Post fflee, Alabama. , P, It, IBBELL. February 2 — w3f WHITTELSEY & CO. . OFFER forsnle an assortment of new and elegant goods In \ their line. Sole agents ior the celebrated Manufacturers NUNN'S 8c CLARKE AND CHICKERING,^ They keep constantly on hand an assortment of < r; gSwi PIANO FORTES of their make, with and;; ITIH * without the Aeolian attachment. To their large Btock of Shekt m, su: has ■HtWiMySIC | j US t been added, all the latest publications; V rom the New York press, both V O C.l ]. jjf J VI) INS Til UMKNTAL. tYATCIIES, CLOCKS ASiD JEWELRY. xca Repaired by a skilful workman, just arrived from New York. All work warranted. ifiStvCig* tT Pianos tuned and repaired, and all instruments repaired in the best style. Columbus, Ga., Oct 15, 1852.-ts FANCY GROCERY STORE, i C. OGLETREE, j Oglethorpe Street, opposite Kentucky House. WOULD say to his friends, that he has just received a fine assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES FOR THE CITY TRADE, which he would be much pleased to have his friends to call and see for themselves. The following comprise a part of his stock, viz.: Cod Fish, dried and pieklea Salmon, dried Holleburt, pickled Shad, No. 1,2, & 3 Mackerel, No. 1 & 2 Kits, Mess Perk* Beans, Irish Potatoes, Rice, Buckwheat Flour, fine i?t. Louis Flour, Butter, Cheese, Java and Rio Coffee, fai“ Teas, Raisins, dried Figs, Preserves, Pickets, Catsup, ea. Powders, Cranberries, dried Apples and Peaches, fine dew ing Tobacco, Powder and Snot, Mustard, Onions, Table Salt, and many other articles too tedious to mention. Just received, a Fresh supply of Family Groceries, and a fine lot of Brandy, Wines, Champaign, Cider and >* M? key, and a fine lot of Cigars. „ Dec. 16, 1852. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the late firm of LOW E & are requested to come forward and settle, or maae. , n( j 3 0 f tory arrangements, or the notes will be placed in tne collecting officers. , r Bat* The notes may be found in the Agency of the A/e cl. of Columbus. My address is Ellerslle, Harris county, Ga. nW'B. Feb. 19—wlctwtlap H * H ’ 1 Zephyr Worsted, Chenille, Floss Silk, Cutlery, Mantle Vases, Table ornaaments / of Glass, Porcelain. ate. Watcheand Clocks,’ Jewelry, Bridal Presents, Parte Monnaies, Ladies’ Work Boxes Portable Writing desks Silver and Plated Ware, Walking Canes, Combs,Brushes, Toilette Soap and Per fumery, Homeopathic Books and . Medicines.